Kez Ban Auditions On American Idol 2013


First of  all, I love that this girl opened her American Idol 2013 experience Thursday night by saying “If you think I’m destined for the bloopers reel in a way that would embarrass my mother or my family, I will leave right now.”

I also love that she’s a fire performer. And makes balloon animals. And is just an all around quirky person. But the most interesting thing is that she’s not there for the blooper reel. She can actually sing. A sing well.

Let’s take another look at her audition. Below we’ve got the clip of her story and her singing two auditions songs; one is an original song.

So Kez has her golden ticket to Hollywood, but does she make it beyond? Find out by checking out our American Idol 2013 Top 40 spoilers.




  1. I actually (kind of ) enjoyed last nights auditions…Niki wasn’t SO over the top like she was Wed night( but she’s still so anoying) I guess I’ll have to suffer through this season with her on the pannel. Kez was AMAZING! I was ready for her to be a joke…now I can’t wait to see her again.

  2. Kez was amazing, loved the song, the voice, the tone – really magnetic. Kez is completely androgynous in appearance (and voice, too!) – which makes it even more intriguing. Nicki is beyond unlikable – such an unpleasant personality. I have an urge to pick her up with a pair of giant BBQ tongs, place her in a tub of hot soapy water and leave her there to soak until the yappy wet chihuahua that she is emerges.

  3. Loved her! Completely surprised me, as I expected her to be angry or something. Loved her song and loved her voice. I am rooting for her!!! (Hope she lets someone fix her eyebrows, makeup and hair, though—sorry, Kez. I think you could be gorgeous with some help.)

  4. I was growing so weary with the audition and kept thinking, where is our Southern singer? Our North Carolina singer. And then there she was! So refreshing, her voice and confidence like velvet. Kaz is amazing and by far the best to audition yet. A real musician and such talent. Can’t wait to see more. A real individual who knows who she is musically. She is the only one that has excited me.

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