American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe Reveals “Twist” For Next Season

nigel lythgoeAmerican Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe in an interview with MTV News has revealed plans to keep the aging series fresh when it returns in 2014 for its 13th season. Unfortunately this seems to be another case of producers looking to cherry pick the best of its competition.

“American Idol is all about finding that singer with the potential to become the next sensation and that all starts at the very beginning with our auditions,” explained Lythgoe.

“This year we saw a lot of drama between the judges which took viewers’ focus off the singers. To try and squash that we’re going to introduce something totally new. Twisting chairs for the judges. When the auditioners come in they’ll be facing the backs of the judges’ chairs, but at the end the judges will twist around to reveal their decisions!”

Wait. This sounds incredibly familiar. When asked to address the obvious similarities Nigel was quick to point out that while the other show’s chairs “spin” in a counter-clockwise direction, the American Idol judges will “twist” in a clockwise manner.

April Fool’s! Get ready for the Top 7’s performances this week on FOX!




  1. Oh sneaky Matthew! I was vowing to myself to never watch a season of Idol with this new ‘twist’ thing. Lol, good worl =D.

  2. I don’t care what they do as a twist because if Nikki M. is still a judge I WILL NOT be watching next year. She has ruined the show for me. I just hate it when they put the camera to her and I won’t go through another season of her. Wonder how many others feel the same way as I do about Nikki…..

  3. It was funny, but it is the lame type of thing they would do. Next season I am watching survivor.

  4. I have been watching AI since it began. I also watch that other show,”The Voice”. It is a really good show. What really makes it good, is the blind auditions. When they sing, the backs of the judges face the singers. The judges listen to their voice without looking directly at each singer. If a judge thinks he hears something special in a singers voice, he hits the button and the chair spins around. That means that the judge wants that singer on his team. I think this is a much better way of picking contestants for the show. Let me tell you, It makes a lot of sense, when you watch the show. Try watching sometime. I have always loved AI, but sometimes the judges have too much to say about the singers style or looks. It seems like their voice is sometimes not appreciated as much as their looks are.

  5. Nigel…you must replace Nikki next year. She really needs to just go away. I know many others feel the same. She brings no value to the show and is helping you lose viewers.

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