Joey Cook Looks Past Her Elimination On American Idol 2015 [INTERVIEW]

Joey Cook was voted off American Idol 2015 this week when she fell in to the Bottom Two with Rayvon Owen and lost in the Twitter Fan Save. Now that she’s out of the competition Joey has the chance to reflect on her experience.

Joey Cook eliminated from American Idol 2015
Joey Cook eliminated from American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Speaking with FOX Audio Central Joey Cook discussed her plans for a post-Idol album, how American Idol has changed her life, and is Quentin seriously going to officiate her wedding?

What’s next for Joey? It’s time to hit the studio. Like a really, real studio:

“I am going to record my album that I have recorded previously, but I’m going to do it not on my iPhone.  I’m going to go into a real studio.  It’s going to have like headphones and everything, the real deal.  I’m stoked.”

American Idol is often a life changing experience with either incredible opportunities or maybe just opening the doors and showing a contestant the potential to succeed.

“It’s a dream.  Like really, it’s validation is what it is.  I’ve been told no my whole life.  I’ve been told to be normal and stop acting weird and fit in my whole life, and this worked.  It worked. 

And I showed so many little kids out there that this is okay to do and it’s okay to be a little bit out there.  And I mean that in itself is so beautiful. 

This very quickly became more than just singing a song on a stage.  This is a statement at this point of what isn’t mainstream isn’t bad.  And what’s, you know, the music that you have to look for to get to is worth it because you have to look for it.  It’s worth it in the end. 

And I mean this whole thing, I didn’t think I was going to get past my first audition.  I thought they were going to laugh at me, and now here I am.  So I’m so satisfied.”

On Wednesday Joey mentioned that Quentin would officiate her wedding. Was that serious?

Quentin is my best friend in the whole world.  I love him so much, and he has kept me sane through this process and him and my fiancé are really close.  We’re all just very close. 

And so we’re going to go back home to New Orleans, we’re going to have a backyard wedding and we’re going to put Quentin up on a pedestal about 25 feet in the air, give him a big cape coat with maybe fur, probably fur – it’s Quentin – and he is going to marry us and we’re going to start off the whole ceremony with the introduction to Let’s Go Crazy by Prince.  We’ve discussed it.

Now that is something I’d like to see! Congrats to Joey on her success on American Idol and we wish her all the best in her journey forward.

Source: FOX Audio Central