Angie Miller In Talks To Sign With Label

Angie Miller - American Idol

Are you ready to buy a copy of Season 12 Top 3 finalist Angie Miller’s first album? Well then settle in because you’re in luck.

Angie says talks to sign with a label are “starting now” and will be quickly finalized following this week’s American Idol finale. Now that’s fast! Presumably the label would be Jimmy Iovine’s own Interscope, of course. Expect details soon on this possible record deal for Angie Miller.

Watch Angie’s interview clip below:

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  1. Yeah, that’s fine, but can’t you wait until the finale is done before talking all about it to the media? It sorta confirms what people were talking about how so full of herself she was and how condescending she was towards other contestants.

    • They all get record contracts and, if you had been following, you would know that 19 Productions announced weeks ago that the girls had started working on writing songs for their albums.

      Angie is a talented and prolific songwriter and Jimmy Iovine said he wanted the top 3 to release albums before they go on tour and not wait until October when its over, as in the past, because they want to take advantage of the following they will get on the tour.

      She is saying nothing that Jimmy and 19 Productions haven’t been talking about for quite a while and there is nothing condescending about it.

      Jessica Sanchez was talking about her album before the final, which she lost and it was only released a few weeks ago, almost a year after the show ended.

      Remember all the hype about a Pia Toscano album while the show was still going on. Jimmy Iovine wanted to release singles before they went on tour and was told no. She recorded a full album and then 19 never released it.

      They have messed up so much in the past that they need to get the albums out ASAP and get as much publicity to keep the public interested because their ratings are way down.

      I don’t blame Angie one iota for pushing it. It’s a tough business. .

  2. Why are people bashing her for being confident and excited? When you are extremely excited, it is hard to keep the news to yourself. Put that with interviewers coming out and asking her about it, and of course it would be hard to withhold. It’s not like she is telling them everything. I do not think she is being disrespectful nor did she mean to be. She got voted off Idol; she is ready to start her future. Who can judge her for that? Obviously, many people are doing exactly that, but put yourself in her position. I think all three of the girls are wonderful people and very talented, but the other two still have a shot at Idol; Angie doesn’t. I’m am extremely happy for her, and I hope we get an album from her soon as well as the other girls. They are amazing. I wish the best for all of them.

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