American Idol Winner Nick Fradiani’s Album Available Now On Pre-Order

As we heard from Scott Borchetta during the finale last night, the winner of American Idol 2015 wouldn’t waste any time in getting out there and promoting his music and budding career. The first step came quickly, just as promised, with the “For Sale” sign going up over Nick’s upcoming debut album.

Nick Fradiani congratulated by fellow Idol contestants
Nick Fradiani congratulated by fellow Idol contestants – Source: Facebook

Over at Big Machine Label Group (BMLG) the launch started today with a chance for Nick Fradiani’s fans to place their pre-order for his album that we’re sure will be fast tracked to avoid squandering their chance to strike while things are hot.

In the video below, Nick pledges to bring his fans along for the journey of putting the new album together with behind the scenes looks throughout the process. He’s offering opportunities for fans to provide feedback and get insight to his work ahead following his American Idol win.

Fans ready to get that order on the books can get Nick’s album download for $10, a hard copy disc for $15, or a signed disc for $20. You can also buy a BMLG t-shirt for $20 just because I guess. There doesn’t seem to be an option for a BMLG shirt autographed by Borchetta though. Missed opportunity here.

Want to really throw some money at this? $100 gets you a personalized autographed cd. Okay, that might be a little over the top but $20 for a signed CD is pretty cool.

Do you plan to pre-order Nick Fradiani’s American Idol album, wait for it to hit the digital shelves, or just enjoy it on the radio?



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  1. He will not sell alot of music, he sounds just like Chris Daughtry and I do not think he is that good anyway, and alot of the American Idol winners haven’t done sqwat with Like Lee Dwyze, Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard Please he is gonna be just the same, He only won because Scott wanted him to, they want to mold him and tell him what to record.
    Good Luck to you Nick but sorry you will be just like alot of the past winners forgotten.

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