Jax Says Farewell To American Idol 2015 With A Smile [Interview]

In what was likely a shocking results show last night for many American Idol fans, Jax was eliminated just shy of making it to the Season 14 finale and her chance at winning the crown. Despite the awkward and cold delivery of the news at the start of the show, Jax remains positive and grateful for the opportunity.

Jax performs in American Idol 2015's Top 42 round
Jax performs on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Speaking with FOX Audio Central, Jax said it was “incredible to be part of the top 3 of American Idol.” Having grown up watching the show she seemed to consider an honor and privilege to have had the chance to just be a part of it, much less to have done so well to make it that far.

Not only did Jax get to partake in the Idol experience, but she got to reach out to fans and do it for them. “I’m really happy to have been able to touch people with my music and my voice, and that’s all I really wanted out of this. I just wanted to make a difference, and American Idol gave me the platform to do so.”

As for falling just short of the American Idol finale? It’s not going to get her down, says Jax. “I couldn’t be happier,” she told FOX Audio Central.

Congratulations to Jax on her impressive achievement and keeping so many fans entertained all season long. We’re sure her fans can look forward to a lot more music coming from Jax soon.

Source: FOX Audio Central




    • Nope. It was pretty brutal. They just escorted her off to the side in the dark. Then the show wasted several minutes of blather. There was totally time to let her sing and they should have.

      • Wow, I have no words to that. I don’t have cable to watch the shows so I’m just grasping at what the public gives me online but that already sounds like a waste of time. I don’t even like Jax that much, but come on… That’s harsh.

  1. we had recorded the show and started watching it last night before the ranger game. as soon as we saw that jax didn’t make it, we turned it off and deleted it. we also taped the finale last night and my husband refuses to watch it. i’ll scan it just for the legitimate talent but not to listen to the contestants. what a waste of time! two mediocre singers make it to the end and the only singer with a modicum of talent is tossed by the wayside. the show really deserves its cancellation notice. enough is enough of the bland white guys with guitars, egotisical rockers, and cookie cutter vocalists

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