American Idol 2015 Judges React To Quentin’s Emotions [INTERVIEW]

Quentin Alexander shared an emotional exchange on Wednesday night when American Idol 2015 Judge Harry Connick Jr. confronted him over comments which he took as detrimental to the Idol operation. After the show the Judges discussed what they thought of the Quentin & Harry debate.

Judges on American Idol 2015
Judges on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

FOX Audio Central caught up with all three of the American Idol Judges and asked them about Quentin’s comments that made such an impact on the night.

Keith Urban was very supportive and understanding of Quentin’s response to seeing his two close friends end up in the Bottom Two:

“I think when Quentin said what he said, I knew exactly what he meant.  I mean he was meaning it’s just a bummer.  It’s a bummer that these two have to be here. 

But, you know, the thing, what I love about the older – I was going to say alumni, but they’re not alumni yet – but the contestants, I hate that word, all the guys and girls competing, they form such a cool bond with each other.  So of course they get that they don’t want to see anyone in the bottom two.”

As for Jennifer Lopez, her advice to Quentin would be to keep it to yourself:

“This show business and it’s always about, for me and what I’ve learned over the years, it’s about putting your best foot forward. 

You know, nobody at the end of the day wants to deal with all of your emotions all the time because we are such emotional people.  It’s not that you can’t have those emotions; it’s that when you’re on stage that’s not the place for them.”

Harry Connick Jr., who facilitated much of the situation, said he wasn’t offended, but thinks Quentin should have reconsidered his approach:

“It’s an emotional thing.  I just think you have to remind yourself, you know, why you’re here.  It is a competition, and I think probably after the fact he realized maybe that wasn’t the best approach but I didn’t take any offense to it and I’m sure he didn’t mean any personal disrespect to anyone.”

What do you think of the situation? Was Quentin right to say what he said or should he have held it in like Jennifer Lopez suggests?

Jump ahead to 3m45s in the video clip below to see how it all went down.




  1. My personal opinion is Quentin will be sent home this week. I like Quentin. I voted for him prior to all of this. I wish I would have held off on the voting though and will in the future. Of course, on the opposite side of the spectrum.. maybe this is what Idol needs… a little controversy involving the contestants… sigh…

    • Is it just me or did Quentin look mad most of the time[maybe trying to look cool] but whatever-this is a singing competition & he had bad pitch probs

      • no.. it is not just you.. he looked angry.. I really think he was mad because the judges told him just what you said he has pitch problems.. I think as soon as he said what he did, he realized the audience didn’t agree with him, he came up with the 2 people being his friend… ??? what??? I agree with Harry.. if you don’t want them to go home.. then send yourself.. it’s a competition..

  2. Get rid of that arrogant lowlife Quentin. His attitude should get him booted immediately.

    • I bet Idol has a conversation with him this week… I would not be surprised if he “voluntarily” went home

      • No he wont do that he thinks his style will get him through he isnt the best singer Harry said he was pitchy an all over the place, Lets hope the voting people dont feel sorry for him an vote him through he should go home!!

      • Thats exactly what I think this was… a publicity stunt. You can bet Idol will get its highest ratings ever next week because everyone will want to see he the kid gets booted.

      • Being a publicity stunt wouldn’t surprise me in the least. More viewers will be tuning in next week to see whether or not Q slugs Harry.

      • That would really raise the ratings!! And if it is, sadly a black kid was used to perpetuate the notion that black people are thugs, as so many people have called him in this comment thread.
        And whats really funny is that I never cared for him at all, as a performer on the show. I’ve always liked Jax. So I do consider myself pretty neutral on the likeability or not of Quentin. And here I am. a white 60 yr old grandmother, suggesting he is subtley being used in the media to make a point towards all the recent media attention.

  3. Plan and simple he should stick to karaoke, every since hes been on there ,he’s been weird

  4. This negative vibe on Idol is why a lot of my friends and family have quit Idol over the years and are now into The Voice.

    • I totally agree. While Idol was always my favorite, slowly The Voice has shown me much more quality juding and much more quality talent. The thing I can’t figure out is why the winner from The Voice never seems to succeed like the Idols do.

      • JMO The Voice generally has contestants who have been around the biz, maybe had a failed record deal etc. Only a handful are green newbies. And many are not at all attractive or charismatic. A singer usually has to be the whole package for a post Voice career and they just aren’t. Plus The Voice has a different core audience, more urban and bi-coastal whereas Idol’s is southern/midwestern. As stated above, that’s just my opinion.

      • That’s not true. Many of the concerts that draw the biggest crowds are legendary acts from the 60’s and 70’s.

      • True but the ticket buyers are not septuagenarians. The attendees tend to be boomers and younger.

      • Susie hit the head on the nail below. It’s the label’s fault for not promoting them properly after the show.

      • its easy, on The Voice the judges all say how great their students are no matter what.They end up with winners that are mediocre at best.

      • I think the talent is superior to Idol. I think the problem is the fault of the record label.

  5. Sadly, I think Idol is resorting to whatever they can for ratings. Their judging has gotten meaner and meaner. Except for Keith, who seems to have a good heart. Not to say they should be “soft” on contestents, but if you watch The Voice, the judges are much more constructive in their critiques and are very supportive of these kids who are just starting out and probably terrified. In watching both The Voice and Idol, their is no comparison to the quality and class on the The Voice. Harry, who I loved at first, has gotten so arrogant, and Jennifer never like a cute talented girl. Must feel threatened. I’m sure all the hype will vote Quentin off, he wasn’t going to win anyways, but perhaps he volunteered to be the sacrificial lamb.

  6. My opinion this is a gift for these people to be on Idol, He disrespected the show its a contest, someone goes home every week, Sad he didn’t have the class as past contestants that dreams were crushed an left with Honor, Im sad he get to Tour he should give his spot to #11 an Save face!!!

    • If he goes home next Wed. he won’t make the tour. The tour is just top 5 this year.

  7. Scot said that that’s just the artist way of expressing themselves. Wrong! That’s the way one known artist expresses himself-Kanye West!

  8. I loved Idol until the Voice started and I think it is a much better show and the talent is soooooooo much better!!!!

    • The record speaks for itself. 8th season of the Voice and “NO” Superstars! Even with Adam Levine putting His own money into a contestant-which di get onto Kathy and Hoda’s show with Elvis Costello’s artist of the month. I don’t remember her name though but was on sometime this week.

      • yes something is def wrong with the voice winners and almost winners not going much further with careers but as far as the quality of vocalists on the shows, the Voice wins!!!

      • Besides, I like that you are picked in blind auditions and the judges have no idea what you look like and that age doesn’t matter!!!!

      • But the contestants the judges hear without seeing have already been cherry picked by the producers. They don’t hold open cattle calls as Idol does. The singers on the Voice apply with a video.

      • I like that we don’t have to see the cattle calls. That’s one of the things I hate the most about Idol. The Voice is meant for viewers who hated the Sanjayas and William Hungs trying out.

      • I’m not interested in seeing the cattle calls either, but the process is more organic than the way the Voice does it’s recruiting. Contestants for Idol have to sing live and it’s make or break. With the Voice they can do a dozen demos and just submit the best one. It’s like the difference between fresh and over processed food.

      • When you try to get your foot in the door at record labels, you submit demos. So, I consider The Voice to be just as organic.

      • The cattle calls have been pretty much over exposed and downright ridiculous at times. And you can tell American Idol has realized this, because for the last few seasons, you see less and less of the spectacles.

      • You cannot possible watch The Voice this week and say they aren’t 100 times better of singers then the Idol contestants. Idol is what its name says “Idol” which encompasses a “total look”. Its not necessarily about most talented. In fact, many of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner ups end up doing better the the winner. For example, Jax , to me has the “total package”. Maybe not the best vocals, but she has the stage presence…the “Idol” factor.

  9. I’m sorry but didn’t Ryan ask him what was wrong? He answered Ryan, yes he shouldn’t have been so frustrated but it was him being emotional. I’m from New Orleans and I have felt like Harry has been a great addition to the show however I feel like he caused all the commotion on last weeks show. It would have been more appropriate to talk to Quentin after the show not humiliate him on national television. If Harry hadn’t said anything we wouldn’t be talking about this today.

    • I feel Harry caused undue problems. Now he has contributed to tainted voting. Harry has been trying to scoot Quentin out with all the pitch comments. Before that he scooted Qaasim out with the “voice” comments. I’d like to see ZERO judges and only mentors after the top 12. Give the young singers those millions of dollars to launch their careers, and let them sing in the genre they want to.

      • I’m beginning to think that Harry might have been the final straw for American Idol. Push aside all the hoopla over Quentin and what you ultimately have is a judge that most definatley could of swayed/tainted the vote. Thats not the judges role at this point in the competition. American Idol has been on shaky ground before this. Harry might of toppled it completly.

      • More to it than voice, which is why the judges tell others to be more edgy, take the stage, perform, etc. , but I think Quentin put together both the best vocal and performance early on. He connects.

      • With all due respect, it’s a singing competition first and foremost. Quentin is one of the weakest vocalists left.

      • That’s your opinion. I like his vocals and performances much more than at least 3 of the others. He’s interesting, entertaining, creative and a good singer. Who wants to be bored?

  10. Well, I think it was fine what he said and how he said it. The show is soooo fake all the time…why not let a little “reality” into a reality show? And for Harry, the kid is earning him lots of money so maybe consider not biting the hand that feeds you! These kids are kids – they are young and just getting their feet wet. They are having to withstand constant criticism, some justified, some for ratings…give them a break! And it’s so sa
    d Ms. Cook went home – she was the only real artist there and with a little more enthusiasm and support from the judges she might still be there today. If they called her quirky one more time, I was going to be sick. They are all so mainstream, they wouldn’t know art if it hit them in the face!!!!

    • No. With all due respect, that kid is not earning Harry anything. He’s a grain of sand on a big beach. I’m not a fan of Harry and feel he’s often didactic and unduly harsh, but if Quentin wasn’t there someone else would be. Quentin is totally replaceable and not feeding Harry in any way. Harry made his bones a long time ago and it wasn’t by acting like a rebel without a cause.

  11. Although this whole dust up is tense and controversial there is always the opportunity for something good to come out of it. For the next crew coming in Idol season 15 there may be some added coaching about how to communicate authentically without being disrespectful or creating more difficulty for yourself than you planned.

    That’s a great skill to have for a performer or for anyone.

    It’s an inspiration for us all to see young, super talented, celebrated singers stepping up to that plate. So, kudos to the judges, the staff on the show and all this years idols for being willing to work through this. I’m learning from it too, so thanks!

      • Maybe it’s the new producers or something, but this whole season of Idol has had a rather amateur vibe.

      • The meanness factor has been the reason I never watched AI, Survivor,
        The Mole, or any of those other reality shows that relies, encourages,
        and applauds the worst aspects of human behavior rather than on the

      • The emphasis on collaboration, mentorship, and positivity is what I’m enjoying about The Voice.

      • Exactly!! I agree with you. And this is coming from a diehard American Idol fan from the beginning who never watched The Voice until the last 4 seasons.

  12. It was a childish response and unprofessional. He was disrespectul to idol and deserved an immediate confrontation. Sad, he’s a fairly good singer, but certainly not top shelf quality and made it further into the competition than expected. Probably no record company will touch him now. Autotune can’t correct a bad attitude after all. He actually became became angry when the judges evaluated him. He doesn’t seem to hear when his pitch is off, unfortunately, and it’s frustrating for him. It’s been a persistent problem which he has not fixed or maybe is unable to fix. He covered his anger by defending the other two left in their seats. Straight up deflection. I don’t believe his explanation. Opportunity blown, hard lesson.

  13. This is called American IDOL, he wants to be a person that kids can look up to. Many of contestants have had there FRIENDS in the bottom 2 and been upset. They have even expressed their feelings, but, they did it with RESPECT! They didn’t use street language like they have no home training! They have stated they hated seeing a great vocalist in the bottom 2 and things along that line. NOT ” this , this whole thing is wack” REALLY. Then you are gonna walk over and basically get in a judges face over a comment that was DUE because of your own actions and comments! Quentin is not AT THIS POINT anyone I will vote for or even want to be an IDOL for my children to look you to and respect as he has no respect himself!

    • I couldn’t agree more and for this reason Nick should win. If every young man had the respect that Nick has, the world would be a better place. I could only hope my son would idolize someone like him. Plus he’s a songwriter a musician a singer so cute and so humble. Go Nick!

  14. The rules go as follows: Sing, get judge, get voted on or off By the ppl watching. No if ands or buts. The contestants know this before they start.

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