American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 5/8/2014

Can you believe after the American Idol results tonight we’ll be down to the Top 3 of season 13? Who got voted off in our American Idol recap tonight and won’t be making it to the last round before the finale? Join us for the live American Idol 2014 elimination results right now!


Making a prediction about who got voted off American Idol tonight wasn’t an easy prospect. Our readers ranked Jessica Meuse in last place after the performances this week, but only by a very slim margin. Alex Preston also scored very low on our reader’s poll as well. While we ultimately predicted that it would be Jessica who was eliminated on American Idol tonight, we would not be shocked if it was Alex instead.

On the other hand, this is traditionally a week that we often see a shocking American Idol elimination we were not execting. If you remember, strong favorites like Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, Josh Gracin, James Durbin, and Michael Lynche were all eliminated in the Top 4. If we have learned anything from previous American Idol results shows in the past, it’s that no one is truly safe at this stage of the competition.

We are not expecting a big shock tonight of front-runners Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene going home on American Idol tonight. However, it would not be an incredible surprise if one of them should end up in the bottom two in our American Idol recap this evening.

Despite how much the American Idol judges heaped praise on Jena Irene again last night, the perception on social media was that the fans did not really love her performances. In fact, even some staunch Jena supporters though JLo’s wildly adoring behavior during and after one of Jena’s performances (including going up on stage to kiss her) was uncalled for. She could get her first taste of the bottom two tonight just out of backlash over the perceived favoritism coming from JLo and the other judges.

Caleb Johnson, meanwhile, had a very bad week all around after making several regrettable remarks during a post-show interview last week. The outrage over his comments blew up on social media, with even some Caleb fans who have been voting for him from the beginning vowing to never support him again. Plus, Caleb had one of his weakest performances this week, and only really blew out one of his three songs last night. He could find himself looking up from the bottom tonight as well, although we would probably literally fall out of our chairs if he went home.

So who got kicked off American Idol tonight by the voters? Join us for our live American Idol results show recap right here below at 9PM ET and find out with us!

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We kick off tonight with clips of previous American Idol Top 3 contestants going back to their hometowns as heroes with video of the current Top 4 talking about how much they want that to be them. Only three finalists will get to enjoy those coveted ‘hometown visits’ next week. Who will it be? Let’s get to the results!

Host Ryan Seacrest introduces Top 4 finalists Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, Alex Preston, and Jessica Meuse. And then we have American Idol judges Kieth Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. JLo is wearing a red dress with an asymmetrical hemline that nearly shows off all her goods, wow! Don’t bend over JLo!

Next up we have the Top 4 contestants talking over dinner about their performances last night. These conversations sound so very staged sometimes. As one of our visitors in our Live Chat said, it’s like they are reading cue cards or something.

Now it’s time to find out who the first person headed to their hometown for a big parade! The first person who is safe will be… found out after the break. Dang it Ryan, you dimmed the lights and everything!

Okay, we’re back but before we get to the actual results, we get a Ford commercial disguised as the Top 4 taking a trip to a guitar store, a record store, eating corndogs, etc.

And we come back to the studio with Ryan carrying a plate of New Orleans beignets and Harry grabs them and starts throwing them at the audience. There is a bunch of gab about the sugary donut things, and Harry flinging more of them around, and making JLo eat one even with her lipstick. We want results already!

We cut to Randy Jackson who says Jena Irene was on fire last night and she gave one of the best performances in American Idol history. We don’t know about that… Randy says Caleb also had a great night last night as well. Obviously Jena and Caleb are getting the most praise.

And finally we get to the results! The first person who will be safe tonight and going to their hometown visit next week is… Jena!

Back from another break and we have the Top 4 sitting around over a picnic talking about their fans and going back home. Alex says one of his fans had a line from one of his original songs tattooed on his arm.

Finally we return to the studio and more results. It’s time to find out the next person going to their hometown visit next week is… Caleb Johnson! Well, it looks like the front-runners are still the front-runners. Jena and Caleb in the finale looking pretty solid at this point.

And the final results are coming in now… will it be Alex or Jessica who goes home tonight? Host Ryan Seacrest has the final announcement and it looks like our prediction was correct… Alex is safe and Jessica is going home!

American Idol 2014: Top 4 Elimination Results


  • Jena Irene
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Alex Preston

Who got voted off American Idol tonight: Jessica Meuse




  1. Good luck to Alex! Also to Jessica! I am not a fan, but I would rather Jena go home than her.

      • I honestly had hoped that both Alex and Jessica would make it because they are the only true artists left. Obviously that isn’t going to happen so I have to throw my hat into the ring for Jessica.

      • She is overrated, however she’s still my favorite. Throw rocks at me for liking Jena.

      • Very grownup response. Really. I’m sick of all you haters. I don’t see why she gets all this hate. Is it because the judges favorite her, and take all their praise to her then the other contestants? If that’s the reason you should be hating on them, blame their mistakes as judges, not the contestants.

      • I was joking, honest. Everyone is allowed to like who they like and I don’t place any blame on Jena for the way the judges have treated her.

      • Yeah and I like them all, Jena’s my favorite of course. I can tell Jessica was probably yours. I could understand how you must feel. Sorry I didn’t mean to get on your case.

      • No worries. I just wanted you to know that I was just poking fun. I’m glad your favorite still has a good shot at winning. My guess now is that unless Alex has an amazing, fabulous, fantastic, outstanding week, it will come down to Caleb or Jena.

      • lets hope Alex will do something spectacular, he certainly has the ability.

      • yeah I feel the same way too, but who know jess or alex will win it all in the future, nobody knows…now it’s just up to america..anyone can be a winner..

      • I may get it wrong – but I’m thinking if Jessica’s fans continue to vote, a majority of them will vote for Alex now, which means Alex could win it in an upset.

      • if your analogy is right that would be the best thing ever.

      • Jessica has taken Jena (only 17) under her wing (as a kind of Mother figure). So I suspect Jessica will order her “social media” to vote for “JENA”- “GAMEOVER”!

      • You could be right, but if I was to make a bet on it, I would bet you’re wrong. Jessica would not do something like that to get votes for any of her fellow contestants.

      • I very much hope Alex goes the distance. He is his own person, and he has an incredible authentic voice. I would buy his music. He isn’t trying to be a frontman for another rock band.

        They will probably all have successful musical careers, but artists like Alex and Jess won’t compromise their music and will probably continue to be true to themselves and their art. If Alex wins, I am sure he will gratefully fulfill that roll, but I think he will always stay inherently true to his very unique and individual style. Caleb has a strong, but very predictable voice. Alex, AI’s humble and understated contestant, is, in my opinion (and all this is simply my opinion), what AI should be about. He has been my favorite since the beginning. Crossing my fingers for Alex…

    • I think Jena has improved in her performance, and vocals. At least she knows how to perform, and doesn’t walk in place, or use a guitar with every performance. Alex has NO stage performance, and with the weird faces and always looking down, I don’t understand why he didn’t go home !

  2. Although I love Jessica’s sound, Jena and Alex are contestants worthy of continuing. Sure Caleb can sing but he need sensitivity training. Yes, he’s immature and has been thrust into the limelight but he’s not a teenager and he needs be held more accountable for his comments. I will never buy his music. By the way, why are the judges on their feet now? Applauding their strategy? They threw her under the bus each and every week – what hypocrites!

    • The accomplished what they set out to do and they didn’t care who they torn down to do it.

      • Don’t see anybody forcing u to stay in sc.These judges just say what is the truth maybe you should grow up and deal with it. Jessica sucks. Alex isn’t much better. He will be gone next week.

      • Forcing me to stay in where? I’m quite grown up, thank you very much, and you can take your opinion and do with it what you will. Jessica didn’t suck at all. She and Alex are the true artists of AI and if you don’t get that then maybe the problem is yours.

      • yes, but didn’t work for me, I think Jena is not that good, she’s too overrated..

      • i don’t get this either. i would never listen to her music and the kiss scene inappropriate…..and then Randy in the background best in idol history, he said that a lot last year to Candice. something is up i don’t quite understand it yet..

      • Where’s “Bob’? Did Jena blow him away as well (as she did her opponents)! I wanted to rub it in and ask him if he’s drank the “Cool-Aid”! Cool-Aid, Cool-Aid, Tastes Great, Wished We had Some, Can’t Wait! LOL

    • A standing ovation as she’s eliminated. How generous of them!

      • I see that Jlo really want Jena win this thing, what a shame..I think true talent like jess or alex will not be the winner, they like Jena to be the winner…disappointed

      • very, but they say she’s a superstar, unbelievable. so sad!!

      • I hope you recall that they’re standing for their Idol Journey. Harry only stands during those, if you’ve forgotten.

      • If I recall, they stood immediately after she finished singing.

    • would you shed a tear for jlo?? she’s a plastic fantastic phony for purpose of promoting her pappi song, but watching her hit herself over and over again, against the head probably resulted in some damage.

  3. Jessica voted off, but I have feeling she’ll be like Chris Daughtry, She’ll be success..daughtry is more successful than Taylor hicks..I feel the same for Jessica too…good luck for you Jessica, really looking forward for your album..LOVE YOU!!!

    • I don’t think so. First, women have a harder time making it (even winners). They have to be great entertainers and/or great singers, and now a days, it seems like even that sometimes doesn’t guarantee success. And two, she is nowhere near what Chris Daughtry did in his year at AI. Nowhere near. Incomparable.

      • At times, I very much liked Jessica’s performance (you and I was awsome). But trying to think she is as talented as Daughtry and will have as good a career as him … Is wishful thinging I fear.

  4. People are sheep. When I first read 1984, I never thought people would just believe whatever you told them to believe. It’s true though, people are really like herd of wildebeests, following whatever direction the leader goes in. In this case, it’s JLo.
    Congrats on a great win this year JENA. You didn’t earn it, but you get the most important person on the show to tell everyone to vote for you, and they did.

    • I agree Stevie! That stunt JHO pulled should disqualify her as a judge. She may as well have held up a sign every show, stating “VOTE FOR JENA” How dare she run up to a contestant and kiss her..ugh. Jeeeeeena, destroyed that Elvis song, and not in a good way. Now I guess I will stop watching, as although Caleb is the best of the bunch, he is an *** and poor Alex is just beyond boring, regardless of his writing ability. He just can’t perform. In the end I would have been rooting for Jessica, as she has a great voice, she just freezes up on that stage. Her final swan song was her best. Good luck Jessica. You have class, and you are beautiful!

      • I think everyone is failing to see that ALL the Judges gave great reviews when Jessica deserved it (you and I). And less than stellar reviews when she did not. Her first tow songs this week really were train wrecks. And blaming the judges when the results are not what you want, comes off as a bit juvenile.

      • I would give Caleb the win based on how consistent he was at being one of the top performers each and every week. With Jena getting the number 2 spot, as she had a few great performances as well. Alex was great, if not awsome the past two weeks … But, he does not have nearly the consistency as Caleb or Jena.

      • I have been voting for all three, I think Alex is just as good as both Caleb and Jena, Next week I’ll only vote for one.

      • I don’t understand why fans split their votes. I have always picked a favorite at the beginning and stuck with him or her. This split-voting process is probably what is sending Jessica home, too.

      • I had Dexter picked out, Right now I do not have a favorite but I think Caleb should have been sent home, because of what he said. If I were the producer of that show he would have been.

      • Yeah, that was bad. It’s according to how the contract reads – likely nothing in it to cover that situation. You just don’t expect that coming from anyone. Maybe in the future, AI will look for something more than the best singer – maybe an interview, too. And – you must pass both to make the team. To be called the American Idol – one should possess other high qualities, as well.

      • AI clearly promoted Sam, an average singer at best, and Jena. They have apparently made the decision to become “Teen Idol”, rather than deal with the lower ratings and stiff competition from The Voice. Like him or not, like rock music or not, Caleb is hands down the best and most ready singer in the lot. And the show still is about singing isn’t it? But will he win? Unlikely. he doesn’t fit the “teen Idol” mode and and therefore does not draw the Disney crowd.

      • i like that comment disney crowd, it lets me know that this has been a channel for anyone making it as a so called celebrity these days, which i find ridiculous. caleb has an awesome voice but i don’t think its enough to keep him going. is he going to just copyright the songs giving his money to the creators or is going to utilize this experience to learn how to do more in music?? hard to say.

      • nobody should be called an idol, in my opinion as much as i like the show, the name is inappropriate. American singer talents should be sufficient. calling someone an idol does not coincide w/the commandments and it took me a while to just bypass it and watch it anyway. and i agree they should possess more than one quality, which brings caleb on the bottom even-though he has a God gifted killer voice.
        but in the end you want to listen to a musician who is creative and writes and plays instruments.

      • unless he finds the band he needs for his endeavors, that would be his best bet and having his music and lyrics written for him. copycats get old after a while b/c the era which i grew up in Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd been to a concert every week for a whole decade from 70’s to 80’s are still so popular and some going strong to this day is hard to bring back. at least the music and styles have changed drastically over the years.

      • Split-voting may be a bad word. But – as you know we can give every contestant the same number of votes. I always vote for Jessica only. If I vote for someone else too, I would call it split-voting. To me this is dangerous and can easily backfire on you. I know a lot of fans that gave Jessica and Alex the same amount of votes. Well – that didn’t change their votes. And, it may had cost Jessica from moving to the top 3 had they given her all of their votes.

      • ty for the info. i don’t vote b/c i don’t have the money for it, but wish i did.
        well then your analogy will be correct anyway you word it and hopefully that will help alex in the long run. i would only vote for my favorite too.

      • Got it all right, Guest. Next year I hope they tie up the judges and place masking tape over their mouths. When the contestant completes a song, the tape will be removed for exactly 30 seconds each and then replaced for the next contestant. Maybe this will stop them from standing up and clapping for the one they want to win. If that doesn’t work – do away with the judges. We don’t need someone to tell us who is the best. And – look at the millions of dollars AI would save in doing it.

      • Jessica reminded people of Sarah Palen too much. Cudos to her final performance of her original song though! She went out like John Wayne!

    • now based on JLo action yesterday, I bet JENA will win this whole thing..ckckck..

      • Jlo is so unfair… I saw her take time on t.v. to teach Jena but never once helped Jessica that I saw. I’m not liking Jena right now, after seeing Jessica cry last night. Jlo standing there just looking at her knowning she was in pain and not giving a d, at least it looked that way Imo , God have mercy.

      • You know, someone made a good point to me below. We can’t blame Jena for the praise heaped upon her by the judges. It isn’t her fault that they want Jena in the finals/to win.

      • i have to watch it again, but that would be a jlo thing and i hope people don’t fall for the favoritism of the judges. harry is the only one who really helps by constructive criticism, which they are there for and not build a personal fan club.

    • Here we go again. Year in and year out, blaming the judges when they do not see performances in the same light as you do. Jessica was given praise when she deserved it and was called out, when she did not. I think that is what the judges are supposed to do.

  5. Jessica, I hope you know you have a ton of fans out here and we can’t wait to hear your music! You are a true artist and you should be extremely proud of how you handled what was thrown at you week after week. True class, Jessica!

  6. American Idol is a popularity/personality contest with talent intertwined. Talent doesn’t always win. Good luck Jessica. I am happy that she stayed true to herself.

  7. Now comes the time where Alex proves why he’s better than Jena and Caleb to be the next American Idol. GO ALEX!!!!

  8. The correct top 3 made it through. Jessica did no favors to herself choosing Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Lady Gaga on a very important night (Like, really Jessica?!?! Your POP choices in music made me question you as an artist!!). She could have done better (or chosen better songs) but she just couldn’t put it together. Like ever. Alex (the underdog and non-yeller) for the win!!!

    • Jessica didn’t choose bad songs…she chose songs that she could not sing well.

    • Wasn’t her best performance of the 3 sets this week, “You and I”, By Lady Gaga? Now are you giving Alex the credit he deserves for not even attempting songs that require a bit of volume. And can you begin to imagine the train wreck, if he did. Or does music sung with passion just scare you?

  9. Jena was strong–Jessica sang a song with little voice range. If looks could make you WIN—–.

  10. hope the best for you Jessica, I’m really proud of you, the winner does not have to win it all, it’s like Chris Daughtry or Adam Lambert, they did not win but they were more successful than the winner at that time, and perhaps people remember them more now than Kris or Taylor

      • No, she’s absolutely fantastic. She has two original songs you should watch. “Blue Eyed Lie” which you heard her sing on AI and “Done.” I thought she was amazing. Totally natural.

      • I’ll have to check it out. She does sound really good, I just wish she would loosen up a bit on American Idol.

      • You should definitely check it out. I was impressed with her song writing and singing. She was completely relaxed, the total opposite of what she was like on the show.

      • Am I the only Jim? Bye to you, Renee. I’ve enjoyed all of this – hope to see you back on AI Net soon. Happy Mother’s Day to all of your Mothers. Don’t forget them!

      • idk i thought there were more, but i guess if its just you and mentioned – will stop watching , so i said bye and if alex leaves next week i’d say bye too. ty for thinking about the moms that’s cool.

      • since i just received your message again, it appears there are more jims.
        jim and you buddy jimmy dunn, so i meant goodbye to the jim who will not continue watching the rest of the season. i’m going to stay tune at least for the next round and see what happens.hopefully alex makes it to the finale fair and square w/out the favoritisms from jlo, making it personal rather than professional. i mean if i happen to agree alex was not good, which i doubt (never know),
        i will continue to the finale. this season was a pretty strange season, nothing has been predictable b/c so many factors are playing a new role including sam teen idol heartthrob which he did not aprrove of himself calebs outrage to the retards, favoritism thru a judge, which can theoretical be a bad influence including could be tweaked money rules!! we’ll see. in the end i hope the contenders of top 13 will continue following their dreams and succeed.

  11. Jessica has a great voice but she’s not a performer and don’t forget, during Hollywood week, she messed up several times, forgot the lyrics and blamed drama with her group for her poor performances, so the judges really haven’t picking on her, she’s been having the same issues since the very beginning. I really like her voice, but she should have been gone a while ago.

    • I have to disagree with you. She only messed up during the group performance and in fairness to her, one of her group mates’ mother was so incredibly rude and condescending to her. Other than that, what we saw of her was incredible. The judges were overly picky when it came to her and overlooked others whose performances were worse or completely atrocious. They went out of their way to tear her down and Jessica smiled throughout it all.

      • jessica is so strong, even the judge not fair to her…really proud of Jess, she is the true kind hearted and humble, not the fake one..

      • Everyone has an opinion, but I have always hated Jessica’s voice. She has a bleat instead of a vibrato. As a trained singer, I was not surprised when she shared the news about getting rejected by a music school, because she’s not a good singer.

      • strongly disagree, humble do you know what that means??? jessica has no humbleness what so ever, but i still wish her luck and hope she learned something from her mistakes and she’ll make it.

      • What makes you say that she wasn’t humble? Any yes, I do know what the definition of the word.

      • since you don’t remember the first group scene, i understand that you are stating your opinion correctly. i download all AI and watch them over so i know why i am stating my opinion. i liked her at first very much at her audition for example i thought she’ll be the next stevie nix. when i saw the drama at group round and re-watched the scenes with her…….she disappointed me, therefore i don’t think she is humble. she was for me on last nights show #2 and i wish her a nice career and hope she learns from her mistakes. I think group night is also meant to let their true colors shine and she failed that part.

      • From her behavior throughout all of the live shows, I am willing to forgive her her attitude during the group performances. I think a person’s true colors come out while facing adversity and she faced nothing but from the judges. Maybe we’ll have to agree to disagree?

      • yes I know that means, and I believe she is…her words in her social media (FB,IG,etc) is such a nice person, she make many friends, she sociable..plz don’t judge people by it’s cover. I believe she can be a better person

      • i really hope so for her sake, the potential is there. i don’t want to judge her, but fact is she was not very nice to her first group and things catch up to you. i hope the same for caleb and his ego trip it’ll catch up to him and america will remember this. for me personally it should be rated by overall views. i don’t care for the name idol either, but the winner should be humble from the get go rather than criticize other contestants or the media in calebs case.

      • I think she’s talented no doubt, I would just rather hear her than watch her but a major part of being a performer, is actually performing and she has consistently had issues performing, not issues singing, is my only point.

      • I think JLO stooped WAAy too low last night, They had a plan throughout these last several weeks—and back a few wks ago, THEY DID NOT have to give the SAVE to Sam, Look, yeah Sam a little cutie, but the kid is NOT a performer and it was always straining to see him go through to the next week(JUST my opinion here people) And, we all know if the JUDGES say this or that, gerogatory or positive over and over to teh same contestant, that is ALl the audience is going to remember–THAT Jlo Didnt like her, that KEITH kept trying ot mae her “into something:. JEssica DID pick some weird songs to sing, I admit that, But that woman can SING, sh eis BEAUTIFUL she is True to what she knows, SHE WILL BE BIGGGG!!! AND I betch, WAY bigger than whomever is left to win this.~~~ let’s come back next year and see WHO;s on the charts 🙂 haha yeah ok, JLO is HO HO, thats it, She cant sing, she cant dance, and she’s a witch. I PERSONALLY was watching her face EVERY time JEssica sang, and I tell you somethingL JLO is major jealous of that woman! Swear to God, anybody else see that??? Ok, well, nobody left that I like as much as Jess, and I dont think ALEX is gonna take it, but I like hi a LOT, and CALEB isMR NO TALENT so is Jena all we get???? cute, nice piana, BUT SHE SUCKED last night with ELVIS I COULD NOT beelive how they fawned over her, adn she sounded like Crap. oh well…. another season wasted on some dumbos again, tsk tsk ps RANDY< PLEASE come back!! SIMON , you too@!!! <3

      • you probably forgot the first group she had, how she reacted towards the two guys,…let’s stay fair.

      • I don’t remember it which is why I didn’t mention it. I wasn’t trying to “hide” anything. If you said it happened, then you have a better memory than me.

      • it’s because she fight for to be still in the competition, the 1st guy is sick so he can’t continue the group part, so jess and the other one agreed to
        split up and look for a new group…and I really remember that she beg to be in dexter & ben’s group but rejected by them..

      • fighting is good but be nice about it and as i said i wish her the best. i get it nerves get in the way and group round is so stressful but it also shows how people interact with each other and its a test. for me she failed. lets just leave it at that.nobody is perfect and i’m sure she’ll do good and get out of her Smokey bars and will have a bright future.

      • people change, everyone learn to be a better person, I believe jessica can be a better person, I know she can..

      • hi i just read some of your previous comments and what caught my eye was back problems. interesting same thing happened to me april 10th i had to be put into the ER i could not walk. the scariest thing i ever experienced. i’m a full time student and for my degree grades are paramount. they advised me to drop out of this semester which is so hard for me and from one moment to the other i got stuck on this blog site. i have never done this before. i guess according to my well being and pain level, i’d get pretty pushy on the AI blogs and wrote some things i would not normally do. i am rooting for all these kids. i love AI have watched it since i moved back to the USA in 2007 and i wish my brother would have had a chance to audition. he lives in germany but his style is like alex but he also incorporates a harmonica. i hope they all do well. my grandfather was a famous opera singer and i grew up having to play piano and sing in all choirs wished i would have listened to my brother and stayed in the music industry. now i’m too old and AI season is a treat for me. hope your back gets better, have a great week. consider yourself lucky i’ll be praying for you.

  12. Thank goodness Jessica is gone! SO many time we were close to getting rid of her but she was like a cat with nine lives… it was about time… she should have been gone a long time ago!

      • We already agreed it’s CJ who’s the one with nine lives. Leave the cat metaphors another season.

  13. Life sucks, my bet on leaving American Idol was Alex, he really sucks as a singer, he doesn’t have variety, Jessica does. Well good luck Jessica from the bottom of my heart.

    • Say what you will about anyone’s performance style but none of the individuals left, especially Alex, “sucks as a singer.”

  14. Cry me a river, Jessica fans. She’ll be a star, American Idol was just a stage for her to show how talented she is! Be happy. I look forward to hearing her on the radio. 🙂

  15. now go and make an album Jessica, can’t wait, hope the best for you, love you!! 🙂

  16. I must have REALLY missed something:( All are without a doubt talented…but Jessica never seemed comfortable on stage. She always seemed a little cut throat to me and never felt comfortable when trying to relate to the audience or other contestants. From the very beginning she made it clear that it was all about her succeeding (when the groups were being formed) – I think she lost some opportunities to pick up some “people skills” from some of her experiences. She just seems too angry and I think that came through. Maybe she will loosen up when they are touring and that will help her to relate to people. No doubt – she already has the voice were she needs it to be – I do hope she does well!

  17. It looks to me that the last two remaining are going to be Jena and Caleb, Jena is the Pop and Soul type, Caleb is the Rock type artist. I wish them both luck, my predictions are that the next one going home finally will be Alex.

  18. I was hoping the white country singer was gonna be in the top three alongside alex preston and whoever else those two were my top two for sure

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