American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson Album Out August 12: Pre-Order Now

American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson’s debut album is set to hit shelves on August 12. If it actually happens, it would be the fastest release of any American Idol winner’s album in the show’s history. Last year’s winner, Candice Glover, was supposed to have her album out almost as quickly, but a series of delays actually kept it from being released until earlier this year.


Caleb Johnson’s self-titled album hasn’t even been written yet for the most part, according to the interviews he’s been giving since winning American Idol 2014. So it’s going to be a huge task ahead for him to get out the album by the promised date, especially since — unlike many American Idol winners in the past — he wants to write his own material.

“I want to do my own stuff,” Johnson told the Citizen-Times. “I want to write my own stuff.” Well, except for the already released debut single, of course. That tune, “As Long As You Love Me,” was written by Justin Hawkins of the band Darkness. Before ending up on Caleb’s album, the song was shopped to original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, and then performed and recorded by South African Idol contestant Mark Haze.

For the rest of his debut album, Caleb Johnson wants to put together some “bad-ass songs” as quickly as possible. “It’s going to be really soulful; it’s going to have a lot of depth to it. It’s going to be heavy, and that’s the record that’s gong to come out,” Caleb said.

Even though Caleb hasn’t even really hit the studio yet to record the album, fans can already pre-order it through itTunes. We have no idea how he is going to front the American Idol Live Tour kicking off later this month AND record an album while playing in cities all over the country. Apparently American Idol is just really desperate to make sure they strike while the iron is hot this year after all the problems that delayed Candice Glover’s album.

Let’s just hope they aren’t in for a repeat by putting such immense pressure on Caleb to get an album out so fast.




  1. Wow! That’s ridiculous. Jena is about this time giving a “sigh” of relief that she isn’t in the same position.

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