Jennifer Lopez As American Idol 2011 Judge Will Cost $12 Million

The off-again on-again pursuit of Jennifer Lopez to become an American Idol 2011 judge appears to be back on track. Earlier claims of Lopez’s “diva demands” may not have been inaccurate as the current rumor has it that Lopez wanted Fox to give her sight-unseen approval to make whatever movie she wanted along with a television series. Both of those were rejected by Fox and they even forced her to back down on her financial requests:

JLo and Fields did receive the overall Fox deal but with no film/TV commitments. Medina and JLo tried to hold out for the $15M Idol paycheck but couldn’t get it and wound up settling for $12M. “I think it was just positioning,” a source tells me. “In the end, she didn’t turn up her nose up at $12 million. I would have been very surprised if she had walked away. She needs the money.

Say, how much was it that Paula was getting paid? I’m guessing it was a fraction of this cost but still worth a whole lot more. But who knows. Maybe JLo will be a great addition to American Idol. We should know something official soon according to exec-producer Nigel Lythgoe who has promised us news any week now.

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  1. Hi Matt, Thank you so much for these AI updates.

    I really feel that JLo will be a good judge. Whether she is a Diva or not doesn't concern me but her judging and criticism does.

    I guess this will be a very interesting Season, to say the least.

  2. Diva or not…Jennifer Lopez will make an excellent judge…what can you say…she has good managers and if Idol is willing to pay her the big $ then so be it. Looking forward to the new season….

  3. I believe JLO will be a great addition to the judges table, she will be able to relate to the contestants, and will bring much desired critiquing along as well!

    Best of luck Jennifer!

    • No kidding. She will Know when someone's got it and Steven Tyler will too!! I think we are going to see MEMORIABLE IDOLS when this show is over this time.

  4. I am so sick of all of the press about JLo being confirmed and not confirmed and then in talks – enough already. I was disappointed when Paula did not return and now without Simon – the show is over as we know it. AI has run its course – Give it up!

  5. Splendid news! JLO is perfect for Idol, the charm and sweetness of Paula without the airhead moments. the glamor of Kara without the rapaciousness, and the experience of coming from nowhere to superstar status. Excellent!

  6. Bad choice jennifer lopez u r wasting ur money on her! And no other girl judge Jennifer Lopez ur stupid okay ! There can't be only 1 girl there can be 2 u jus want the enter of attention. So if u are going to be a judge then there is going to be anothjer girl!

    Or quit is my opinion, Ur pretty but have a bad personality!

  7. WOW !! I'm glad about Jennifer being a judge for American Idol, she is so professional, so she will be a great judge for sure,, in addition to that, she's funny and hilarious so it's good for a fun show like this.

    Then the price is so amazing and Jennifer needn't really money since we all know she's the most richest latin artist of all time.

    Good luck Jen !

  8. I love JLO but her replacing Simon is a not a good idea. AI needs someone who will be brutally honest like Simon. People love/hated Simon cuz he kept the show interesting.

  9. I am super excited to hear jlo is going to be part of ai. she's beautiful, fashionable, and wise. i am sad simon is gone but jlo filled the spot just right for me. go ai.

  10. I watched Ryan Seacrest's announcement about the judges yesterday…….I got the feeling that Idol is going to be very interesting this season….I will definitely watch the show……I'm very curious to see how they gel…..I just have this feeling that we are going to be pleasantly surprised. Very happy that its only going to be three judges again…AMEN to that……

  11. Jennifer Lopez class act. Sorry ratings so slow last week. but the east coast {Atlanta} lost a week last week. I know people can't beleive, in this century, but God is good. Anyway I never watch American idol. I watch Dancing with the stars, but I love Steven Tylers voice. I am going to watch American idol!! But last week I had to catch up a whole week and this week. I worked til 2:00 am and 3:00 am for the past week. When does American idol come on at Marietta GA.

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