American Idol 2013 Top 6: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?


Last night on American Idol 2013 we said goodbye to Burnell Taylor as Lazaro Arbos was placed in the Top 3. So needless to say my predictions were blown out of the water. Actually, this week’s results look more like my earlier predictions when I had Lazaro in the Top 3 (before he started forgetting lyrics and sounding awful).

So once again, it’s time to reassess where everyone stands and what might happen from now until the finale.

The Top 6 Assessment 

1. Angie Miller. I think Kree Harrison continues to gain some steam, but I think Idol wants to market Angie Miller more. So they’ll surely figure out some way make Kree fall behind in the votes. So I’m keeping Angie right here. Final Placement Prediction: Winner of American Idol 2013. 

2. Kree Harrison. I think Kree is a sure thing for this spot, if not the winner. But like I said above, I feel like Idol producers are pulling for Angie and they’ve gotten their way every other time this season, so Kree remains in this spot this week. Final Placement Prediction: 2nd place. 

3. Candice Glover. I don’t think Lazaro will stay in the Top 3 for long. Even though it would be hilarious if he did. So I’m moving Candice back into the Top 3 where she belongs. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd place.

4. Lazaro Arbos. Lazaro will hold on for two more weeks. But then Idol producers will disqualify him for some secret scandal or make him sing death metal or something. They’ll make sure he’s not around for a finale. Final placement prediction: 4th Place. 

5. Amber Holcomb. Even though the judges are trying their hardest to make Amber happen, America isn’t having it. I mean they’re falling for it a little bit. She went from the bottom 3 to the middle of the road. So it’s working a little, but I don’t think it’s working enough. Final placement prediction: 5th place. 

6. Janelle Arthur. I think Janelle will be in the bottom next week, will sing for her life and will get the judges’ save. And then the following week she and Amber will go home in a double elimination. From Kree being the better country singer to Lazaro’s pity votes, Janelle is out  soon. Final placement prediction: 6th place. 

What are your thoughts? Who has what it takes to win American Idol 2013?





  1. I think Lazaro will finish bottom and be eliminated. Amber and Janelle should be 4 and 5 unless amazing performance which means top 3 for one or both potential to win. Candice, Kree, and Angie are top 3 but one bad week might seem them end up 4 and 5. but to me Lazaro will likely be out next.

    • Don’t count on it. He shouldn’t be in the competition at this point. Should have been out the first week. The sympathy vote and little girl’s are keeping him in. Too bad.

  2. if simon was still on the show lazaro would have been gone ages ago. agree with your top three but i think it’s a crapshoot between angie and kree with candice coming in third

    • Namesake….I was thinking the same thing. If this was a season with Simon and he forgot the lyrics not once but twice…he would have been history. How could he be in the top 3….its ridiculous…..He’s a nice kid, decent voice but with those top 5 girls, he can’t compare. Are we back to the younger generation voting for the cute guy (With out Guitar this season)? I really don’t want to see a country singer win again…..My top three are Angie, Amber and Candice. Like I said before, what do I know, not since Carrie U. have I picked a winner.

      • oh, but we DID pick a winner and his initials are adam lambert, who, by the way, just broke up with sauli. there’s hope for us yet…even though we’re old enough to be his grandMOTHER and are straight ladies!! love can conquer all!! seriously about lazaro, he IS a nice kid but that’s about it, his voice is just not there. the girls are running circles around him. i really like kree, angie, and candice. i wouldn’t care which of them would win. have a great weekend

  3. My wish for top 3, ignoring the voting american public and marketability: 1- Amber, 2- Candice, 3-Angie. I am tired of country winners and I am so impressed with these ladies voices.

  4. Am still in a state of shock and aw, Lazzro in the top 3 lastnite. My pick of top final three is Candice, Amber and Angie.

    • I sure agree that Lazaro needs to go. He’s not even in the same room with the girl’s in the competition. Amber to me is the best, but I agree with Jimmy, that Angie’s being pushed by Idol, not the judges.

    • It was the best moment in the live shows so far – seeing the judges trying to control their astonishment when Lazaro’s face appeared on the screen in the Top 3 placings for final 6. Priceless. And well justified too. Lazaro has huge potential as a latino cross-over pop star – he’s cute, he is starting to develop an attitude, a swagger even, all of his own, and any vocal shortcomings can easily be remedied in the recording studio. Always the performance I enjoy most. Though Angie and Kree are real cool too.

      • You have lost your mind! Seriously if you thought he was top 3 first your entitled to your opinion. Second Burnell plus the 5 ladies have been much better.

  5. It’s getting more difficult to think of people leaving now. I haven’t agreed with which guys left and still don’t. Is Vote for the Worst still picking Lazaro as the one to vote for? I do feel that Angie has peaked for me. I can say the same for Kree. Even though they both have great voices, I just never could connect with Kree. At first I thought Angie and Candice were the top two. Candice has an amazingly strong voice, but lately I’ve been feeling that she is keeping the volume turned up too much. For me Janelle and Amber continue to improve in voice and performance. Right now my choice is the velvet sound of Amber’s voice. If Janelle would win, I still would be pleased. After next week, I might feel different. My top three for now: Amber, Janelle, and Candice.

  6. I suspect the reason there are so few comments here is bc most readers are still in shock or, so revulsed by by the top 3 results that they haven’t been able to react yet. There is obviously going to be a winner, but I can’t say there is anyone clearly deserving to win this season. There is not any one real standout .
    There has been very few better performances, but this season has been bland at the best. If Lazaro can be it the top 3 at this stage, how can anyone even pretend to know what the voters are going to slip on us. Deepending on future performances, (I hope they get better) it’s anybody’s cgame.
    I have questionable favorites, but no predictions I’d care to make. Att his point, may as well toss a coin

  7. Kree seems the most professional, but has a pinched nerve at the wrong time. Also bad time to break your toe fooling around with Lazaro Miss Candice. I was wondering what you were thinking with Lazaro in perhaps the #1 of the top three positions and you were not and listening to Lazaro beside you singing Burnell’s goodbye song (and probably flat). Angie will prosper with songs of faith (like Colton Dixon’s) from here on out!

  8. I think Amber is the whole package. I picked her from the start and she gets better every week. I don’t know what’s wrong with people’s hearing. Let’s stop the sympathy vote and get real. The girl’s have been on top from the beginning. The three best are Amber, Kree, and Candice for voices.

  9. As I predicted Lazaro was going no where last week I hate to say it he goes no where this week either. We start eliminating girls and my best guess before we hear them sing is Janelle. The top 3 contender to be most worried should be Angie.
    I’ve predicted for awhile Agie will get a big spike when Lazaro goes from the 12 year old girl vote. The longer Lazaro stay’s the more at risk the numbers for Angie going home. I was surprised he was 3rd not surprised he stayed by getting girl vote plus the vote from worst singers group. It’s going to be hard to get him out before the final at this rate!
    Next week we’ll here the judges talk about voting for the most deserving and have a fit Lazaro isn’t bottom 2 then let Janelle go home without using the save. I think the last save week is 5 left. I may be wrong but they use it to save a girl F5 then 2 go the following week. Maybe we all catch a break and Lazaro goes before F3.
    Lastly I didn’t want my next comment attatched to anyone person. I’m finding some racism in several comments by Lazaro supporters. Your voting/supporting him because he’s hispanic/Cuban? If I changed that to Kree because she’s white it would be screamed racism. Worst singer gets support because of his skin colour/heritage is a step backward. Thought America was moving beyound that thinking with President Obama’s election.

      • Personal attack nice bit of trash! If you bothered to read my comments in various places you’d see 1st I thought your fav Amber was the best this week. Second my “rambling thoughts” as you put it had a country singer likely going home next week. I think it is very clear you do not like country and you want a Candace/Amber final. I have consistantly said Candace is the best singer this year.
        Grow up and get a life. I don’t tell even a lowlife like yourself to “shut up”.
        Have your favorites and if you don’t like my post simply don’t read them.

      • Do you know father Ralph? If you do, then carry on.
        If not, don’t waste your time or space responding to him. I imagine him to be a bratty 5 year old with a dictionary in one hand, a thesaurus in the other.
        By the way “undeflected” is a complete misuse and abuse of the english language. You’re not likely to find that one even in a scrabble dictionary.
        I can’t imagine what similarity he has to the original Ralph de Bricassart to explain the user name.

      • I think Ralph is the same as throwing up! You and I can puke all day with this intellectual insect. He has no honesty or moral values. Let the intellectual moron have his lying say!
        PS TY Milo

      • Don’t pay him any mind. Most prefer chocolate to a disgraceful priest. Mean people suck.

      • Rambling Ralph the racist speaks again.
        This will be my standard reply to any further comments you make. You are completely dishonest and unable to fairly discuss anything is an objective manner!

  10. I’d rather put Candice in 2nd place, Kree in 1st place and Angie 3rd place. Angie is good but not as great as Kree and Candice

  11. The theme for next week is Bacharach-David Songbook and Songs You Wish You’ve Written.

    • Bacharach-Songbrook? Are you serious? Maybe this is the reason AI is going down the toilet. They keep picking theme nights that have absolutely no relevance to the majority of the kids participating. Lets face it half the kids didn’t know the Beatles how will they do picking these songs. Also believe even when they do things like the Beatles there are only a limited songs available and not the whole catalog. People keep blaming one judge or another for problems with AI when it seems to me the whole show from top to bottom is making itself irrelevant, and people are simply picking scapegoats to avoid the obvious. Aaaah that’s my rant over. Enjoy your weekend.

      • This is rich. AI has a bias for white folks? 3 African Americans in the top 10. That’s 30% versus thier percentage in the American population which I believe is around 1.2 that. They are over represented and for good reason. All 3 sing very well. Your on a cranky because Burnell went home. He wasn’t winning AI this year. Your other 2 favs, Candacce and Amber, have a real chance of winning.
        Your comment speaks to racism and that is your issue not the shows/voters. What rational person thinks someone is going to waste time out of thier day to vote for a white person 50 times because of thier skin colour?
        The voting system is indeed flawed but your observations on race border on the ridiculous. People make the show usually based on talent but not always. The final 2 isn’t always the best 2 artists but usually one of the best 2 wins AI.

      • America decides the winner not you…Blah Blah Blah. The winner most years is 1 of the 2 best singers….Blah Blah Blah WGWG wins because that is what America decided by voting…. Blah Blah Blah Clarkson and Underwood won because they were complete artists. Both have had nice careers and sold millions of records. Not because they are white but on talent!
        Phillip Phillips 1st album is 4 times platnuim. WGWG with alot of green!!! ROFL
        By the way I wanted Josh to win last season as he was the best singer. It’s very hard for enough voters to understand gospel well enough for a gospel artist to win Idol.
        Oh by the way there have been 2 winners of idol I do remember were African American. They were Ruben Studdard and Fantasia. Lets see if i can help your backward math skills. 13/14 seasons of Idol I’m not going to bother looking up which. There are atleast 2 African American winners. That’s a percentage of roughly 14% minimum. That is roughly the percentage of African Americans in the USA. The math says the results are where they should be on a per capita based. Stupid is as stupid does Ralph learn to do math. It must be hard doing fractions when your 5 years old child!

      • Stan777 I completely agree with you except there were three African-American winners. Ruben, Fantasia, and Jordin Sparks. I just wanted to make your case better to this complete “know it all” of some sorts.

      • I love Jordin! An amazing woman with an incredible talent. She won the oscar I couldn’t stop smiling. The lady is pure artistry and someone I consider the 10 best AI singers ever. Her out 4th was a tragedy. I love the story after she got booted! She is kicking the worlds a$$.

      • I agree.Racism is not a plausible explanation for those left in the competition. However talent definitely is. I dont believe anyone is going to waste their votes based on race. I bet production is looking for a way to get Lazaro eliminated. I get he has a huge fam base within the cuban community. Nothing wrong with national pride, but for heavens sake he simply isnt ready for a competition like this. He should get a voice coach and try again. Not on AI, but there are other options.

  12. I’m still not giving up on Janelle. Being in the bottom two will boost her determination and I hope America will see her improvement every week. I don’t care who is in the bottom three or two next week as long as Lazaro will go home. The girls deserve more to stay in the competition than him.

  13. With the Bacharach-David Songbook, I think Janelle should sing That’s What Friends Are For, another elegant, subtle moment for her. Amber should sing A House Is Not A Home. Kree/Angie should sing Always Something There To Remind Me. For Lazaro, What’s New Pussycat. I don’t have any pick for Candice, I guess a Dionne Warwick song would do it for her.

  14. this is my first season watching idol…its not really my thing……i understand sympathy votes are going on…and that people are voting for who they like the most……marketability , looks, and favoritism has absolutly NO place in a singing competition…..the question is who has the best voice…..and the obvious answer , unless your braindead, is CANDICE GLOVER

  15. The top 3 should be : 1. Amber, 2. Candice, and 3. Angie. Stop the sympathy vote and no more country singer for the winner!! People should vote for voices and talent!!!

  16. Amber is so good – she is stricktly business on and off the stage. For this reason – we don’t know her personality. Do you think this is what is holding her back in the voting? It appears a majority of the top commenters recognize that Amber is the best – as I do.

  17. I think that there is gonna be a shocking elimination where Angie or Kree and the judges will use the save that’s what I think

  18. Hi Branden
    I don’t take much issue with what you wrote but my hunch is production would now be looking for the best solution to “the Lazaro problem” after finishing top 3 this past week. That is why i think the save won’t be used til 5 left. I agree Janelle is likely next to go. Better to use the save at 5 hoping to get Lazaro as 1 of the 2 evicted the following week. This could backfire and actually get him top 3 though.
    Any idea why AI has the “vote the worst singer block”? Other singing competitions don’t seem to have this problem.

  19. Well, that’s pretty similar to my predicitons. I think they will only use the save on a girl, but I think a double elimination will not be needed, since this season seems to be ahead of schedule. I can’t honestly say what’s in store for Lazaro. He should have gone home long ago, and he’s been jumping around the leader board like crazy. He could be gone next week for all we know, and I’d be fine with that. They certainly won’t save him. But I do think there’s a strong chance angie and Kree will be in the finale, and it will be pretty well deserved.

  20. My predictions:

    1. Kree or Angie- Either one suffices this spot

    2. Kree or Angie- This spot too

    3. Candice- love her, but don’t know if she’ll win

    4. Janelle- love her, but she won’t win, but I hope she makes it this far

    5. Amber- not sure why everybody is drooling over her, IMO she doesn’t stand out in a crowd for me like Angie, Kree, or Candice does

    6. Lazaro- he’s a guy, so he’s next to go. Honestly guys, enough with the pity votes. We’re trying to find the next best singer, and Lazaro isn’t it

  21. My favourites are: Angie, Candice and Amber. Any of them can win. They are all wonderful singers.

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