American Idol Twitter Round-up

Janelle Arthur on American Idol

It’s officially American Idol off-season and there’s not a lot going on aside from rumors about who will and who will no be judges next season, but thanks to Twitter, we still get tiny bits of news here and there, so here is our first summer edition of American Idol’s Twitter round-up.

Nigel Confirms His Exit

As we reported, Fox has decided to go without Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick next season on American Idol. And Nigel confirmed his exit with a few tweets about the subject.

“Kust had 10 days in the Bahamas, rain everyday,” he Tweeted. “I get back to the States and get fired. Sad! Monday we choose our top 20 [SYTYCD]. I’ll smile again.”

He went on to explain why he is out at Idol.

“Yes, don’t worry I’m on #SYTYCD. FOX still loves me. It’s not a personal thing they just feel IDOL needs new leadership after 12 Seasons,” he Tweeted.

Janelle Arthur Headed To The Opry

American Idol runner-up Kree Harrison just did the Grand Ole Opry and now Season 12 finalist Janelle Arthur is headed there as well.

“Ok I am in such disbelief to tell y’all that I will officially be playing the Grand Ole Opry! My dream since I was 4. I am so beyond honored. June 19th!” She Tweeted.

Erika Van Pelt To Perform With Kellie Pickler

American Idol Season 11 alum Erika Van Pelt seems to be getting a lot of opportunities post Idol.

“So I had to turn down the offer 2 open 4 Bret Michaels because I was already booked, but looks like I am playing with Kellie Pickler in Nov!” She recently Tweeted.




  1. How does someone get invited to sing at the Opry that has no music available to the public other than AI covers? This must make young country musicians feel good. The Ole Opry aint what it used to be.

    • Jake, I agree with you! I have been a country music fan for a longtime now! Used to be years before they inducted anyone. That is the only thing I can figure! They are not inducting her. They are just going to let her sing on there. But true as you said! It used to be years before they leet them sing on there too.!

      • Yes, Sherry, at least let her establish herself outside of AI. If she does, then invite her to sing.

      • Chill… times are changing. And u guys are so old school. It’s globalization now. Even country music needs change and not be boxed with those selfish opinions. She is going to perform there and she doesn’t need years of old age just to be invited to perform.

      • If something like country music has been so great for so many years, Why change it? I believe they are taking the country out of country music. A Long Long CM Fan.

  2. This is what I love about AI. It gives these young people opportunities, otherwise they would never have had. I hope they clean up their act for next season and get Idol back to better ratings.

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