Harry Connick Jr. VS Quentin Alexander Last Night On American Idol 2015 [VIDEO]

Last night on American Idol 2015 things grew tense when Harry Connick Jr took issue with Quentin Alexander saying things were “wack” as he watched his two friends sitting in the Bottom Two.

Quentin Alexander & Harry Connick Jr debate American Idol 2015
Quentin Alexander & Harry Connick Jr debate American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Following Quentin’s performance of “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” the singer looked down which prompted Ryan Seacrest to ask about his feelings. Quentin explained that it “sucks” to see two talented vocalists in the American Idol Bottom 2 and after pointing at the contestants called it “wack.” Watch the video below to see how it happened.

Father figure Harry Connick quickly called out Quentin telling the contestant that he could go home if he thought it was wack. Quentin returned and explained, more than once that night, that he meant no disrespect to the competition but was instead referring to the situation of Rayvon Owen and Joey Cook being at the bottom of the results. Eventually it was Joey who was eliminated by the live Fan vote.

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What do you think of the situation? Was Quentin out of line or did Harry overreact to the comments? Share your thoughts below and vote in our poll.

Jump ahead to 3m45s in the video clip below to see how it all went down.




    • Wasn’t it Harry who was out of line? It’s Harry’s job to judge Quentin’s performances not his responses to Ryan’s questions. It was Ryan’s question and Ryan let Quentin have his feelings, then Harry jumped in.

      Additionally Harry can’t tell Quentin to go home and if the issue was more serious than Quentin’s over reaction to seeing Joey in the bottom two then maybe the producer’s would have preferred to speak to Quentin first about whether he should stay in the competition.

    • ITA Initially Q’s anger started with Harry’s critique. Ryan must have felt the tension in Q as he was touching him and could hear his breathing. Sensing it, Ryan took the opportunity to ask what Q felt. Q said what he thought and then must have realized he was shooting himself in the foot and tried to use the allusion to the bottom two as damage control. At least that’s my take on it.

  1. This guy has a very bad attitude and acts like a punk. Can you see what this guy will be like if he wins?????? A total Asshole to the ones he’s working with . just saying. Hope he is voted off. and his act was out of key and yelling the words. Again just saying. Not worth my vote at all.

  2. There’s some good comments below: Quentin didn’t like hearing the truth concerning his singing abilities. He likes being babied the way J-Lo treats him. He’s not a good singer and he knows it. His remarks were way out of line! And then he posted-up on Harry all gangster like??? The dude should be removed and Joey should continue in the competition. Quentin should take some lessons in humility and grace from Rayvon. It is a singing competition…not a babysitting contest!

  3. I agree with several of the Facebook comments above. Quentin was being disrespectful.

    • A lesson! loose lips can cause you to lose a job! More immediately the summer tour job!

      • Huh? What in the world are you talking about? None of what you said makes any sense.

      • Next week the bottom two will be fighting for the AI tour position (which is a “VERY” lucrative summer job)(100 times the McDonalds job Quentin will probably have to take -even if they raise it to $15 an hour!

    • I second that. Quentin’s Kanye moment may win him a few odd fans here and there, but the
      unprofessional behavior is not something that a record label is going to
      put up with.

      • You totally didn’t get what I’m saying. As a couple of the comments here have pointed out, right after his performance – when Harry told him the band outplayed him
        – Quentin did not like this criticism. It had nothing to do with the
        bottom two – that was just a cover-up for saying “this sucks”.

      • I totally understood…but what comments was giving about his performance to me was positive feedback…Harry did what he always does best and told him his perspective about the loud band….but Keith then said it was good and he liked it so to me this had nothing to do with the issue. He allowed his emotions to take control and that was it…he felt his close friend was going home and she did. Was he right for allow his emotions …no..but to be called names in here, not by you but others …I think is wrong. . He was not angry but sad and when Ryan asked what was wrong he said he was okay and then Ryan pressed. He maybe should have said he was okay but he didn’t…he was not disrespectful. But , , it happened and there is nothing we can do…he might end up going home and to avoid all this negative comment to me would be good. Then I am sure I will see those comments directed to another but in a different way. I also can guess who but its ok. Not directed to you now as I already explained but thanks for responding …Hey, to me Clark is the one to me and he gets my votes. Thanks.

      • I think the show should have gone to a commercial break and Harry and Quentin should have handled the situation off stage. Maybe it’s because of new producers or something, but the whole show this year has had a rather amateur vibe to it.

      • Thank you, I get and respect your view as you are saying what you think it might have been and not choosing to call names. I have never voted for Quentin, he is not my family but I stand up for positivity and to take this that happend and many playing god and judging him to me is wrong. Saying he was angry when he seemed to me as if he was about to cry when Ryan asked him what was wrong…But it seems like some might want to go back to the other shows and will see he always have that demeanor…even Jlo tells him t smile…But hope everyone who wished him bad will be happy he leaves this week and wonder who they will call angry after that…Rayvon..Tyanna..or who.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am horrified to know that over 50% think that its DISRESPECTFUL to show emotion! What the heck are we? Robots? He had all his right to show that emotion. Are you all saying that contestants shouldn’t cry after getting eliminated too now? He didn’t say a single bad thing. He didn’t swear, he didn’t throw a tantrum; he was upset that one of his good friends was leaving. I believe that Harry made a HUGE deal over nothing, and the poor guy had to explain himself many times so that people like some of you don’t start hating and trashing on him. And yet here you guys are anyways calling him a “punk” with “bad attitude”. I’m extremely upset with hearing all this bad talk about him, for no reason at all. Like, GASP! He was upset and showed some emotion. We all know he’s an emotional guy. I think many of you would show the same emotion if you were in the situation. I believe he didn’t do a single thing wrong.

    • He was just mad he got told the truth. He made up the part about Joey. In fact he cost Joey many votes with his immature punkish behavior. They should boot him from the show. But my guess is, he will be going home next week anyway.

    • Amen…Well said..The so called grown folk with the negative comments about a young man scares me…I’m so happy You and I saw the same thing..obviously the other’s saw what was in there head..

    • It’s called “respect”, which Quentin lacked last night. There’s a right way and a wrong way to express emotion/anger. Quentin couldn’t have been any more wrong!! He disrespected American idol, the judges, Ryan, and the bottom two. He showed the true person he is and he needs to go…

      • you can actually feel good and tell the truth. I happened to have seen the same show but you saw what is in your heard…..he was at no point disrespectful…and you know that but again..The angry black man syndrome.

    • There is showing emotion, and then there is being immature. He wants to complain when his friends go home, but not when anyone else does – that is kinda insulting to the other singers and kinda petty on his part. The competition isn’t about him and his friends, it is about America voting for their choices.

      • I understand what you are saying and at least you are giving your opinion on what you saw ans not calling him name. Much respect for that and for your honest opinion.

    • leaves me wondering if it was someone else..if the response would be the same…I wonder what the response was for Justin in Season 1 when he told Simon off. justsaying

  5. For the love of God, who pooped in Harry’s Wheaties? What a piss ant he was. I knew exactly what Quentin was saying. He was trying to honor his buddy’s and I bet he was hoping all would begin to clap for them (Joey and Ravon)

    • You don’t honor your friends by acting like an angry fool. He insulted the other contestants.

      • I agree with you! Harry was right. If Quentin didn’t want one of those two to go home, he could disqualify himself. It’s a competition.. someone is going home every week.. suck it up buttercup… and quit being rude…Unfortunately, I think Quentin will go home next week.. if he doesn’t quit, America will send him home..

      • who are you to judge…who are you to judge..you must be an angry bitter person to know another the same .He was not angry ..he was sad . get it already and stop belching bubbles

    • But who his buddies are is irrelevant. This is a competition and America votes, Quentin had no business complaining about what is the very nature of competition shows. HCJ was right to call him for it.

      • Harry was just as wrong..he is THE PROFESSIONAL and should have conducted himself such as. He is a judge and do not run the show… He could have handled it differently but he wanted a show..you got one so be happy.

  6. Harry is to quick to jump in the fray…what,s wrong with a little compassion, and thinking things through?

    • I view it less as quick to jump into a fray and more unafraid to call people out when they are being immature or stupid.

      • we already know he is unafraid to call ppl out..but he could have stayed professional. and if he felt the Quentin was wrong then let AI handle it. He is just a just of the competition and not of people.

      • then he is in the wrong business if you are saying what you just said. He is there to give POSITIVE FEEDBACK….and not try to get ATTENTION. Shame on him

  7. that was the most disrespectful act i have ever seen on american idol. if he was truly not being thug about it, he would not have stepped up on harry the way he did. I think harry was the Grown up in the whole thing.
    i commend HCJ, i would have knocked his sorry A#* off the stage. but that is my opinion.

    • oh then you did not see all the seasons of American idol..like Season One..it was a contestant Justin that told Simon off…at least Quentin expressed his emotions and its ok for us to say he should not have but to go at him the way I have been reading calling him an Angry Thug…WOW ..His personality has been the same from the start…Jlo sometimes tells him to smile….so he wasnt angry but emotional. I thought he was about to cry when Ryan asked him.

  8. Harry was not out of line. I was proud of him for speaking up and putting Quentin in his place, someone needed to do it. Quentin was a punk and acted like a spoiled brat. Because of his bad attitude, he should be the one going home next week, hope he is….

  9. I am just happy HCJ isn’t afraid to call things like that out. Regardless of the emotion, Quentin acted immature and, even though he is in a competition, seemed to forget the part that people have to go home and that the public votes. I don’t think he really meant to be disrespectful, but it was unquestionably stupid and immature. I just really hope that it didn’t impact Joey’s votes at all, because I was very upset she went home.

    • I think part of Q’s issue was that if Joey went home she wouldn’t make the tour. And he wanted her to be there. Now, thanks to his outburst, I doubt he will be on the tour either.

  10. This is the most publicity Idol’s had in years!!!! Bet The Powers That Be are loving it…maybe they will say that Quentin has to stay a while longer so people will tune in to see if he will slug Harry Connick Jr….lol

      • You totally misinterpreted what I said. Idol has been losing viewers for several years now. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a publicity stunt to try to regain some.

      • You totally misinterpreted what I said. Idol has been losing viewers for
        several years now. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a publicity
        stunt to try to regain some. Sorry for the duplicate. My name got cut off.

  11. My first response is why ANYONE (including Quinton) is upset Joey might be leaving at this point. She should have been cast off long ago. I could see the anger in Quinton, the second Harry questioned his performance as being understated a bit. So, despite what Quniton said, about Joey being in the bottom two, as the reason he was upset. It really might have more to do with he felt insulted by Harry’s comment. That is just my guess.

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