American Idol 2018 Top 24 Performances: Group 2 Duets [VIDEOS]

On Monday night, American Idol 2018 gave us the Top 24 Group 2 duet performances, and there were some definite star moments.

Marcio Donaldson, Ada Vox, Jurnee and Maddie Poppe … OK, and Mara Justine, all commanded the stage, delivered powerful vocals and showed us they deserve to be where they are. Each one of them made it into the American Idol Top 14, and that was well-deserved.

Marcio Donaldson was supposed to be paired with Toni Braxton, but she couldn’t make it due to illness, so he was paired with Alex Stone. And since it’s Marcio, it worked. The duo gave us a great version of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” which earned our best performance of the night in our recap.

Ada Vox teamed up with “Glee” star Lea Michele for a powerful performance of “Defying Gravity” from Broadway’s “Wicked.” Both singers paired well together, their voices often blending together at times. Ada’s confidence astounds me.

Jurnee continued to show just how effortless a performer she is with her performance, also with Lea Michele. They performed Lea’s song “Run to You” and it was another Top 14-getting moment.

Maddie Poppe might not have the powerhouse vocals, but she’s a natural singer-songwriter and those have a place on American Idol and in the industry, too. She and Colbie Caillait performed Colbie’s “Bubbly” and it was a laid-back and fun treat. Maddie has turned into one of my favorites and I’m happy to see her in the Top 14. Hopefully she can make it into the Top 10 next week.

Check out those performances and all the others below.

American Idol 2018 Top 24 Group 2 Duet Performances

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