American Idol Twist Shocks Top 5 Finalists! [VIDEO]

A shocking American Idol twist on the Top 5 results show tonight left both the audience and the finalists stunned! When host Ryan Seacrest announced there would be an unprecedented event on American Idol season 13 tonight, we never would have expected what was about to happen.

When Ryan said at the top of the American Idol season 13 results show tonight that there would be a “shocking” twist this evening, we had a few immediate thoughts. We initially guessed that perhaps they weren’t going to send anyone home and next week would be a double elimination. Turns out we were close… but not quite on that one.


Instead, when it finally came time to announce the ‘twist’ for the night, Ryan said that it was time for the American Idol Top 5 finalists to have a hand in their own fate. The American Idol judges had their say, the American public had their votes, and now the singers themselves would get a chance to make a big decision. In an anonymous ballot, they could either choose to go ahead with the voting results as usual and the person with the lowest amount would go home. Or, they could decide everyone got to stay for another week… but next week would be a double elimination.

The kicker was that the vote had to be unanimous one way or the other. So even one vote against keeping everyone another week meant someone would go home. And surprise! Turns out that two people wanted someone to leave more than they wanted to give one of their ‘friends’ another week in the competition. We don’t know who those two dissenting votes belonged to, but we really have to wonder if they were expecting what would happen next.

Update: We now know who voted “No” on the Top 5 Twist.

Because the person voted off tonight was not Jessica Meuse, as many predicted (including us). The singer who was voted off tonight was Sam Woolf. Even Jess looked shocked when his name was called out, although he didn’t look as surprised as she did. He just looked a bit mad and resigned to his fate. Jessica had appeared almost screamingly certain she was going to be eliminated, and even nodded her head at the “no votes” that came in — like she expected people would vote that way thinking she was the one going home.

Wonder what the conversations are going to be like back at the hotel tonight after that whole crazy twist going down… We’re thinking there might just be some folks feeling a bit guilty about those votes. Although, we are dying to know if Sam was one of the no votes that ended up sending him home this week!




  1. No shock here. Just blatant manipulation. Find a way to cover up the fact that one of the “Chosen” frontrunners was the other one in the bottom two. If all yes votes, no reveal at all. If not unanimous, send Sam home without revealing the name of the other bottom dweller. IMO the other one was Jena. Her numbers were way down on most of the polls. Obviously TPTB have pushed for a Caleb/Jena finale all along and this week’s performances didn’t go their way.

    • Don’t forget the producers know who’s going home.. so it wouldn’t matter where Jena or any of the others placed… I think the producers wanted to keep Sam around as long as they could to keep his supporters interested in idol… also, this type of choice tends to bring the claws out in the contestants… we’ll see if they are as friendly next week…

    • The most interesting voices are Jess, Alex and Jena. And the first two have horrible stage presence. Jena is the most likely to become a pop star with her combination of stage presence, voice and attitude. I’m not a fan of Caleb’s genre and last night he absolutely tortured his first song. I don’t see him as having any kind of future on the charts.

      • Caleb did not chart in the Top 200 on iTunes this week. He did chart on the Rock singles chart. Jena charted nowhere at all, no one (or at least very few) bought her songs on iTunes. Alex was ranging from around #36 – #40, and Jessica and Sam were in the Top 200 as well. So Caleb didn’t sell much, Jena sold virtually nothing. They sent home a contestant who has charted in the Top 200 multiple weeks, and kept one who no one wants to hear sing – that’s some funny stuff.

      • If no one wanted to hear here sing then no one would have voted for her and she would have gone home.

      • You make a good point. I thought I wanted Caleb to win because his voice is so phenomenal, but I haven’t bought a single one of his songs. I don’t like the songs he picks to sing. I’ve only bought Alex and Jess’ songs, because I like the songs and how the performed them. So, I guess I really want Jess or Alex to win. Unless Caleb gets smarter about his song choices, not sure he’s still the best to win. If Jena wins, well, I know three people on that stage who’ll be happy she won.

      • I use to buy Dexter’s songs on Amazon, I haven’t bought any this year on ITunes.

      • You’re just basing your opinion off of iTunes. Personally why would I spend my money on something that I can listen to for free on YouTube or etc. So I think you might need to base your opinion on a more reliable source before you make these judgments.

      • Sam has been in the btm 3 on many occasions. jena has been number 1 or 2 in the voting system on the whole actual show.

        I think people like jena.

        don’t cry little girl cause sam went off, we already have scotty mccreery we don’t need another ugly dude that is playing the whole im cute gimmick

      • Kids are going to download sam’s music cause they think he’s cute.

        your basing it on itunes instead of the actual voting system.

        Jena & Caleb where at the very top the past weeks on the american idol coast voting systeam on the actaul tv show.

      • Jena is the least likely of the Top 5 to ever make a record, because her singing is so horrible. I would rather have kept CJ with all of his rambling pitch issues, than Jena.

      • You are completely deaf if you think CJ is better than Jena. I’m just saying.

    • So hey why not make a hateful comment about a contestant and lets choose jena just to get on a few nerves.

      Relax man its just a show, and the reason american idol did what they did was cause it was a attempt to save sam woolf once again.

      i feel like im watching ferris bueler and instead of saving ferris im watching save woolf.

      american idol tries way to hard to keep him on it.

      and it was obvious jessica was in the btm 2 with sam.

      we knew that before any of it.

      Now please quit waisting your time hating on a contestant

  2. I’m glad he’s gone you he should of
    have been gone a long time ago

    • Tho a nice enough guy, it’s true that the judges seemed to give CJ too easy a time of it when week after week he gave poor, off pitch performances. He should have gone home in Hollywood, and the other singer stayed…as a matter of fact, I was shocked at who went home the last week of Hollywood. They threw away some of the best talent. It’s puzzling.

    • I bet no amount of asking for the name of the other person in the bottom two would get you an honest answer.

  3. I feel like we shouldn’t even be speculating about who voted which way. Unfortunately, at some point, this is going to end with only one person standing. Keeping someone around another week would have just prolonged the inevitable and possibly ended with a more unjust result.

    I feel really bad for the contestants. Alex and Jessica have already spoken out on twitter that they felt the “twist” was in bad taste.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if the two who voted ‘no’ thought they were voting, “no one goes home tonight” as opposed to ‘Yes, someone goes tonight.” 🙂

  5. Sam has nice voice, but he simply wasn’t ready. He probably should not have been saved in the first place .. but this twist adds a whole new element. It was pretty obvious Jessica voted to keep everyone .. and you have to think Sam did as well .. Alex seems too nice to send someone packing .. so the cut throats had to be Caleb and Jena. So how does this affect future voting? .. Will the Sam followers swing their votes to Jess and Alex now as a result of this backstabbing? Who knows? The only thing certain is that American Idol has now tainted the voting pool and thankfully Jessica is looking like the least guilty of all parties, but then again, I always thought she was a gal made up of stand-up character. As shes says, “what you see is what you get.” Either way, I’m going to stand behind Jess as long as she’s still standing in this competition. IMO she has the most unique and recording friendly voice of the remaining contestants and would love to see her go all the way.

    • Not so fast there…as they were going to commercial break you could clearly hear Caleb saying and I am paraphrasing “we should all vote yes right.” I mean at least to me that would indicate he voted yes. Alex doesn’t show a ton of emotion but the look on his face at the end when they were gathering around Sam said to me at least that he may have voted no.

    • I think two messed up thinking no meant yes let them stay, I watched their faces, They knew it, Imo.

    • Well … when you’re wrong, it’s good to admit it. Caleb wasn’t one of the ‘No’s’ and voted YES with Jessica … and it was indeed Jena and surprisingly Alex that threw Sam under the bus. Once again, I do think this will have an impact on the voting, and hopefully more of those votes go Jessica’s way as a result!

    • You should check out their interview. Both Alex and Jena voted no and Caleb and Jessica voted yes. I heard that Sam voted no.

  6. I would have voted no even if it was my so called friends. It is a competition and you have to think even though three are going through next week no matter what at least there is a bigger cushion for me to be on the positive side of things. Also if you are Alex or Sam you have to think one or the other is taking votes from each other because their musical styles are fairly similar. Not that he needed it but Alex will probably get a bump up in votes this week with Sam gone.

  7. How many times have american idol tried to prevent saving sam woolf.

    nobody likes sam it is unfair to give them the option of eliminating 2 next week, cause if someone like jena or alex fell into bad fate their gone.

    the next 1 going home will be jessica it was just to corny and to obvious that american idol knew who was going cause ryan already knew sam was going home and they tried once again getting him saved

  8. Manipulation not only to save Sam but also to keep the identity of the other person in the bottom 2 secret. I have a feeling it was not Jessica despite the best efforts of a couple of the judges.

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