American Idol Results Show Tonight: Top 3 Revealed Live

The American Idol results tonight on FOX will reveal the season’s Top 3 artists when Ryan Seacrest brings down the lights and opens the official envelope. This news will decide who goes home to a big parade event and who just goes home.

* UPDATE: Find out who was eliminated on American Idol tonight in our Top 4 results recap!

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

The Top 4 results will air tonight on FOX starting at 9PM ET/PT for a quick thirty-minute show that hopefully won’t bring in any crazy twists like we saw last week when the finalists were put on the spot with a not-so-secret vote. With three chances to impress the crowds last night there’s no excuse if the Top 4 did not find their best in one of the performances.

Be sure to vote in our weekly “who was the best” poll and re-watch all of their performances as we wait to find out who moves on to the coveted Top 3 with less than two weeks to go in the American Idol 2014 competition!

Join us tonight during the show for our live recap and to discuss the performances with other fans in our Idol chat room!

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  1. I think that Caleb and Alex were the top 2 last night with Caleb being #1 as all 3 performances were very good and the last being spectacular. Jena and Jessica are next two. Jena’s first two songs were overrated, but the last song was so exceptional that she deserves to stay. Jessica’s first two weren’t bad, but not great. Her last song was very good, but not as good as Jena’s. I’ve been rooting for Jessica, but I think it’s her turn to go.

    • Thank you for a refreshing post.

      Not a single line of “I hate.. “, “I can’t stand .. “, “I can’t believe ..”, “… is so fake”, ad nauseum.

    • Don’t you think Caleb may have lost some votes this week, which might taken him to third place or the bottom? I voted for him, because he’s good, but I don’t know.He got a lot of people upset.

      • He’s has that edge where most Idol winners do not. Still, he kissed Grumpy Cat and hugged his mother and has been the most exciting performer consistently so he has earned a spot in the finale. I think he might have lost some votes, but am crossing my fingers not all that much. I voted for him and Alex.

      • Oh. Hi Matthew! Nice to see you again this year! Is Branden around this year? I have been with you guys from the start. I like both of you! Keep up the good work. Sherry K

      • I like Caleb. He should win. I did not hear the comments he made. I do know he is the fidgety spase type. He needs to cool it with what he says. But I do think he has the most talent. Poor Jess. They picked on her every week! I thought she sang great. The judges confused her every week too. Was she supposed to do jumping jacks all over the floor. That was Jess’s personality. And belive me there are a lot of singers out there who just sing like Jess. Nothing wrong with her at all. I feel sorry for her. It was sad. she cried. I voted 50 times for Caleb.

    • You left us somewhat hanging. If all of Jessica’s fans feel that way, she will go home. Did you not vote for her, either?

      • Just saw below that you voted for Caleb and Alex. Evidently you don’t vote for your favorite if you think they have a bad night. Or – it sorta sounds like you’re trying to get on the winning side. I’ve voted for Jessica all the way – hope I will get to next week.

      • I’m still talking to Mindy. She answered part of my question down below. Look and you will see it.

      • She has several comments above. In her first one she stated she had been rooting for Jessica in the last sentence.

    • I think alex wil l go and i hope that jena wil l win. we need a gal this year jean al lthe wya ill be voting for her til lthe show is over asnd then im done watching it til lit goes off the air

  2. I wanted to vote to send JLo home, but couldn’t find a place to do that.

  3. It’s not just about moving around. It’s about looking and feeling natural on stage; being comfortable and believable. Alex is all of those things. Jessica is not, not has she ever looked comfortable on stage. Nor has she been believable. Great voice, but her facial expressions and body language do not match what she is singing. That is what the judges are talking about.

  4. I think JLO needs To Be Dismissed From Idol For Her Inapprorate Actions

  5. The only way I see Caleb going home tonight is because of that comment he made. (Which he already apologized TWICE for.)
    People just can’t seem to forgive people though, so.. :/ The dude has an awesome voice! He can even sing those slower songs, so at least he doesn’t always sound the same. This guy gives me chills every time he sings. Although, when he sang You Give Love a Bad Name, it wasn’t that great. But his other two performances blew me away!

    I feel Alex should go. He seems to always do the same thing: stand with his guitar and act like he needs to go pee. Either do something new or go home! He’s the only one I can say is boring. Sure, the dude has a nice voice, but that’s not enough to become a good performer. Of course, he has a “cute” face, so if he does make it, it’s probably cause of his girly votes.

    Jena has been amazing so far, and although I dislike JLO, i can’t help but agree with her when she says she’s gonna give Caleb a run for his money. This girl has an amazing tone, outstanding vocal power, and actually moves around and dances! Her Bad Romance was alright, definitely better than Colton’s, but it’s not so bad as to have her voted off.

    Jessica sounds great too! I like her.. raspy voice? Not in a bad way, i just can’t think of a word that describes it well. Her first two performances were okay, definitely not her best. But that last one? Bam! I really liked that one. She might be in trouble, but hopefully not!

    I believe it should go like this:
    Alex goes home.
    Then Jessica
    Then Caleb.
    With Jena winning.

    That is just how I feel anyway!

  6. I’m for Jessica all the way. Caleb has a Big mouth & should know when to keep it shut . I don’t care if he did apologize , the harm has been done. He is not a good example for the younger generation. I also think they should have drug test, from the sound of it , there’s no telling What Caleb is on.

    • You want to drug test American Idol Contestants.
      hahahaha this is the music industry hunny.
      How much weed do you think Alex, Sam and Caleb were smoking back at the hotel….

    • agree about Caleb and he is such a show off and annoying always has to to center attention.

  7. RANKING: Who is MOST LIKELY to Be Eliminated from Top 4:
    1. Jessica Meuse
    2. Jena Irene
    3. Caleb Johnson
    4. Alex Preston

    • You really think Alex is the safest of the 4? I hope you are right, but after the judges unfair and lousy review of him last night, I am a bit worried for him.

      • Alex will come back he listens and he is smart and next week he will be great you mark my word…I have confidence he will stand out. if you watch his past songs they are amazing!

  8. From reading some of these comments, I would say that some of you may not realize that these contestants must go through drug tests from time to time in order to appear on stage. As for Caleb’s comments from the so called fans, The hate mail was probably just too much for him to see. Some of it must have been real nasty. Lets face it these 4 are under extreme pressure from the sponsors as well as the production crew and their own families as well as the judges. As for other comments on some of the other sites, statements saying how bad they sound when the judges say they sound good. The people commenting may need to look at their own sound systems. Remember these contestants are singing in an auditorium. not a living room big difference.

  9. Most talented Alex & Jena….Good luck to them all but they are truly talented…

  10. i think they pick on jessica all the time but oh no they never pick on jean or caleb or alex. he alex stands aroud and jessica did too but she has a voice to hear not alex he looks like a retart and makes faces al lthe time and jessica is the best singer ever. im so mad and wont watch it either we al lhave our ways and what we like but no one should say a thing about it cause caleb and jena think there so great and all and they arent any better and the american ideol wont be on air much longer they way they are doign things al l wrong. the voice is so so much better and all and also they have much better singers to i hope american ideol leaves becasuee they arent doign a good job at all. they dont agree to have other singers like the voice does all ages on the voice but oh no ameirican ideol dont only young thats why i think they will go down hil land more good by american ideol the voice is so much better all the way. if they dont do things better on the show thwy wont be on

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