American Idol’s Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Prom Photos & Video!

We were out on vacation last week when American Idol winner Caleb Johnson and runner-up Jena Irene Ascuitto finally fulfilled their promise to go to prom together. So we did not get a chance to post their adorable prom photos until now, but we hope you will still enjoy the cuteness!

American Idol Finale Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson

Several months before the American Idol 2014 finale, Jena Irene jokingly asked new bestie Caleb Johnson if he would take her to prom — as a friend, of course. (He’s 23, she’s just 17.) He gave her an enthusiastic yes and the joke turned into a real plan for them to go to Jena’s high school senior prom together.

As the finale approached and it looked more and more likely that either Caleb or Jena would win, and the other one would end up as the runner-up, there was some concern prom would have to be cancelled. How would they work it around press tours, media appearances, prepping for the Live Tour and the winner’s album? Well, somehow they figured it out and it was off to prom!

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Caleb and Jena reportedly had a total blast at prom before they both had to start prepping for the American Idol Live Tour kicking off June 24. Jena Irene also has a graduation to attend soon! Caleb Johnson, of course, has the added burden of frantically working to get his new album ready because it’s already available for pre-order and set to be released August 12!



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  1. Despite the overall cheesiness of this prom story, they do make a cute couple. Good luck to both of them.

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