American Idol 2016: Top Five Beg For Your Votes! [VIDEO]

The American Idol Top 5 finalists aren’t shy about begging for your votes to get through the last few weeks of season 15. In a post-show video following last week’s elimination, the American Idol 2016 final five appeal to their fans directly in hopes of making it to the finale.

American Idol 2016 finalist Trent Harmon asks for your votes!
American Idol 2016 finalist Trent Harmon asks for your votes! (FOX)

In the latest American Idol post-show video, sadly eliminated contestant Tristan McIntosh talks about how much she had a chance to grow during the competition. She also gets manhandled, hugged, and kissed on by mentor Scott Borchetta while looking a bit shell-shocked. It’s weird. After that, the remaining five American Idol finalists talk about where they are in the competition, and ask their supporters to please, please get in those votes!

There are only a few short weeks left to make sure your favorite singer ends up as the last ever American Idol winner. So be sure to get in those votes every chance you get to keep them in the competition! And don’t forget to tell us who you are rooting for the most in our comments section below!



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  1. Trent Harmon. Love his soulful voice! He can make all of the faces he likes too. I think he would make a good last American Idol. I will miss the show and the judges we have now! Good job judges!

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