Angie Miller Performs Top 3 – American Idol

Angie Miller - American Idol

Watch Angie Miller perform her Top 3 round songs from Wednesday’s episode of American Idol 2013.

A clear front runner from early in the season, Angie took her opportunity last night and staked her claim for the season finale. We strongly expect her to move on to next week’s season finale where we’ll find out who won American Idol 2013. The big question then becomes can she beat her competition when the time comes? Having never been in the Bottom 3 or 2 all season makes for an incredibly strong case in support of Angie’s chances of winning Season 12.

Watch Miller’s performances from last night and see if this is your next American Idol.

Angie Miller sings “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”

Angie Miller sings “Try”

Angie Miller sings “Maybe”




  1. IMHO – I believe Candice is the best among all of the 3 left, Kree next and then Angie. Whatever placement they end up in tomorrow – I am sure they will all get record contracts. sometimes it is better not to win – You have more control over your own life.

  2. Candice was oversinging “Somewhere” yet she was given a standing ovation and heaps of praises by the judges. While Kree is also a great singer, it would have been a more interesting finale if Angie was the other finalist. Given her personality, flexible vocals and songwriting props, I believe that Angie will have a great career and many awards along the way. She should be proud of what she has achieved in Idol. That said, I would have preferred that she played the piano for her Elton John number as Jimmy wished. And for her to have performed her original song in the round before the semi-finals to give her the big momentum. Nicki was right when she said that Angie was a class above the rest when singing behind the piano.

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