American Idol 2018: The Top 5 Auditions From Week 1

American Idol 2018 premiered this week after a two-year break and so far it feels like it had never left.

To me, the show has much of the same feel, the same types of sings and a lot of the emotion that was always there. The one thing no longer there is the ridiculous bad auditions that we all got tired of 10 seasons ago. So I’m OK with that.

So now that we’re getting back in the groove of things, it’s time to start looking closely at this competition and trying to figure out who is in this thing to win it. So we’re going to start by ranking the Top 5 auditions from the first week. So let’s get to it.

#1 David Francisco, “Isn’t She Lovely.” From his story, to his seemingly incredible heart, to his vocals, this as by far the best audition so far. He made Katy Perry cry and got his golden ticket to Hollywood. YouTube Views: 693,765+

#2 Noah Davis, “Stay.” Noah’s banter with Katy was a lot of fun, but his surprisingly good performance was what has stuck in my mind. He doesn’t have that star look, but that doesn’t matter. He is very talented and the audition speaks for itself.  YouTube Views: 672,849+

#3 Alyssa Raghu, “Almost is Never Enough.” When listening to Alyssa sing, it’s hard to imagine she’s only 15 years old. In my opinion, she has one of the best voices we’ve heard so far. YouTube Views: 885,116+

#4 Dennis Lorenzo, “Unaware.” Dennis doesn’t have as many YouTube views as the others, but his audition was fantastic. He’s a complete natural, and he’s got a story to go with his talent. YouTube views: 245,544+

#5 (tie) Mara Justine, “Love On The Brain.” Even though she’s young and this song is a song for someone who has gone through some stuff, she still poured her soul into and earned herself an easy trip to Hollywood Week. YouTube views: 583,900+

#5 (tie) Laine Hardy, “Hurricane.” Even though he comes in at #5, he’s probably my favorite audition so far. I love his unique sound and how natural he is at this. He’s not the best vocalist, which is why he’s #5, but he had one of the most entertaining auditions so far. YouTube views: 203,070+

Honorable mentions:

Catie Turner, “21st Century Machine.” I didn’t love her as a vocalist, but I LOVED that song. I think it’s ready for the radio.

Garrett Jacobs, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Garrett is an American Idol formula. He should do well in the competition, but also he’s also a good singer, especially for 17.

What your favorite auditions from the first week of American Idol 2018?