American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 4 Performance

The American Idol Top 4 finalists have just sung their big dose of heartbreak songs tonight on FOX and now it’s your turn to vote for the best! You can cast your vote in our poll below to show your support for your favorite Idol Hopeful.

* UPDATE: Find out who was eliminated on American Idol tonight in our Top 4 results recap!

American Idol Top 5 Performances (10)
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol – Source: FOX

The official FOX voting started at 8PM earlier tonight at the beginning of Idol in part with Google Search Voting enabling online traffic to get things going. Now the other methods have been added as the phone lines are open for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. Jena should win this completion, she’s got a great singing presence and the looks to make a great American Idol, all my 50 votes to her tonight:-)!

  2. Jena gave one of those performances that will live in American Idol history.. Amazing and authentic voice that absolutely deserves to win this competition! “JO JENA!!!”

      • i thought the elvis song sucked no matter what the judges say didnt compare to Elvis come on people

  3. Jenas last performance was gold!! Thank god she had a shaky middle!! But at the piano it was beauty!!

  4. Keep in mind, what fox tv did. When JLo was not happy about Jena’s verson of cant help fallig in love, they cut the live show,as its a delayed telecast and tried to cover it up. To make up for her error, JLO had to walk over to Jena and hug her. In this day of DVR the american people are not idiots FOR THAT JENA NEEDS TO GO HOME>

    • I think you may have mise read her…she was saying where the F@%K did that come from, that is the best performance ever on idol…I have to agree with Jlo that was spectacular.

    • I’m pretty sure you’ve got it wrong, JLo was wondering where the F* a young girl like that can sing an Elvis song as amazingly, as beautifully as she did. Why do you have to put a negative into it. JLo always reacts like that when she’s awestruck. Jena will be alongside Caleb in the end

    • You absolutely misread what happened. They cut the footage because JLo said “F@%K!” Like “so amazing I can’t believe I just heard that!! I love that you think “FOX TV” has a conspiracy… There was no error. Trust. Lord it’s amazing you can mis-contrue that so badly. I was in the audience…. Anyone can see what happened there.

    • The show was interrupted because JLo dropped the F bomb!!! Keep in mind when she loves something she gives the “stank face”!! Jena will win this entire competition! Wait and see! 😉

      • Except for dropping his microphone and being a jerk by calling his fans retards. The dude has a big ego and it isn’t very helpful. He has a powerfulvoice but will not win. It’s Jena all the way.

    • They cut it cuz JLo said F@<K … Cuz she was amazed by what she was hearing! It was spectacular! They weren't covering up anything but JLo's slip of her lips on live tv!!

      • i didnt hear anything amazing about it it was bland at best just because she can play big deal her voice still sucks

    • Why are you trying to penalize Jena for something JLo did ? If you’re going to keep anything in mind, remember Caleb’s remarks about the media and people who suggest songs for him. He is smug and acts like he is doing America a favor by allowing us to watch him. Give him a reality check and send him home.

      • Although Caleb’s comments were sharp, I was also upset about that. However, he sings and kills it every time. Not once in a while. Not two out of three. All the time. He has a way better performance rating than any of the other contestants simply based on his consistency.

      • if you are into OLD long hair music… not todays idol.

      • Each of the remaining contestants… are offering up a different genre of music… and each are uniquely different and talented…. and each has a fan base. I’m not a rock music fan and would never invest in that genre, but I will applaude Caleb for his unbelievable vocals and his never ending ability to entertain us — No one else has matched that this season. I wish them all the best – and at this stage, these remaining ones should all receive contract offers.

      • The volume of his voice is stuck on LOUD! I can’t imagine an entire concert of that. Three songs were too much.

      • Maybe that’s why Alex bores me. I like it loud. I’m old. Can’t hear as well anymore from all the years of cranking up the volume. I don’t have to adjust my TV when Caleb comes on, but with Alex, I’m having to grab my remote and pushing the closed caption button to understand the lyrics – I can’t hear him, and I can’t remember him five minutes after he’s performed. Just me.

      • Alex is easy listening, quirky little songs – I would listen to him while doing my housework and whistle a happy tune. But if I really wanted to get that house work done at record speed, I would listen to Caleb — he gets everyone up … on their feet!

      • For the first time ever I bought tickets for the Idol tour in my hometown yesterday….for one reason and one reason only…Caleb!

      • He may have an edge, but Caleb has been the most consistent (with Alex at his heels) for the entire competition. I’m still voting for him. Jena has been overrated although her last song was excellent.

      • He’s a true entertainer with confidence, unlike the rest of the gang. He’s worth watching and always enjoyable to watch and listen to. Dependable entertainment. That’s who should win , not someone who is hit and miss.

    • It looked to me Jlo was deep in thought. Jena sang that song beautiful. .Even Harry liked it, and he don’t pull punches.

    • I thought JLo loved Jena’s version of the Elvis song. ??? That’s why she got up and gave her a kiss.

    • He won? Well when are they going to give him his prize? Is it the hookers or the cocaine?

      • Probably right after they give you the Noble Prize for comments tonight – seriously!

  5. Jena has really come a long way, which is no surprise to me. She’s beautiful, very current, and her RANGE! Her performances tonight were so very good, but that LAST one was honestly “amazing”. She let the lyrics speak for themselves, she also didn’t over sing. LOVED IT. Voting so hard for her.

    • Jena, honey! Simply amazing, in the name of Jesus, Girl, I really hope you win. I’ve sat week by week, and I have watched you grow, from a timid child to a BOMBSHELL, IF anyone deserves this chance at a career, I bet my last 15 dollars of gas money, that it’s going to be you, keep making us happy!!! :-*
      Damitra Barnes of Sacramento California

    • She is beautiful??? I feel it disgusting, both face and body and voice.

  6. After watching the performances, I have a feeling Caleb will leave tomorrow.

      • I am not deaf. I just stated my opinion, ma’am. It’s just that “for me”, I felt that Caleb lacked diversity in the choices. He did great on his songs. But it seemed to me like he didn’t even do anything special. From the start, he has been singing that way already. He is great, but he just does the same things over and over again. Again, it’s just my opinion, ma’am.

  7. that is me and my wifes song for 27 years . And I have to say that gina just made that song even better . brought my wife to tears . you go Gina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Remember everyone this week is considered as Chris Daughtry week. With that said tomorrow is going to be a shocking elimination. So, it will be probably be Caleb leaving. Especially, after his comment about his fans. I’m surprised you all are still going to vote for him!! Please, it’s time for him to go! I’m sorry y’all!! 🙁

      • Don’t count Alex out yet. He sings as well as the others , just a different style.

    • The best singer should win. So we should be voting for Caleb. Oh, I already have! Not sorry at all.

      • This isn’t best Karaoke if so Jess and Caleb would win hands down.

      • I am so glad I dont’ have a favorite, Makes voting harder because they are all so good. I love Caleb but Jena out did him when she sang her last song, I wish Elvis could have heard her. She was so good.

    • Jessica needs to take her feet and legs out of the cement that’s been anchoring them in her motionless and expressionless performances and hit the road. She’s so annoying to watch.

  9. Jena singing Elvis tonight was simply amazing and beautiful. Was brave to change up the King’s tune but she more than nailed it. I was blown away by her performance. I was all about Caleb till tonight but she’s got me now! Very well done Jena!!

  10. Caleb said last week to social media they are retards. He is not an Idol for the American….arrogant.

    • But he kissed Grumpy Cat and hugged his mom when she made dinner for the group.

    • You are confusing arrogance with confidence my dear. No one is perfect…Jena gave us a story ON THE SHOW last night about sneaking out with her friend in the middle of the night to go meet some boys. Tell me, is THAT something you want your child to think is cool to do?

  11. Caleb was awesome tonight just as he has been each and every week. Rock on Caleb – You have been and still are #1 in my votes! Judge Caleb on his ability to slay each song he performs each week. Stop bashing him – he apologized – get over it! He does deserve the AI title. And yes I have a child with special needs – we were not offended before you throw stones my way. Keep your stones – build something besides walls and pedestals. #Calebforthewin

      • Caleb and Jessica would be a shocker! Just hate the way the judges has gaslit her so much this season. She has tried so hard to do every single thing they ask and they still push and push.

      • That is a very strange thing to say. I think he is very talented and there is nothing unmanly about him. He is just more of a creative intellectual type guy and that seems to threaten you, I suppose.

      • So does Adam Levine, Chris Martin, Jason Mraz, Ryan Tedder, Usher, Nate Ruess…. Anyone else I’m missing?

        Anyway. Point is they’re all doing pretty well for themselves for sounding like 12 year olds.

        Caleb on the other hand has the atittude of an arrogant, ignorant 12 year old.

      • Rick, who is the 12-year old!! Sounds like who posted this is the 12 year old grow up!! ( RR) Now if you think Alex’s voice is like a 12 year old tell that to Jason Mraz!!!!! . R.R. LOL

      • Who call’s them self RR. Sounds like you are a boy who is still trying to find his place in life.

      • Hardly – – I sang with the Lettermen for 4 years….’62-’66 Look them up …

  12. Jena! Simply amazing, in the name of Jesus, Girl, I really hope you win. I’ve sat week by week, and I have watched you grow, from a timid child to a BOMBSHELL, IF anyone deserves this chance at a career, I bet my last 15 dollars of gas money, that it’s going to be you, keep making us happy!!! :-*
    Damitra Barnes of Sacramento California

  13. #1. Jessica’s last performance was the best of the night .. Alex did his expected ‘coffee-shop’ spins .. Caleb shouted and then shouted some more .. and Jena followed that up with some shouting of her own, and then put everyone, including my dog to sleep with the slowest song in the history of AI. And then to downplay Jessica’s brilliance the judges proceeded to over-praise some of the others to the point where J-Lo literally slobbered over one of em. The transparency of the judges is pathetic and it was clear they had an agenda from the start. Interesting that Caleb didn’t find the need to apologize for calling his fans “retarded” .. between that and the backstabbing Jena and Alex, it seems like Jessica is the only one with decent character to go along with her amazing singing and song writing skills.

    • Hate to bust your bubble but Caleb has apologized. Think he has done enough but it will never be ENUFF – folks are going to constantly keep this going on. Like no one ever made a mistake before!!! Seriously! I have a special needs child – we were not offended because he was never talking to us – find a new agenda!

      • In all honesty, the wording wasn’t the worst part .. it was the ARROGANCE he showed. Course he was also busy talking about hookers and cocaine … so you can take your pick I guess .. real role model. DOH!!!

      • I will – I am voting on singing, performance, stage presence, entertaining, show stopping – overalll – what AI is about – not all the junk! He rocks every single song, is consistent and gives the best show. Caleb is ready for the stage and would give an amazing concert. People judge others every day – but it is not our place to throw stones. We make rash decisions about people pretending that we “know” them by comments made. “We” don’t know them at all. So for AI singing competition – yes Caleb Johnson has my votes hands down. Until the day- you or I meet him – or anyone else – don’t judge him or anyone on what you don’t know.

      • Amy … I didn’t have to say a thing .. these are HIS words. Putting that aside, Caleb is a great entertainer, I’ll give him that, but the screaming is not very appealing for me personally … everyone has there own opinion. I’ll take the original and amazing tone of Jessica over any of the other contestants any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

      • You can do anything you want – that is your choice. Personally I am sick of everyone bashing Caleb like he is first person to every say something for some that was out of place – to others understood the humor. Everyone is looking for a train to jump on these days. Today is Caleb tomorrow someone else. Some took offensive – he apologize to those – and gee some say he didn’t apologize and still won’t let it go. Each of these four are under a tremendous amount of pressure but to condemn him for one comment is relentless. Same as how harsh they are being on Jessica yet praise others. It is a singing competition period. Disregard me until you know me – but you now what lay off Caleb cause you don’t him either.

      • Sorry to burst YOUR bubble Amy .. but this isn’t about just the one word .. it was Caleb completely alienating his entire fan base and showing ZERO appreciation for the fans that have been voting to get him there .. If you want to support a person like that, all the power to you. He’s a good singer, but he’s not a very likable person and that IS a part of American idol as every winner I can think of has showed a certain level of humility that he seems to lack.

      • Yes, yes, and yes I support Caleb. I don’t know him personally nor do you. I do not think he was unappreciative to his fans. Caleb and each person on Idols reacts and handles this experience differently. I believe he is taking it and using it in his performances what the judges has told him. Stating that we don’t know his mannerisms. Being good at what you do – this is his second time around – he came prepared this time to make it to the top 10. To me that shows he is totally ready. He doesn’t get mad, breaking down crying, he handles himself exceptionally well but yet people call that arrogant and boastful. Caleb is trying to give us a great performance to really sink our teeth into and remember each week – not a crying boo hoo teddy bear with goo goo eyes. He is a solid entertainer who is ready to hit the road that can sell a concert – to me that is an American Idol. Opinions are like shoes -everyone has a few pair. I love the fit, color and size of my pair – Rock on Caleb – #yourbiggestfanCaleb Agree to disgree Jukeboxhero – nice talking to you tonight

      • Dude… He literaly said “twitter gives retards the ability to talk to him” and “I don’t care to hear their suggestions”

        He seriously isn’t at all supportive of his fans. And the principle wasn’t the fact he said the word, it’s the fact that he, knowing he has millions of eyes on him, used the word. He not only degraded a group of people, he insulted his fans.

        And his performances may be consistent… But that’s where they stop. They are the same thing every week. And if this was a normal season of american idol where different genres had to be sing Caleb would have been gone weeks ago. Alex would have changed the songs up to make them suit his style, and we’ve seen that Jena and jessica, as pitchy as they can be, are quite capable of singing different genres. But not once, aside for his “country” song has Caleb changed what he’s done. Even Harry kept telling him to change it up, and when he sang Aerosmith last week it was awful. He’s a one trick pony.

        Somewhere along the way Harry gave up telling him. Jlo on the other hand is completely obvious that she favors Caleb and Jena. But I don’t think she understand true artistry, she says Alex does the same thing every week… But hasn’t once said anything of constructive criticism to Caleb about the same thing. That being said Americans are fickle, and them being fickle means they will listen to everything the judges say. So their constantly hyping up Caleb and Jena, (here’s looking at you Jen) gives them an advantage.

      • If anyone should apologize, it should be Jennifer — F-bomb twice this season!

    • Thank you! The judges comments make me wonder if they are even listening…. I vote for J-Lo to go home! Because they are so unfair —- every contestant does not have the same shot…. Obviously the producers believe in using the strategy – power of the spoken word – as well as repitition of that same idea! I’m not a rock fan — but Caleb is consistent with every performance – so much so that if the judges don’t recognize it, they are tone deaf. Jessica has exceptional character…..

    • I can’t believe you’re still bashing Alex and Jena for that time. Get the heck over it, it was his time to go, the producers obviously tried to save him. Frankly if he was still here, he would of went home anyway.

  14. Honey, I don’t mean to be rude, but when I say I was ecstatic to see the way they combed or trimmed the left side of CALEBs “bangs”, Lord have mercy, that old look, was really bothering me, deep down in my soul! But you did a wonderful job tonight Caleb, but I must say, if I’m going to be true to self, BABY!! MY BETS ARE ON ‘S. JENA!! By the way I LOVEed jenas moms 1960 hair due
    Damitra Barnes of Sacramento California

  15. Jena, honey! Simply amazing, in the name of Jesus, Girl, I really hope you win. I’ve sat week by week, and I have watched you grow, from a timid child to a BOMBSHELL, IF anyone deserves this chance at a career, I bet my last 15 dollars of gas money, that it’s going to be you, keep making us happy!
    Damitra Barnes of Sacramento

  16. Jena won the night for me, I’m glad I voted for her
    1st Song: Alex’s was probably the best, then a very close-second for Jena, Caleb, and I did not like Jessica’s performance.
    2nd Song: Caleb was the best, then Jena, Jessica picked herself a little better on this one, and Alex just disappointed me, it was like hearing a jason mraz cover on youtube, an ok one I suppose.
    3rd Song: This was a close one, but Jena was the best for me, best performance she ever did. Then Caleb, his best tonight. Jessica was really great on this one, I’m glad she did a perfect song choice for her. Alex even thiugh was the last performance i don’t remember it all that well. It was good, but the other three swept past him for me.
    Who probably deserves to go home, well nobody really at this point but someone’s got to. As of tonight I think the eliminated singer will be… Jessica Meuse.

    • Good report although I think it is time for Alex to leave – just my opinion.

      • Yeah he would be my second guess as far as tonight goes. Don’t get me wrong he’s a talented artist and is defintely going to make something great for himself in the industry. But Jessica, Jena, and Caleb are to big of a boot to beat for him.(lol couldn’t think what words to say, haha) This has always been my top 4 for awhile now, but I used to place Sam over him alot. And he’s gone who says Alex’s votes might be the same. That never been in the bottom thing kind of makes it hard though. Previous contestants Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips never been in the bottom and won the whole thing.

  17. I want a girl vs guy finale, anyone else?
    Jena/Caleb- this is my ideal finale, two very powerful singers who could take the cake, it could be anyone!! Thats why I like this one the best.
    Jena/Alex- Two fantastic artists, very interesting and very amazing night for me.
    Jessica/Caleb- Interesting, might be a great comedic night for me cause I feel they are the funny ones this season. Of course hope they perform well though.
    Jessica/Alex- Not very likely, but It wouldn’t be the weirdest finale.

  18. I like jessica the most.. she was a real talent… america needs an artist like her…

  19. Bye bye Jessica.
    Next week bye bye Alex.
    THEN – Caleb and Jena, 50/50 split, I love them both.

  20. I like Jessica… still so upset how the judges treat her….and babysit everyone else….. If she goes home tonight .. so done watching….

  21. Jena is my choice for Idol winner this year and got all 50 of my votes. Caleb comes in second for me (I’ve said from the beginning that this is the top two) … Then I’m really at a toss up for who is better of the other two, but I think last night, it had to go to Alex even though I really don’t care for his style. Jessica was all over the place, out of tune a lot, had practically NO energy during the rock songs and failed to connect to the songs she was singing except for the last one. That one was good, but not good enough IMO… I think she’s done.

  22. Alex, Jena and Caleb deserve the top three spots because they bring it each and every week in their own unique way. While I have only bought Alex’s covers and original song Fairytales, any one of the top three is deserving of the win.

  23. RANKING: Best from of Top 4
    1. Jena
    2. Alex
    3. Caleb
    4. Jessica

  24. Jena on the “piano” or Bruce lee on the” Nunchucks”-both are unbeatable!

  25. Thank God Jessica is gone!!!!! She was finally removed from the cement anchoring her lifeless body and emotionless performances and sent on her way…

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