American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson’s Album Predicted to Bomb

American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson may be about to break a record, but it’s not one he’s going to want to brag about. According to the latest predictions, Caleb’s debut album Testify may end up having the lowest sales of any American Idol winner’s album in the history of the show.

Caleb Johnson’s new album from Universal Music Group dropped on August 12 and so far sales have been terrible. Apparently the strategy of pushing out the album faster than any other American Idol winner’s debut CD ever didn’t help sales at all.

Hits Daily Double predictions show that Testify may set the lowest sales record for any American Idol winner’s post-win album. So far Caleb’s debut is only on track to sell between 9k and 11k copies nationwide in its first week. Compare that to the abysmal sales for previous winner Candice Glover’s album, which only sold 19k the first week out. That album was considered to be a huge bomb, so Caleb’s debut landing even less sales is pretty sad.

Honestly, we can’t say we are terribly shocked. American Idol ratings have dropped through the floor the past few years. Less people are watching, and less people are buying. Also, Caleb’s fans may have propelled him to win with the new limited voting system, but they were an older crowd that is less likely to buy music for their iPods, phones, etc. The same was true with Candice’s followers.

We also have to admit we weren’t terribly impressed with Caleb’s album once we heard the whole thing. Something about Caleb live in action just doesn’t translate so well to a recorded album. Especially when the CD just seems to be missing a lot of the wild and crazy hard rock vibe that Caleb gave us on the show.

Plus, August isn’t really the best time to release an album. The numbers show that music released in Spring and Fall, or right before the Christmas season, traditionally do a lot better.

Maybe we should just call this one a wash and let Caleb free to do his own thing on his next album and see if that turns out better.

Curious to know what the first week sales have been for previous American Idol winners? Check out the list below as posted by MJsBigBlog:

Kelly Clarkson – Thankful – April 15 2003 –  #1 – 297K
Ruben Studdard – Soulful – December 3 2003 – #1 – 417K
Fantasia Barrino – Free Yourself – November 23 2004 – #8 – 240K
Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts – November 15 2005 – #2 – 315K
Taylor Hicks – Taylor Hicks – December 12 2006 – #2 – 298K
Jordin Sparks – Jordin Sparks – November 20 2007 – #10 – 119K
David Cook – David Cook – November 18 2008 – #3 – 280K
Kris Allen – Kris Allen – November 17 2009 – #11 – 80K
Lee DeWyze – Live it Up – November 16 2010 – #19 – 39K
Scotty McCreery – Clear as Day – October 4 2011 – #1 – 197K
Phillip Phillips – TWFTSOTM – November 19 2012- #4 – 169K
Candice Glover – Music Speaks – February 18 2014 – #14 – 19K




  1. Caleb still has a horse that he introduced on tour-“Fighting Gravity”. I can’t understand that the producers had him do a stripped down version with “no” backup vocals (like was introduced on tour in June with Jena, Majesty, Jessica,& Malaya) on the album. He won’t have these ladies after next week, so I would recommend that he have them go with him (now that they are in LA) to the studio and produce a hit single {Fighting Gravity). It’s his only song that will “definitely” go straight to the top 40!

  2. I enjoyed the album. I am a hard rock/metal fan. Yes the album could have rocked harder. But I understand why Caleb/producers didn’t do that. There is a nice mix to the album.

  3. Who besides Caleb has been promoting his album? I enjoy his album. I thought it was unique and refreshing from the crap that is out there. I personally would like to address every negative article and remark out there. I picked up my copy at Target and there were only four copies on the shelf at 8 AM. I first went to Walmart and was told that it was still in the back room. If people can’t find the album, how are they suppose to buy it? Also I would like people to stop bringing up the fact that Idols rating has fallen over the years and that is why sales are poor. Please, if anything it is because it is not being promoted like it should have been. People need to listen to this album and decide for themselves if the music is good. Caleb won because many people are hungry for something different from the heartless music of today. Many of us are looking for music that has the soul and spirit reflected in the music of the seventies.

    • Arrianna Gande’ “never” had a hit single until she put some “RAP” into it. It’s what the “kids’ have their Moms & Dads shell out because it’s what they like or “Whistle,” whistle’-wiggle, wiggle-shake your big “FAT” BUTT”! Ha! Demi Lovato knows how to bend for her teen fan market too-(with Cher Lloyd doing the rapping part). Note; Teen Awards.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s like some want him ( and the show to fail ) The album is good. I like every song . Caleb is a fantastic singer. He made AI so much fun to watch last season. All this negative talk is probably swaying peoples opinions. I read so much stuff that is completely untrue about AI. The show is NOT fixed. If that were true the judges favorites would win….they rarely do. Honestly, just because ones favorite doesn’t win…….so what!

    • I really agree with you. I find it so annoying that the articles about AI all say the same thing. It’s like they read each others stuff and write the same words. For instance when AI and the Voice were one percentage apart it was written The Voice is a smash while American Idol is in death throes. It is then repeated again and again until it becomes fact. Not sure why though. I also think the last two winners are not getting the promos of the earlier winners. It makes a huge difference.

      • On Looker is right. Idol may have a little more life left in it as a TV show but it has run its course as an important album selling force.

        A contributing factor, of course, is that album sales are down overall. People just aren’t buying music like they used to.

      • In regards to the r-word comment he made, his fans claim that that comment was in response to some negative comments on his Facebook page. If that’s they case, then he needs to grow some thicker skin.

      • I think that downloading and streaming have played a role in that. I also think that economic woes have played a role too.

      • Actually there have been no hit’s coming from any of the singing competition shows lately so I think you’ve got it right.

      • As a long-time Glambert, I’d like to make a suggestion to you. Something that has really hurt Adam’s reputation post-Idol is that many
        of his hardcore fans have endlessly proclaimed him as the “greatest singer alive.” I understand wanting to defend your Idol. Adam has had his fair share of detractors and has been unfairly (and sometimes fairly) criticized in the media and on blogs. Whenever it happens, the
        hardcore Glamberts spring into action to defend him. The end result is that his fanbase, and I belong to it, come across looking ridiculous.

        It’s o.k. for Caleb take a bit of criticism and for him to learn how to more effectively deal with his critics on his own two feet. It’s o.k.
        to admit that he is less than perfect. You’ll be a better fan if you can step back and engage in more of a conversation and take less of a
        hardcore “I must defend Caleb at every chance” position.

  4. I don’t know if anyone has taken the time to watch Rising Star but I took the plunge and some of the singers are actually quite good. The reason I bring it up is because they have an incredible (IMHO) rocker by the name of Jesse Kinch and if you are a fan of Caleb’s you might want to check out his performances. I was never a huge Caleb fan but I absolutely love Jesse.

    • I think he’s best performer of the bunch but my issue is the same as what Brad said this week. He’s thinking “where does this kid fit on modern radio?”, which is what Capitol Records, who will sign him when he wins, is going to be thinking too. Just like with Caleb, Jesse’s type of voice isn’t current at all in today’s hard rock/metal industry/radio.

      • You are absolutely correct about wondering where he will fit into modern radio. I do think he is more talented than Caleb, though.

      • He is a monster on the guitar and is kind of cute. I don’t know if you got the same vibe I did but he seems almost indifferent to the whole thing. I’m not sure why I got that feeling unless it’s arrogance simmering below the surface. Just thinking out loud….

      • I saw him last night 8-17-14. Not impressed but he’s the only one singing with the “expensive’ Chelo and violin string accompaniment! Thus he “better’ win with that kind of advantage given to him! Caleb could have used this string accompaniment on the softer parts of his “Fighting Gravity” song but looks like a budget motel album production! Or do it just to get ” r” done!

      • I didn’t like that the producers didn’t give any credit to Chris Cornell’s arrangement.

      • That’s part of the problem…one side says “he can’t do 80’s rock”….too old fashioned. The other side complains if he does something more up to date….a total losing situation. His CD is good so why not support him. It doesn’t cost much and it’s good music.

      • Glad you enjoyed it. I heard it on Spotify and thinks it sucks. No need wasting my money on it.

    • For example, this band, “Nothing More”, is all over Active Rock radio
      right now. This is the sound of 2014 hard rock….
      www. youtube. com/watch?v=Yo5fE-ZI-V4

  5. American Idol is no longer popular. This season was bad, with a talent pool, including Caleb, that was boring and not very engaging, either in personality and/or performing. Add to that a collection of hastily done songs that are mediocre and outdated sounding, and it’s no surprise that this album tanked.

    • This band, “Nothing More”, is all over Active Rock radio
      right now. This is the sound of 2014 hard rock…
      www. youtube. com/watch?v=Yo5fE-ZI-V4

    • Really? So lets not give him a chance? I have never heard of “Nothing More”? If they are so great why are so hidden?

      • As far as I know, Daughtry has been the only rocker from the show to get any significant airplay on the rock format. Being promoted as a band played a role. Modern rock stations seem to be more interested in playing bands than solo acts.

      • I’m a David Cook fan. One of the biggest hurdles David has to overcome is the very negative Idol stigma. Rock
        has a…. some people call it snobbery…. I call it prejudice… towards
        Idol, probably because they aren’t presented as struggling artists,
        paying their dues. Because of this ugly prejudice, rock radio will not play David. Caleb will be facing this very same prejudice.

    • That’s your opinion. This season was my second favorite of any season and I loved all of the contestants. And please get your facts straight. Idol is still the most watched show on the 2 days of the week its on, and the finale this year had over 7 million viewers. After being on air for 14 years, that’s amazing. Plus the tour this year was very successful. It’ll always be better than The Voice or any other singing competition – they just remind me of a cheaper version of Idol. And I can’t name one winner or contestant of that show. Has anyone from that show even had a song on the radio before?

      • My facts are straight. The peak of the show was season 5. The ratings have been going downhill ever since. The biggest drop was after Simon left. I think it’s very telling that the tour was in smaller venues this year. They know that they can’t get enough butts in the seats at the arenas anymore.

        As for The Voice and it’s winners, that’s a marketing issue that Universal Music needs to figure out. The only two that have had any kind of success on radio have been their country winners.

      • Exactly right Rocker Chick! Most people I know quit watching after Simon left.
        You’re correct about The Voice singers too. Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradberry have had moderate success in the country genre.
        Also Chris Mann, who was the Classical Crossover guy on Christina’s team during season 2, has had moderate success in the Classical Crossover genre due to his PBS concerts.

      • Some are stubborn like I recommended that Angie Miller follow in Colton Dixons footsteps-but didn’t. Caleb should have stuck to what made him win “HARD ROCK”! There was a time when “country wasn’t cool but could you see Carrie Underwood doing an Arrianna Grande’ rap-pop recording? LOL

      • Simon left after Lee Dewyze won. That’s when CGWG (cute guys with guitars) take over era started.

      • Concur: the Voice next month is on it’s 7th season (over half American idols 13), but still no “SUPERSTAR”! Can you “EVEN” tell me the “WINNERS” names-much less the contestants?

      • Adam Levine has talked in interviews about the issue of The Voice producing no major
        stars. He thinks it will probably happen at some point, but he thinks it’s
        a ridiculous criteria on which to base the validity of the show. I think that Adam has a good point there. Singing competitions are changing. More than
        ever, it’s about producing a great TV show, regardless of if the
        contestants become stars or not. Most people I know that watch TV talent shows watch them for entertainment purposes only. I think that’s why 99% of the contestants fade away after their season is over. I would say that NBC’s primary goal with “The Voice” is to generate ratings, and thus revenue. And that it’s definitely done a great job of.

      • In that case “The Kardasians” (no talent ) but entertaining type shows should replace shows like the “Voice” if talent is not what it’s about but just lolly-gagging and one liner jokes between celebrities like Adam Levine & Blake Shelton, etc..

      • They like The Voice because the judges are fun and entertaining and the singing talent is an added bonus. But, they are very rarely highly invested in keeping up with the music put out by contestants on Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, etc. after the season has ended.

      • @Laurin and @Champion and all others in this conversation. …

        A superstar isn’t created with a phone-vote and Simon Cowell clapping
        like a seal in approval. Superstars are created over years and years,
        following album after album. TV shows can make people a bit more famous than before but they don’t
        make them successful.

      • Exactly right Music Man

        Here’s what Christina Aguilera has said concerning stardom:

        “Reaching stardom, even with the help of a successful show, is deceptively difficult. It just doesn’t happen that way. It didn’t happen that way for me
        either. For instance when I sang for the Mickey Mouse club, the alum has
        huge names: Britney [Spears], Justin [Timberlake], Ryan Gosling. All these names come from that show but right after the show did we all rocket to success right after? No, it takes time.”

      • @everyone in the conversation…

        With “Home”, Phil Phillips tapped into the key to recording success. TV can be important for launching people, but the No. 1 driver is the song. These
        days, people are more likely to latch onto a song than a singer.

      • I tried to watch the Voice but I hated it. I didn’t get to know the contestants, even their names for most of the show. Didn’t like 2 singing the same song at the same time. The judges lie to them ( except Blake….he does help them ). The others say “pick me, I’ll make you a star”…Baloney!

      • I think The Voice has the edge when it comes to delivering singers with stylistic diversity. For instance, during season 2, Christina Aguilera’s team included a classical crossover singer.

    • Start rounding up every alum they can get and make season 14 a farewell tour. Make sure all 13 winners show up for the finale. This is not gonna get any better. They have proven themselves plenty enough. Now it’s time to go out, although not on top, but at least with a bang. It’s not too late to promote this season as the last.

      • The internet era (as we are currently in) makes these shows obsolete in discovering new talent. Take the 6 second cute sixteen year old internet sensation Mendez (can’t remember his first but currently #1 iTunes). he also has over a million screaming teen girl fans (Daddy’s $$).

      • Quite agree about the internet. For next season’s winner, I think it would be wise to either put out a single or just record an EP instead of a full-length album.

      • Re: EP’s. That’s the direction a lot of labels are going with their newer artists
        anyway. Because there are fewer songs it is less costly to produce (and
        to buy) and it might still give the label an idea of what kind of
        fanbase the artist has.

    • Disagree. This season had the “best” top two in Idol history! Example: Kelly was great/Justin poor. Carrie was great (for Country) Bo Bice was C+ at best. Caleb was great (for Rock)/ Jena was the most versatile since Kelly-but put her a notch below Kelly due to age and inexperience.

      • One day, when “American Idol” is gone, people will ask what this show
        was all about. All answers will point to Season 2’s showdown between two
        of the most lovable contestants of all-time – Ruben Studdard and Clay
        Aiken. The popularity of both contestants is what launched “Idol” into
        becoming one of the biggest shows we’d ever seen. And it remains the
        closest, nail-biting finale of them all.

      • Clay’s gay -so that ones done before it can reach the oven. Although Clay may be a Congressman soon! But people don’t like Congressman much-do they? LOL

      • Probably because along with the rest of Congress, no one can get anything done in this country. The Republicans control this, the Democrats control that so they just veto each others ideas. A very sad state of affairs.

      • Exactly right Cookie78! Americans need to wake up and elect a more progressive Congress!

      • Homosexuality is much more accepted today. However, there is still a LOT of progress to be made before the ignorance stops.

      • The problem with the result is that Clay should have won by a landslide. The land lines were too busy to handle all of the calls. There was crossed lines and a company ended up with thousands of idol votes, with Clay way in the lead. Clay outsold Ruben because he was more popular.

      • I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. I didn’t think Jena was as good or as versatile as everyone thought she was and I would put her several/many notches below Kelly. I think when it came to her people were split right down the middle. Either you really liked her or you really didn’t.

      • I did not like Jena or Caleb. I was shocked when I saw all of the fat boys lined up in the top 10. What ever happened to the concept of looking for someone who is the “whole package”, looks, talent, and personality? This season was even more dismal because we had to listen to the judges praise this sorry Then the camera pans to Lopez or Keith bobbin his head were enough for me to change the channel. .

    • The future interviews, post ways-parting, when Johnson disowns the entire debut album as “not true to his artistic vision” are going to be epic. LOL!

  6. Phillip Phillips will be the last big winner that American Idol will have. Home will be the last big song. In fact, he continues to be the most successful winner since 2012 from not only Idol, but The Voice as well.

    • He has a distinct sound (unlike Jena). Sometimes a distinct sound sells (if laughable) such as a Chipmunks Xmas Album or the Ryan Seacrest declaring “song of the Summer’ “Marry that girl anyway”. The lead singer looks (and sounds) like the old Comedy TV show foreigner that comes to the US to live with his brother. (actor’s name believe is something Pierce?)

    • At this point, even if they (by some miracle) crowned a super current
      winner, they are not going to sell any better than say Alex & Sierra (X-Factor)
      or Cassadee Pope (The Voice) IMO. No matter what they release (single, album, EP)
      the days of a Carrie or Daughtry type launch are gone. Even if someone
      records an undeniable single, I’m not sure it could get past the stigma
      at radio and in the media. Look how hard they had to push to get radio
      to start playing Phillip’s Home, and that song was selling! Also,
      imagine someone like Jessica Sanchez recording a song like Problem.
      Would radio have played it? Probably not, because she wouldn’t have come
      off of Idol with super buzz. Ditto Jena Irene, who probably could make a
      solid, catchy, current single and promote it to a pop audience well.
      But there is no reason for PDs to believe this audience will care about
      an Idol alum, in fact the Idol things probably works against them.

    • Scotty McCreery is doing well. He has a huge amount of young girl fans and other fans of all ages. Sells out shows all the time. Good critical reviews, as well. I follow both Phillip and Scotty. The future looks bright for both.

  7. LOL! This jerk is running around in interviews saying he’s the first “real rocker” to win Idol!

    www. mjsbigblog .com/caleb-johnson-on-puppet-masters-and-being-a-real-rocker-video .htm

    • LOL! Thanks for sharing that video. That jerk claims that David Cook isn’t a “true rocker” because he’s alternative rock? Um, Caleb, got some news for you. Alternative rock is real rock too.

      • Caleb is the “first’ true hard “Rocker” winner’! But his “Album” doesn’t reflect this!

      • Maybe Caleb can get a gig like Taylor Hicks in Las Vegas? Taylor Hicks is also judging the Boomer contest (that Caleb has posted because AARP is sponsoring the American idol tour). Maybe next year Caleb can be a judge? Randy Jackson is doing a Ryan Seacrest by hosting the show on Sept.4 or 5th?

      • AARP Boomer contest had two winners (tied). They both get an audition at 19 (same label as Caleb) Like a snow ball in he!! that either gets a recording contract. LOL

      • First of all, Interscope is the label he’s on. And I predict they drop him by the time next season begins. LOL!

      • Rocker Chick, FYI: Interscope and 19 are the same-like Jena’s “we are one”. Note: 19/Interscope repressed Jena’s single (not charting it) and through the grapevine pulled it from iTunes 3 times-so as not to crush Caleb’s single. I hope she is smart enough not to go with someone that would repress her! Also seeing how Caleb’s album was Larry the cable guy done by 19/interscope!

      • LOL! Right on Rocker Chick! It will be interesting to see how far Idol goes in dissing season 13 next spring.

      • Caleb is uninformed. David Cook has done several
        hard rock covers, both on Idol, and afterwards, and this includes not
        only Led Zepplin, but also Van Halen, Nine Inch Nails, Kings X, as well
        as rearranged several songs of other genres into rock songs. In
        addition, some of the songs on his albums have been harder rock.

    • Let’s just see how well Caleb would do with more restrictive themes. Betcha he wouldn’t be as versatile as Cook!

      • David like Jena isn’t a hard “rocker”, but “both” are more versatile than Caleb/Rock or Carrie/Country!

      • I liked the more restrictive themes of the earlier seasons. It forced the singers to explore music that they never thought to
        include in their repertoire and often, many wonderful musical moments
        happened as a result of this.

    • Ha! Ha! David has called him out on it! Go, David!

      www. mjsbigblog .com/american-idol-winners-feud-david-cook-calls-out-caleb-johnson-on-his-real-rocker-remark-video .htm

    • Caleb’s always been clearly egotistical to me and he’s not doing or saying anything these days to dissuade me of that notion.

    • IMO Bo, Daughtry, Cook and Adam are at least as rock as Caleb. Cook and
      Adam are so versatile that they don’t stick to just the rock genre. Maybe that’s what’s confusing Caleb since I would say he’s more of a one
      trick pony.

      • Disagree, Caleb is or was “on the show” a smash mouth, guitar busting “Rocker”!

      • There’s much more to being a “rocker” than screeching and throwing your Meatloaf ‘do around.

    • David Cook is a talented ARTIST, also smart and classy. Caleb seems more like a wannabe bombastic showman and hasn’t shown much class. Has he ever said anything complimentary and appreciative of David? David Cook has done a lot for the Idol franchise (during and after Season 7) and Caleb should show some respect for that.

    • There’s much more to being a “rocker” than screeching and throwing your Meatloaf ‘do around.

    • I shall never understand why some new Idols slag the old ones. Odds are you end up offending a potential fan and customer. You aren’t likely to gain many new fans by claiming to be the first at something (especially 13 seasons in), but you are likely going to turn off some.

      • I’m not a fan of Caleb’s and wanted Jena Irene to win but I have to take up for Caleb on his “ROCKER” remark. I see David as I do Jena; both “CAN” do the harder style rock but it isn’t their FORTE’! This harder style of “ROCK” is Caleb’s FORTE’; while David/Jena should stick to their FORTE” the softer style of rock.

      • David Cook has done several
        hard rock covers, both on Idol, and afterwards, and this includes not
        only Led Zepplin, but also Van Halen, Nine Inch Nails, Kings X, as well
        as rearranged several songs of other genres into rock songs. In
        addition, some of the songs on his albums have been harder rock.

      • Aesthetics plays a role in how hard or soft you classify David Cook. To me, he’s medium rock. He’s not as heavy as the type of rock where it sounds like a monster roaring. (Hate that stuff, by the way.) But, he’s heavier than the classic soft rock (The Carpenters, Bread, Barry Manilow) that I was raised on.

      • First, let’s get one thing straight. Caleb never said anything about being hard rock. Second, Caleb’s rock is no more harder than Cook’s

        If he had said he is the first one to win with a classic rock sound, it wouldn’t be a problem, without comparisons to others.

        It’s also the way he says pop rock, with some distain that also puts me off to him. There’s nothing shameful about taking one’s music in a direction that is commercially viable.

      • That’s exactly right Karen C. Caleb isn’t talking about being a hard rocker in
        the interview, he’s talking about being classic rock. He has this
        misguided notion that classic rock is more authentic than modern rock.

  8. loved caleb but he still has to pay his dues. and talking about rockers, kara diogurardi called adam a ROCK GOD!!

    • Adam is a different species of “Rocker”; that he (like Jena) never should do that of Caleb’s “BLAST THEM OUT OF THE WATER” type style.

  9. I was reading an article a few months ago on CNN concerning album sales and downloading. According to the article, streaming is replacing downloading as the method to listen to music online and is also resulting in album sales being poor.

  10. HDD’s final album numbers are in. The album landed at #30 and sold 10K.

    www. mjsbigblog .com/caleb-johnson-album-sales-predictions-final .htm

  11. Now Billboard numbers are in. He bumped up to #24 and 11k. I think the days of Idol winners being in the top 10 are over.

    www. mjsbigblog .com/caleb-johnsons-testify-official-sales-11k-24-on-billboard-200 .htm

    • That’s so dumb to say the days of Idol winners being in the top 10 are over when less than 2 years ago Phillip Phillips was in the top 10. Go away negative Nancy. Not EVERY winner will be #1 on the charts.

      • I don’t think it’s a dumb thing to say either. Unless the season 14 winner has a super humungous hit single, I don’t see the downward spiral reversing either. I think that Interscope or whatever label the winners are being signed to now needs to put out EP’s. That’s the direction a lot of labels are going with their newer artists
        anyway. Because there are fewer songs it is less costly to produce (and to buy) and it might still give the label an idea of what kind of fanbase the artist has.

      • I would release a test single to radio. If it catches on outside the Idol bubble, sign the contestant to a label of their choice.

  12. Some more poor album sales:

    www. mjsbigblog .com/kris-allens-horizon-debuts-at-80-sells-4k .htm

    Kris Allen’s latest release, Horizons, was #80 on Billboard and sold 4k. It’s an indie release, which don’t get a lot of promo, so the low sales are no surprise.

    Phil Phillips latest album, Behind The Light, has only sold 103k so far. Very unlikely he will reach platinum this time.

  13. A few people have mentioned about AI having better promotion than The Voice, X-Factor, etc. That’s because AI has a management wing – 19 alphabet. The winners of the other shows have to secure their own management after the show.

    • Speaking of X-Factor, this Internet-only AC station I listen to has recently added “Let Me Hold You”, by Josh Krajcik, the runner-up of the first season of X-Factor US, to their playlist.
      www. softneasy .com

  14. Jesse Kinch won the first, and probably only season, of Rising Star. The label he got signed to, Capitol Records, is going to have a hard time trying to market his throwback style, just like with what Interscope is facing with Caleb.

  15. Since they are doomed to head back to indie labels anyway, I suggest signing them up to the indies instead of the majors. That way they don’t have to worry about their sound not being the “in” thing. Example: See Taylor Hicks or Bo Bice.

    • Speaking of indie, according to this article, David Cook is working on his next album without a label and he claims that’s fine with him.

      utnews. utoledo .edu/index .php/08_25_2014/singer-songwriter-ready-to-rock-at-music-fest

      If he throws this album out with zero support of any kind, I fear the
      results will look like the depressing results of other Idol independent
      releases which average between 3 and 4 thousand. I have no idea why you
      would bother to put out a “single” first and then release an album if
      you are not going for radio play. Of course there is a chance he does
      have a distribution or promo team that we are not hearing about. I
      hope so, but it doesn’t sound like it from this article.

      • Quality over quantity, is David’s motto. He would rather make music that
        means something to him then meaningless dribble that would sell
        millions. I admire David cause he bares his heart and soul in music and
        does what feels right for him knowing it might not get him super star
        status. He may not be number one on the charts but he is number one in
        the hearts of his strong devoted passionate fan base who stand behind
        him 100 %. David Cook is a sweet, humble, caring, smart, funny and
        passionate man, he is a rare shining gem in a sea of celebrities who
        have forgotten how they got where they are. Can’t wait for new music
        from him.

  16. Well I have ordered his album and i live in Australia look forward to hearing it this week. If it is not a hard rocker i am sure his next one will be.

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