American Idol Results: Season 12 Top 6 Revealed

Lazaro Arbos - American Idol 2013

Tonight the American Idol results will reveal the Season 12 Top 6 finalists as another Hopeful is cut from the competition and sent home just weeks away from the season finale. By the end of the night we’ll have a new group of singers and one of them will join the ranks of the American Idol winners.

Readers have predicted it will be Burnell Taylor though Lazaro Arbos is just steps away in our unofficial, though surprisingly accurate, weekly performance poll.

Be sure to stick around for our live blog American Idol recap of tonight’s show plus performances by Carrie Underwood and Casey James!

Idol is trying something new tonight. They’re giving us the judges top 3 singers based on their own picks. Keith picks Kree, Angie, and Amber. Nicki selects Angie, Amber, and Kree. Nicki reveals she didn’t know this list would be revealed to everyone when she gave that list to executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. Randy has a similar set with Amber, Kree, and Angie for his top 3. Finally, Mariah names Kree, Amber, and Candice for her three favorites. Candice only showed up in the one list there with Mariah, but almost all agreed she’d be in their top four list.

American Idol 2013 Top 7 – Top 3:

WOW! Jimmy Iovine said America would only get it right this week if they sent Lazaro home, but look at that. Did America make the right choice? Your votes in our poll say they did not. Can anything stop Lazaro Arbos from reaching the finale?

With Lazaro out of the danger zone I’d predict that we’re about to say goodbye to Burnell by the end of the night. If that’s the case then the judges will not use their Save.

American Idol 2013 Top 7 – Bottom 2:

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight – Results:

  • Burnell Taylor

Will the judges use their Save? Doubtful, but let’s see what they decide. Nope, they will not save Burnell and he is voted off American Idol 2013 tonight.

Safe Singers & The American Idol 2013 Top 6:

What do you think of tonight’s results for American Idol 2013? Did your favorite make the cut?




  1. clearly the “vote for the worst” crowd is having an impact. Lazaro should be going home, but he’s safe. Too bad that some other singer has to go home in his place.

  2. Well, I think Angie saved him from elimination because of that duet. Although it was bad. xD

    • Maybe if he came 6th, but he was top three. He and Angie could have forgotten every lyric in that duet last night and he wouldn’t have been eliminated.

      • No she didn’t forget any lyrics. Sorry for the confusion, but my point was, that duet had nothing to do with Lazaro’s strong showing. People simply voted for him regardless of how good or how poorly he sang.

    • lol, I agree completely. They always do this. Every year put through a weak singer with an interesting back story at the expense of much better ones that audition, and it backfires with the “vote for the worst” college kids crank it up to mess with the results

  3. Ok time for me to rant a rant that I’ve been holding in for quite some time now. Really Lazaro in the top 3? Is everybody tone deaf? It’s one thing to be moved by someone’s story or feel a certain amount of sympathy for them, but to keep them in a competition that they clearly aren’t suited for is not right. It’s clearly called holding someone to a different standard. If I were a manager of a grocery store and I had an employee who had down syndrome and he or she was caught stealing and the punishment for stealing is firing, and I decided to not fire the employee in question but to merely give them a warning, and it got out to the other employees it would cause dissent, as they know they would have been fired if they were caught stealing. This is similar to that.

    I can’t hold Lazaro to a different standard than I would hold Angie, or Candace, or any of the others because they are competeing for the same prize. There is not a seperate prize that they are competing for. Therefore I have to hold all of the contestants to the same standard.

    I have nothing against Lazaro or his disability, but clearly this competition is something he’s clearly not ready for. I have to rightfully argue that he shouldn’t have made it to the voting rounds, but as the producers are intent on making sure a girl wins this year that they put in guys who clearly aren’t on the same level as the girls and that’s why Lazaro made it in the voting rounds. Now he keeps getting put through becuase of sympathy or people feel sorry for him.
    In that there is only one thing for me to say is, if you feel sympathy or feel sorry for Lazaro then please don’t vote for him and send him home it’s the best thing you can do for him.

  4. As for Lazaro still on the show – haven’t you all heard of “Vote for the Worst”!?

  5. lazoro is amazing take it from someone who is still young and knows what music is these days I would actually say he is my second fav behind angie

    • Interesting point as many of out are out of touch with the music of the youth. Could you enlighten us as what skills he has a a singer/entertainer that makes you like him, and obviously ready to buy an album of his.

    • Lazoro sang better last night, but would you buy his record? pay to go to his concert? or even buy his biography? knows what music is these days? Lazaro? hardly!

  6. I’m somehow glad that Janelle was in the bottom three tonight. She could use that experience to move forward and give her best shot in her performances every week. Good luck Janelle!

  7. Are we even sure a girl will win this year? If we don’t stop bashing Lazaro, sympathy votes for him won’t stop, and he would end up winning the whole thing. The hates are so loud the voters are becoming tone-deaf. Why don’t we stop the hates? Maybe, when the noise has subsided, the voters will start hearing right.

  8. It’s about time to stop exploring people’s drama even those news with some talent like Lazaro. People vote with pity and they need hearing aids. Lazaro does not have market for his style, will be explored as “the stutter singer” and never for who he is. He is the worst compared to the other contestants and looks like sometimes that he is embarrassed ..and he should… Or he is totally out of reality. Judges, you started this….now swallow him. And producers, peleeeeez find competent judges. Randy is fine, Keith is cute but not much as a judge, Niki says few honest things but whotheheck is her…and Maria…give her so e red bull and teach her how to clap.

  9. Are we sure a girl will win this year? I’m afraid that if people don’t stop bashing Lazaro, sympathy votes for him will never cease. The hates are so loud, the voters are becoming tone-deaf. If people will stop bashing Lazaro, and the noise finally subsides, maybe the voters will finally hear right.

  10. Poor Lazaro, a lot of hate for him 🙁 he’s not that bad. I don’t think because of his disability why he is getting a lot of votes because for me i see that he has a good stage presence and he is cute, lol. Seriously, don’t worry folks sooner or later he will be voted off. I’m 101% a girl will win this season. From the top 10 male finalists chosen I knew beforehand that they opted to get just average male contestants so that girls will rule this season!

    Also, let us not forget american idol is not really a pure singing completion. If this is a singing competition how come Adam Lambert, Jessica Sanchez or Jennifer Hudson did not win? So let’s not wonder anymore why Lazaro is still there on the race.

    • Good point. It is NOT a real singing contest. They need to take the power away from stupid little girls that vote 50 times each.

  11. I just finished watching the results show (I DVR it because I can’t stand all of the crap) and I dropped my remote when they revealed that Lazaro was in the top 3. I realize that this is a reality show but the people voting for him are making a mockery of it. I am so afraid that a much, much more worthy contestant will go home over him because of both the “Vote for the Worst” people and those who continue to vote because of his stutter and the fact that he was bullied as a little boy. Enough already and that’s all I can say!! JMHO!!!!!

  12. Lazaro is def the worst. Stop putting him through just because of his sob story. Everyone has a story. Burnell should have made the cut not Lazaro. I have been an avid idol watcher since season 1 and never have I been this mad about a contestant making it through when clearly they should have been voted off Hollywood week.

  13. How do we stop Vote for the worst??? They are ruining the show!!!!! That’s how Lazaro is in the top 3.

  14. It makes a big difference who watches this show and calls in or does their voting on line. I think there are more young women voting and this might keep Lazaro in the top three even though he might not be in the top tier with the judges. I think the next one to go will probably be Janelle and only because there are a majority of young women voting who favor Larazo over her.

  15. Just what I was Afraid of, the Girls vote is being spread out. ONLY way Lazaro wasn’t in bottom! At least none of the Ladies went home but next week could be SCARY!! Top 3 in no particular order Angie, Candice & Kree BUT Janelle or Amber could get in if someone makes the wrong SONG CHOICE.

  16. Totally agree about Lazaro. He has a nice voice, but he is not mature enough to handle such a competition. He needs some time to learn & grow. He should go to a performing arts college & study music. He’d learn & grow so much in that environment. Might I also add that he’s getting all these sympathy votes partly because he makes so many damn excuses based on his stutter. A stutter does not cause you to forget your words. Lack of preparation does. Might I add that Angie has Meniere’s Disease which means she’s hard of hearing. Google it. It’s a very debilitating & unpredictable disease. She has to wear hearing aids because she has 60% hearing loss in 1 ear & 40% in the other. She only mentioned that at her audition in front of the judges and has not mentioned it since. She had an opportunity to play the sympathy card last week when the judges asked if she could hear herself. She could’ve reminded the audience of her hearing loss. She didn’t make excuses. She’s doing remarkably well by anyone’s standards. Besides Lazaro’s issues musically, he has a bad attitude now too. It’s one thing to have confidence on stage (which he has back now which is good) but he is so dismissive and makes bitchy faces when the judges critique him.

  17. Lazaro was voted in the top 3 only because there are more young girls watching show & they think he’s sexy. Doesn’t matter to them how well a singer he is and I think he could stay in the top 3 for that reason!

  18. My fav is still on show but results tonight were a joke confused on this show this year talent is being ignored

  19. I like Lazaro but I do think he was the weakest of the top 10. Angie and Janell get on my
    nerves. They are too much like a variety show. I say Candace, Kree, and Amber for top three. I think this is the last season I watch. The show has overstayed its welcome.

  20. I believe Lazaro should have been the one sent home but a lot of people voted for him. I guess they are the only ones who are going to buy his album if ever he wins.

  21. Lazaro’s singing voice is natural and unique…..inspiteofnthe fact that he has the least of most things other contenders have….It’s not his looks but his voice. He cannot talk to say thank you from his heart…his tears talk and can sing with his tears because he cannot talk the way what most of us can. America is right in seeing what’s behind the tears instead of talking.

  22. Candice and Kree should be in the final two, Lazaro must go next week. That’s enough now. Sweet guy but the others much more talented. Also niki Mina’s is not necessary on the show. Love Keith, Mariah and randy but she brings the show down

  23. In my opinion Lazaro would not have been in the top ten in the first place if the judges would not have placed him in the top 20. America started voting then to eliminate 5 guys and 5 girls. America decided AFTER the judges put him in the running that he was good enough for top ten. I believe anyone that makes it to the top ten has an equal shot at winning American Idol. I don’t believe he is the worst or the best but everyone has their own opinions. These forums are for people to say how they feel but at the same time when someone is bashing the contestant they like or even like a little it makes them want to vote for them even more. So, the bashers are really to blame if that contestant goes into the top 3 or even wins.
    The judges make me even madder because they put him in the position to be in the top ten and now are complaining that he shouldn’t be there.
    My favorite is Janelle and it worries me that she was in the bottom two but instead of complaining I am just going to vote more for her next week.
    Just my opinion but if you think about it this has happened a lot over the years.

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