American Idol Season 13 Final Four: Who Will Win?

We are down to the Final Four contestants on American Idol season 13 and the finale is just a few short weeks away. Who will be the American Idol winner for 2014? We take a look at the last four finalists standing after the American Idol Top 4 results show tonight and their chances for winning it all!

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Caleb Johnson: We are giving our odds right now to Caleb Johnson with the strongest chance of winning American Idol season 13. Caleb may be a rocker, which seems to be the most difficult genre to win with, but he’s also been the most ‘rock’ solid performer in the finals. Frankly, we’d be in shock if Caleb did not make the finale two, and we think it’s going to take some serious effort for anyone to beat him at this point.

Jena Irene Ascuitto: If anyone can steal the crown from Caleb, we think it will probably be Jena Irene. Of all of the rest of the remaining contestants, she clearly seems to have the edge. Jena has given us some big performances and she still manages to surprise us regularly. She also has a more mainstream and contemporary edge than Caleb, which could be an important factor when it comes to the final vote. If Jena manages to pull in a large portion of Jessica or Alex’s fans if she is eliminated first–and we think she could–she could become unstoppable.

Alex Preston:  We really love Alex Preston and we dearly hope he will make it to the final three. We feel like he deserves to be there just based on his musicianship and pure artistic talent alone. However, it is obvious that Alex is a bit difficult for some viewers to latch on to because of his quirky style. Some fans keep trying to shoehorn him into the Phillip Phillips slot, but Alex doesn’t fit there. He’s unique and different, but not in as mainstream a way as Phillip was. Third place is probably the best Alex can hope for at this point.

Jessica Meuse: We are actually surprised that Jessica was not eliminated this week. We thought Sam would manage to squeak through for another round at least. Apparently, however, Jessica managed to connect with the voters last night with her performances and it made all the difference. We would be truly shocked, however, if Jess were to make it all the way to the finale. Whether or not she will outlast Alex Preston, we’ll just have to wait and see until next week.





  1. Could care less, guess Alex. Can’t stand the personalities of any of the others. Either way this will be the last time I watch American idol. So sick of judges pushing Jena down everyone’s throats and was stupid they gave the undo criticism of some of contestants this year. This show is a joke anymore and no wonder it’s ratings stink.

  2. I want Alex to win. He is the most talented and unique. Yes, Caleb and Jena are consistent week after week but every song sounds the same. Alex is an artist. Jess has to go. I’ve wanted her to be eliminated for weeks!

  3. Should have been Jena to go home. Bet she was the other person in the bottom two, and that the votes were close. A civilized reason for the proposed “everybody stay” plan would be if all of the votes, or all but one, were very close in their total.s

      • If it was Jessica, they would have revealed the bottom two. No, it was THE JENA and that’s why they hid it.

      • No Jess has the best voice on the show, they should send mister Caleb “my fans are retards” Johnson home.

    • Do you realize that Jena has been a top voted contestant for weeks?? She may not be to your taste but, based on past voting, I don’t think she was bottom two.

      • Idol doesn’t release the totals, so how would you know? They don’t send them to safety by vote numbers either. Jena was down on most of the polls and didn’t chart on ITunes. Neither did Caleb, so odds are one of them was in the bottom two with Sam.

  4. Alex should have been gone weeks ago but he’s probably gonna end up winning now. He’s terrible yet he’s never been in the bottom 3. That’s how it always is with the winners. I would like for Caleb or Jena to win but they are obviously the producers’ favorites so people might end up not voting for them just to piss off the producers like what happened 2 seasons ago when Jessica Sanchez was voted off instead of Hollie Cavanagh.

    • Jessica Sanchez came in 2nd to Phillip Phillips! He deserved to win but she was 2nd. Not Hollie. And who is making it…. Phillip Phillips!

      • I voted for Phillip but did he have the best voice no, he was best all round, like Alex.

      • I disagree! Hollie did not have the best voice In my opinion. I do think Phillip did! Alex is very talented but he is not the same as Phillip. I think Caleb & Jena will win and deserably so. Jessica really has worn out her welcome not because her voice is bad but she has no singing emotion. No connection. Bad attitude.

      • As a singer Holly had a better voice, I voted Phillip myself, but he wasn’t my number one. He got most my votes but they would have went to Reed Grimm, (Love his voice) never made the top 13 but he was the very best. Casy, Haley, Reed, Scotty, Holly, Alex and Caleb on the same show would have been awesome. and Johnny Keyser of course.

    • Jessica Sanchez sucked. She deserved to go home in Top 7. She only pulled through because of her Filipino voters. Hollie was relatively underrated and to me out shined her after Jessica stop trying to sing after her (so-called best performance of American Idol history) Please.. spare me. She doesn’t even compare to anyone who was on American Idol.

    • I agree. even with Craig. In season 10 with Scotty and then, I loved Scotty and was happy he won. But I think James should have won it. But he was a rocker too, and he went out as top 3. Rockers seem not to have a change on here. I so want Caleb to WIN!

  5. I knew this would be the Top 4 and I’m pleasantly satisfied. 🙂 Go you guys, I hope you all make it hard to vote for just one of you guys next week! Knock them dead!

  6. I think it’s really funny how the girl’s are totally hot and the guys are pretty average. I’m bisexual so I thought it was hilarious. But I know looks aren’t everything just thought I’d point it out though, haha.

  7. It will be between Caleb and Jena for the finale, either one deserves it, they are both good.

  8. I am so disappointed we lost Sam last night. I loved voting for him everyweek. My votes are going to be split between Alex and Jessica now; the ones that always went to Sam. The top 4 in my taste now are: 1) Alex 2) Jessica 3) Caleb 4) Jena

  9. who ever are making these predictions…. not on board at all !!!! BOYS NEED TO GOOOO…. Jessica first choice ! Jena 2nd !

  10. Makes me sooo angry to hear “WE WEre SURPriSED” .. who are We… I thought this was AMerica’s Vote….. Jessica … does not get the credit she deserves … and I’m so sick of it…. Knock it out of the park girl next week… pulling for you /// I could actually see us going to one of your shows… You are doing a great job !!!!!

      • Wow, who gave you the job of stating who deserves what?
        Jessica is in the final 4 by votes, and I’d bet she wasn’t in the bottom two either. Don’t hate her because millions see something in her and her performances that you don’t see.

      • nobody gave me any job so that right there is an assumption on your part and you know what they say when you assume………….

      • first of all i don’t hate her that’s kind harshly put. secondly i could care less what others think about her i’m stating my opinion on her overall performance, attitude, how she presents herself including how she puts herself together and for me personally, she does not possess what it takes to be the next American Idol. I will give her as much as; she has improved in all areas, listening to the critiques and lightening up a bit and she has been smiling a lot more. As a matter of fact I’ll put her at #2 now b/c Jena who I liked first has proved herself becoming redundant and caleb who possesses a great voice is just a copycat. the reason mainly i don’t think she deserves the title goes back to the group round incident and i personally think should be considered as the overall picture. i’m voting for alex b/c he has everything it takes to earn the title. i don’t hate anybody even if i do state strong opinions.

  11. I personally was surprised that Sam was sent home simply because he seemed very popular among the younger people. I think, by her expression of surprise last night, Jessica thought she was the one to be sent home. Caleb is awesome, there is no doubt about that, his stage performance, his singing, I know a lot of people call it screaming, but when you really listen to the control he has when he reaches those high notes, the kid has got it! Jena has come a long way during the competition, she started out looking very timid on stage and she now owns the stage when she is on it. Jessica has a wonderfully beautiful voice, I could most definately listen to her cds while driving on a very long trip. Alex, he is artistic, he has a good voice, he just isn’t my cup of tea, Not saying he isn’t talented, he would not be where he is right now if he didn’t have talent, just isn’t my taste in music. The bottom line is that all of the young adults are very talented and have come very far from the beginning of the competition, but it is a competition and someone has to be eliminated. I believe they all have careers waiting for the competition to end or waiting for them to be sent home so that it can begin. Hats off to all of the contestants, you all have been given a great opportunity thru American Idol and I wish all of you the best of luck.

  12. I am pulling for Caleb, He is so down to earth. And Rocker cool. I know Jane will most likely be top 2 and I am not happy with that. But that’s life.

  13. Jena “now” has an uphill climb due to the producers dumb decision. She definitely “has” to return to the piano to save herself next week. I predict Alex and Jena will be in the bottom two and I hope it’s Alex that gets the boot!

  14. Caleb shot himself in the foot, that douche bag needs to go home this week. He called the people who were giving him song choices retards. He “apologized” on Facebook and said he was refereeing to his haters. But, I don’t know about anybody else but I don’t think haters would send you song suggestions.

  15. No 4. Jena… um.. sorry, THE JENA
    – Yes, I’ve successfully avoided the producers brainwashing techniques. Come off the judges koolaid and you’ll see she’s still the same girl that barely made the top 13. Warbly vocals, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and has gone way farther than she deserves. Week’s of nothing but ridiculous, over the top praise has made her quite arrogant too.
    No 3. Alex
    – Caleb may have hurt himself with his comments, but I hate to see one stupid remark from a 23 year old kill his career. However, Alex sings one type of song beyond beautiful, but struggles outside that. His album and concerts could get boring.
    No 2. Caleb
    – Definitely stupid remarks, but he has a special voice. I just don’t see the 70s/80s rock sound coming back. If he wins, he could be a Taylor Hicks. Great singer that sings oldies like no one else, but can’t make the charts today.
    No 1. Jessica
    – Another spot on voice, but can sing any type of music well, and will sell a ton of country crossover songs. Another plus, she writes her own. Blue Eyed Lie is way better than I Love My Papi (of course, that’s not saying much). Also, Jessica’s popularity is on the rise while the others are sinking.
    Regardless of the outcome, only Jessica has a legitimate shot at recording success.

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