American Idol 2015 Finale: Behind The Scenes Photos & Fun

American Idol crowned its Season 14 winner last night when the confetti fell on Hopeful Nick Fradiani who beat out competitor Clark Beckham for a win that surprised many and pleased even more. Congrats to Nick and Clark for delivering an exciting season and fantastic two-night finale.

Ryan Seacrest selfie with Clark & Nick at American Idol finale
Ryan Seacrest selfie with Clark & Nick at American Idol finale – Source: Instagram

Celebrating what will be the second to last American Idol finale the judges and contestants were in fine form enjoying all the fun of the red carpet and big event. They shared lots of photos from behind the scenes as they prepared for the live show and even a few shots from after party as Nick basked in his big win.

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Image source: @AmericanIdol, @HarryConnickJr, @KeithUrban



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  1. I saw Caleb make a brief appearance to congratulate Nick at the end. Note: no sign of Jena. Caleb ditched 19 and Jena is with DIME so no obligations to AI as far as Jena is concerned-too busy on her Album and music career. What’s up with Scott? He must be crazy to think that Steven Tyler can be a “COUNTRY ARTIST”! Steven Tyler was “TERRIBLE” last night on his Country song debut. LOL

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