Buy Angie Miller’s “You Set Me Free” On iTunes Starting Tonight

She might not be performing it during the big American Idol results show, but after tonight’s finale you’ll be able to buy Angie Miller’s You Set Me Free” on iTunes!

Angie announced the news via Twitter with a “good & bad news” approach. The bad news being the planned performance was cancelled, but the upside being fans could download it on iTunes immediately starting Thursday night.

Will you be downloading Angie’s new release tonight? Watch her performance in the video below and share your thoughts on her upcoming release. She might not have made it to the finale, but she’s getting a record deal and releasing her first single. Congratulations on all her success!

Angie Miller You Set Me Free




    • She’s singing a different song instead. Could have been a contract issue keeping her from performing that song, or maybe they wanted her to be able to do a duet with a surprise guest.

  1. Know wonder! The songs wriitten for Candice and kree are not nearly as good. Angie’s would show up theirs! I like Candice but her song is a bad impression of Christina Agulara’s “you are beautiful”! Kree’s is good but not great like Angie’s.

    • Angie wrote it herself a while ago. She has written a lot of songs and Mariah asked her a few times to sing it again. She is one very talented young lady – and current.

  2. Their concern probably was about getting the attention to the two finalists mostly. Angie’s performance could do the opposite. It’s sad we won’t see it live tho. Seems like Mariah herself waited for it the whole season.

  3. I’m wondering why her single is still associated with American Idol… I just downloaded “You Set Me Free” on itunes and it’s got an AI logo on the album cover…

    • Herm name is spelled wrong. It is under Angie Miler…or you can find it through the American Idol page

  4. On iTunes
    Angie Miller: 1157 Ratings (5 Stars) unranked
    Candice Glover: 227 Ratings (4 1/2 Stars) number 18
    Kree Harrison: 200 Ratings ( 4 1/2 Stars) number 91

    Angie can’t be on the top 100 because American Idol prevents her to.

  5. Misspelled Miller-Miler so you can’t find her song and deleted her song for ratings? I knew that subtlely AI bought up the winners song to boost it that way, but this is too openly shady! Scotty’s “This Big” was inferior to Laura Alana’s “Moma song” last year but remained at number one on the ratings (ahead of Laura’s). A lot of people were mad last year that Scotty got his song and not Laura Alana’s. Tid bit: Laura Alana was told by Piers Morgan-AGT that she did better than Scotty(in the finale). She responded by letting him know that for 3 years she didn’t even make it in front of him (only the prescreener’s) on AGT. I’d like to know who are the prescreener’s names on AI. If just he judges we see for the hundred’s of thousands standing in line, they’d be still auditioning in the first audition city. Steven Tyler, JLo, and yes Randy Jackson had to inform Candice she didn’t make the cut in 2011 and 2012. I’d like to ask Randy (who acted like Candice was the singing Goddess this year) how come this year was different?

  6. Such a shame American Idol won’t let Angie’s song chart. It’s ridiculous because she’s been doing much better than Candice, who at the time of this post was the #11 top single. Probably Angie would be among the top 5. :'(

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