Nicki Minaj: American Idol 2013 Judge Profile

Nicki Minaj on American Idol 2013

Ever since the start of American Idol Season 12, fans of the show have lit up with lively debate over the merits and the pitfalls of Nicki Minaj and her presence on the judge’s panel. Her freshman year as a judge on the popular reality show has been met with a deluge of comments, overwhelmingly in favor of replacing her next season. Could the show’s producer, Nigel Lythgoe finally be paying attention and recognizing that Nicki’s inappropriate remarks are at least part of the reason for the show’s steadily declining ratings. In a recent interview Nigel said, “I don’t think we have good chemistry with the judges.” “I miss the camaraderie we have had in the past”.

I have to agree. I also miss the relaxed and often entertaining banter between Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. There were no disparaging remarks made nor was there any open hostility between them. They seemed to project a vibe of mutual respect for each other, both personally and professionally.

Nicki’s twitter remarks after Top 10 contestant Devin Velez was voted off were an example of her condescending and often superior attitude. We watched her tell Devin, Burnell and Lazaro to “get off the stage” after a disappointing group performance. When fan favorite, Angie Miller changed things up with her performance of “Shop Around”, Nicki’s harsh comment of “Don’t try to give us another side, we didn’t ask for another side!” was enough to elicit a look of distaste from the great Smokey Robinson, who mentored the contestants during “Motown Week”. Nicki and fellow judge, Mariah Carey have had a contentious relationship from the very beginning of Season 12.

Mariah claimed that Nicki threatened her with physical harm and was compelled to hire extra security as a result. On this past Wednesday night’s Idol episode, Nicki disagreed with Mariah’s assessment of Top 5 contestant, Kree Harrison’s performance of “She Talks To Angels” and told Mariah to “simmer down, sir”. This insulting comment enraged many of Mariah’s fans who believe that Nicki should show Mariah nothing but the greatest respect, if not personally than certainly as an artist.

It has been reported that even the crew of American Idol is fed up with Nicki’s diva-like antics, including instigating catfights with Mariah, arriving late for a live show and walking out on tapings of the show.

Nicki’s confrontational nature is not limited to her interactions with her fellow judges or the show’s contestants. She has been involved in a feud with rapper, Lil Kim, which began when Kim accused Nicki of copying her image. The two have been exchanging un-pleasantries through their songs, including Nicki’s “Roman’s Revenge” featuring megastar rapper, Eminem. Nicki has been quoted as saying, “Everytime you (Lil Kim) in the news, it’s cause you getting at somebody!” “When I see your name on Billboard, that’s when I’ll respond to you.” “Other than that, goodbye. It’s Barbie, b%tch!”

Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj in Saint James, Trinidad/Tobago and grew up in Queens, New York. She graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art (the same school that inspired the movie, “Fame”). She was discovered via her My Space page by Dirty Money CEO, Fendi, who used her in his urban DVD magazine, “The Come Up”. Soon after, Lil Wayne signed her to his Young Money Label. Nicki built a reputation as a talented rapper who also had songwriting abilities. Several mixtapes were released featuring her songs. Nicki was featured as a “cameo” singer in 7 songs that appeared on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2010. She became instantly recognizable to mainstream America after her performance alongside Madonna during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in 2012.

Nicki was nominated for several Grammys for her debut album, “Pink Friday” which reached platinum status. Her single entitled, “Super Bass”, sold over 4 million copies. The album was re-released after a successful tour as “Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded” and the single, “Starships” was one of the bestselling singles of 2012. The album reached the top of the rap, R&B and pop charts. “Roman” refers to one of her alter egos, “Roman Zolanski”. After completing another successful tour the same album was released yet again in a “Re-Up” version with 8 new tracks.

Her legions of fans are known affectionately as “Barbz”. This term is reportedly derived from another of Nicki’s alter-egos, The Harajuku Barbie aka Harajuku Barbz, Barbiez and HBz. In the interest of being thorough, Nicki’s gay male fans are commonly referred to as Ken Barbz and straight male fans are known as Boyz.

Miss Minaj has earned 6 BET awards, 4 American Music Awards and 2 MTV Music Awards. Nicki has parlayed her success as a rapper into the beginnings of a career in the movie industry, most notably with a voice-over role in “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift”. There is a rumor going around that she’s working on a role in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, “The Counselor” starring Brad Pitt.

Nicki has a charitable heart and has given back to her community by donating $15k to the Food Bank for NYC following Hurricane Sandy and she also held a turkey drive at her alma mater PS 45 in New York City.

Nicki has her share of fans to be sure, but are they representative of the viewers and voters that tune in to American Idol each week? It would seem not, when you consider the avalanche of criticism that has come down on her and the producers of American Idol week after week.

American Idol airs in a time slot supposedly reserved for programming suitable for the entire family. Many viewers have commented that they have not only stopped tuning in but also have stopped allowing their children to watch the once popular show, specifically because of Nicki’s off-color remarks. Her comments range from being covetous of a contestant’s wardrobe to criticizing their choice of make-up, commenting on physical characteristics and of course, her often inexplicable nicknames.

When Nigel Lythgoe was recently asked if Nicki would be invited back next season as a judge on Idol, he responded, “By me, she certainly will be!”

American Idol provides a golden opportunity for unknown talent to introduce themselves to the world and provides us with outstanding entertainment. The producers know they will have to make some changes for next season if the show is to continue. They’re searching for a way to reclaim their past glory as well as their lost viewers and voters. Could replacing the judges be the solution? Who would you like to see on the judge’s panel next season?





  1. If it were not for Keith Urban, Idol would be LOST TODAY! and far has Nicki is concerned, she does bring “some” good points, however, I find some of the judging being bias, like when Angie wheres short/shorts, Nicki was all over her for that, but when Amer did it, it was nothing but complements! NOT RIGHT!

  2. She is a getto bitch with lack of class that tinted and darked the awsome talent of that showShe think that the show is about her

  3. I was surprised with the positive response of Paula last night. everyone seems to have forgotten about her drunken rages…as for last years judges, no one can replace Steven Tyler ….yes Randy and Keith do appear to have a better conneccrying of the four…personally I prefer nikki over Mariah…Mariah goes on and on yet never says a thing…if those contestants think nikki is harsh wait till the fans rip them. as for people not watching the show…I think that has more to do with the contestants who aside from Candice and kree are quite boring…

    wait t

  4. First Nikki needs to cover up her rear end that was terrible seeing her half dress at a first class show.. What was she late again and didn’t have time to get dress. And when she calls a contestant Marshmellow that is raciest. She doesn’t have her head screwed right.

  5. I love Nicki and Keith and the chemistry between them. Randy is neutral but is starting to feel old – needs to be retired, I think. Mariah is annoying the way she carries on with her inside knowledge of the industry or other artists, rather than focusing on critiquing the contestants. Three judges is too many, or they need to be more succinct with their comments. Would love to see a former contestant become a judge, like Kelly, Adam, Clay, or Carrie.

  6. Well it’s simple, american idol isn’t interesting anymore they have to change tthe whole organisation. I haven’t watch Idol since season 10. I started to watch a few episode this year. You can’t blame nicki minaj. I’m a fan and have to admit that she is rude, so it’s like you shut the tv down before you see things she does that doesn’t please me. I think the organisation has to talk to her to change her attitude and let mariah & nicki sort all things out. If this thing doesn’t work then I suggest to fire her

  7. i personally dont like nicki all she comments on is hair, makeup and their wardrobe!!! and i swear if she calls someone marshmellow one more time im gonna throw up!! this is a singing talent show not a fashion show.. Mariah is ok and at least she gives them advice on their SINGING!! NICKI NEEDS TO GO!!! if they invite her back next year im not gonna bother watching its painful enough getting throug this year!

  8. I use to watch AI all of the time, but now I have stopped. I do not like how Nikki is outright mean and disrespectful to the contestants and others. I thought the idea was to give constructive criticism to the contestants, not berate them. Nikki does not even compare to the talent that the rest of the panel has. I miss the playful bantering that went back and forth with the former judges. I now watch the snippets of the contestants I like on YouTube.

  9. Personally I don’t see any need to be rude or ignorant to judge somebody’s voice. These are people who have dreams and having to be voted off is hard enough without anyone being condescending to them as well.

    • Well said. It’s as if no one ever told them if they don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing. I remember Jennifer’s first season when the 3 guys sang for the wild card spot and one of the guys finished and it wasn’t great and she told him, simply, “You did what you could.” We all knew what she meant but she didn’t need to insult or embarrass him to make her point.

  10. I for one, like Nikki. I do like her honesty. She is not afraid to stick up for herself. Some people dont like it when a woman sticks up for herself and her beliefs. Freedom of speech and press, right?? Nobody’s gonna bully her, and I feel happy to have seen her in action, it gives me hope for myself. Love ya, Nikki!! You are great!

  11. I have watched American since season 1. The only way I knew who nicki was, was when she was on Ellen with the 2 little tutu girls. I absolutely love Mariah Carey and Keith urban. I saw Keith in a very small venue in auburn Washington before he hit it big. He couldn’t have been better. I like randy too but was sick of the dog comments all the time. I really don’t care if I miss an episode anymore because I cannot stand the sound of Nicki’s voice when she gets all high and mighty and hate when she puts down Mariah. I think alot of times she has valid comments if she would just shut up and stop all that cocky stuff. She hasn’t earned enough respect in the music world to try and act like a diva.

  12. I don’t like Nikki. She is constantly looking at herself in the mirror and texting on her phone. Her honesty on the show is just her opinion of the singer. Her nicknames for the contestants are degrading! She needs to go!

  13. I stopped watching after the 3rd episode….can’t stand Nicki or Mariah….and Mariah incindentally seems to start as much of the catfighting as Nicki does….replace BOTH of the Divas!! At least Jennifer had CLASS!!

  14. Not watching this year. I haven’t missed ONE episode since the 1st season. I’m sad but I’m not interested in watching Nikki and Mariah. I don’t know Keith. Randy has become boring. I watch The Voice now. The talent and chemistry is awesome!

    • I agree with everything you said. My friends and family have not watched this year for the first time. Hundreds ask them not to have Nickki as a Judge and they chose not to listen. Nickki is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. I just read in TV guide that their ratings are down. I guess Nigel Lythgoe thought we were just kidding. We have also moved on to the VOICE! It is awesome this year.

  15. I CAN’T STAND HER!!!! My husband has not missed one single episode of American Idol since it has aired but he REFUSES to watch it this season because of Nikki!!! She is rude and should NOT be allowed to talk to the contestants like she does not to mention her TOTAL lack of respect for the other judges!! GET RID OF HER PLEASE!!

    • We’ve heard about lots of feuds going on between rappers that spill over into the lyrics of the songs they release. If that is commonplace among some rappers, then maybe the disrespect seems natural to Nicki. Not making excuses for her, even if that behavior is ok in the rap world, common sense should dictate otherwise on Ameridan Idol. What demographic is she meant to attract anyway? I know for a fact that my teenager can’t stand her.

  16. I have been a fan since the beginning, but Nikki has changed that this year….This has always been our “family” time show each week. It is a shame it can not be anymore. Hope you make some good changes so we can come back.

  17. Keep Randy and Keith, and bring back Paula….perfect combo. Randy knows more than any about pitch, arrangements, talent, etc., and Keith has also impressed me (a musician) with his knowledge. Paula added an emotional element, and can get along well. It would be perfect. BTW, it was good to see her again.

  18. Niki is OBNOXIOUS! ignorant and RUDE! I have to mute my tv when she opens her mouth. That voice is so annoying and she adds nothing to the show. She takes away from the show. I have enjoyed AI for 12 yrs but cant watch her anymore. Keith Urban is the best thing that ever happened to the show. Don’t lose him like you did Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

    • i agree. i never missed a single american idol show untill this year. i refuse to watch it. i did watch the frist 3 auditions and i said no more nikki makes me sick she is rude stuck on her self and does nothing for the show, randy he gets worse every year cant stand the man comments. mirhia does nothing for the show. keith i like him he is the only one who seems to know talent when he see’s it. i would love to see simon return the show, it is not the same without him. the reason the ratings continue to fall is the judges want everything to be about them its not about the talent anymore. most of the judges make it about them instead who can dress more provocative and stuck up and actting like no one is better than them. its not a family show anymore. bring back: keith, simon, steven and jennifer.

  19. I usually cannot disagree with Nicki, although I do find her and Mariah’s feud or whatever it is, stupid.

  20. I think Nikki is a refreshing change to the show. I LOVE her!! I think she and Steven Tyler would be great together as judges. I also love Keith. If it were up to me I’d choose three judges for next season, Nikki, Steven, and Keith. Randy should go… I am sooooooooooo tired of hearing Yo and calling women dude year after year. It gets old!!

  21. They seem to get it right on “The Voice”. I love the way they all interact with respect and enjoy each other. You can hear it and feel there is no tension like with Nikki & Mariah (who by the way annoy me to death with the rubbing of their hair). Nikki is different and most people don’t embrace different. I don’t mind her at all. There are times when I think she’s funny. She can be inappropriate though especially when its sexual. I agree also that Mariah causes me to be nervous when she opens her mouth. I really enjoy Keith Urban and I don’t mind Randy…He’s a stable on American Idol. Gotta have someone stick around.

  22. I watched every season of AI. However this year it is hit and miss! I am tired of Randy. Love Keith. Hate Miriah and Nikki. Nikki is nothing but trailor trash. Miriah is nothing but pretending to be a diva and adds no real value to the show. I loved Stephen Tyler! He was entertaining and funny and good make fun of himself. Simon grew on me and had the best reviews of the singers. He was honest. Keep Keith, but replace the other 3. Get some great singers…Barbara Streisand for one – she would be great, Celine Dion. John Mayer. etc.

  23. I am a devoted fan of the show, and for the first time ever, we are fast forwarding through most the judges’s comments. We listen to Keith, and that’s it. It’s not until results night that we hear the highlights of what they said, and that is still too much of Nicki. She is annoyingly affectatious.

  24. Ninki isn’t a judge. She’s something else….. maybe an entertainer of some sort. Last night when she was sitting down or sometime just before that her thong strap was clearly showing. What kind of crap is this?? We used to be regular viewers of American Idol but thank God the Voice is on now because they have the best group of judges ever. They get along… they have fun.. that make the show very interesting. Then have a format they follow. My wife and I like everything else about the show except the judges, and the auditions because they bring on contestants that hardly know how to sing or even know what American Idol is all about. But back to Nicki. She is WAYYYYYYYYYY too sarcastic nd doesn’t fit the panel of judges even 1%! Now Mariah is absolutely great when she doesn’t have to compete with that other bit*h!

  25. Nicki’s demeanor, comments, skanky style showing a little (a lot) too much (RE: g-string while hugging Paula Abdul this week), and general snarkiness (oh, and that grating voice) – all of this is NOT why we’ve watched AI every season, voting for our fav, except this one. I don’t watch anymore, as of this season, because of her – she is not “family format” material. Oh, and my husband and I are in our ’60s, just FYI. Ditch her and AI may have a chance of survival. Keep her, and you lose the rest of your viewing audience that’s been with Idol for the duration. Simple.

  26. I have watched AI since the first season and have kept watching it this season because the contestants were so good. But, if Nikki returns as a judge next year, I’m not going to watch AI anymore. She is crude and her comments are vulgar and I’ve always thought of AI as a family show. I honestly record the show and fast forward through her commentaries so I don’t have to listen to her. Don’t know of anyone who likes her, so listen to your audience and find a replacement for next year.

    • I was just saying something similar to my fiance Wednesday night when she came out (barely) wearing her red dress. I mean really, why even bother wearing a shirt at that point? Her nipples were practically popping out! And I say, “I guess she didn’t get the message that this is supposed to be a family show.” And it’s not just the barely there clothes – making comments like “I want to have your babies” to the contestants is so wildly out of line I had to rewind to be sure I heard her correctly.

  27. Nikki is the most arrogant, rudest, most inconsiderate person I’ve ever seen on TV. I have been so adicted to the American Idol and cannot stand to watch it now nor will in the future if she continues. There is not a spec of politeness or professionalism about her. I didn’t like Simon either, but this is over the edge!

  28. I miss Simon! I find Nikki surprisingly intelligent most of the time, but I thought her comment to Mariah the other day, inappropriate by referring to her as “sir”…come on man! At the end of the day, this program is about the contestants and not about hearing stupid remarks between judges. It’s like they’re trying to out talk each other and in the end, offer little to no real advice…Just sayin’

  29. I think nicki is killing what was once the best singing talent show on tv, that being said ever since nicki has come on the show it has gone way down on my favorites list !! if it were me I would not wait I would start right now searching high and low for a replacement for nicki even Russel Brand would be a better choice & I do not even like him at all !!! someone like Naomi Judd or Carrie Underwood , or even Cher maybe even Sharon Osborne would be much better choices !!! I love this show but if nicki s back next year I for one will not be tuning in ! I know that I am just one person but I feel strongly that there are thousands that feel the same way !! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING I really do not want this show to fail after 12 great years THANK YOU FOR LISTENING !!!

  30. I can’t stand Nikki. Never could and never will. She’s too rude, she’s nasty and I hate the way she rolls her eyes when Keith or anyone for that matter says something she disagrees about. I don’t like the way she talks to the contestants even when she likes them. Can’t stand her advice on clothing and make up. Can’t stand the sound of her voice. I wish Simon and Paula or Jennifer, even Steven were back. We need new judges but please no Beeber.

  31. I personally feel since niki has been a judge on american Idol the lack of respect for the show has gone down fast. Love Keith he was a great choice and is positive. But i get sick of her stinky eye on Keith when he says what he thinks and trust me he has far more talent that Niki we need to clean up American Idol and remove the trash and make it a respectable show like the Voice or you will lose a lot more viewers as I am sure you already have.

  32. This is the first year that I have not watched faithfully. I can not stand Nikki Minaj. She has totally ruined this show for me. If the show is renewed and she is a judge, I will never watch again. I know I am only one person and probably won’t make a difference if I watch or not. But I am not the only person who feels this way. Add us up and see what happens.

  33. She is rude..and I agree with Laurie B She is OBNOXIOUS!! This is the first year I have not watched it…I miss it but as long as she continues to monopolize the show I will not watch it…who is she and where did she come from…because she needs to go back and STAY! Seriously do not bring her back…listen to what the viewers are saying…!

  34. i too have watched idol religiously, cant wait for the next season to start, its not the same this year, while the singers are all good, the show seems to have a differ feel, i can miss a show and not feel guilty or hurt. tell who was voted off, and thats good enough

  35. I have watched 90% of the American Idol shows since it’s birth. This season has been the worst as far as judges and format. Keeping Lazaro around was a mistake in Vegas. Hiring Niki was a mistake. I think also it may be time for Randy to move on. The Voice is now my favorite with AGT a distant second. American Idol needs to change its format and shorten the contest by at least a month.

  36. Cant stand her and will not watch until she is gone. she is the worse thing Idol has ever done to the show…

  37. Nikki doesnot have the class or the tact to be a judge. I do hope they replace her. She is obnoxious too.

  38. Did I really hear Nicki say that Jimmy doesnt know what he’s talking about? Insulting a colleague is so unprofessional and very bad form. Nicki believes she’s “being real” when she shouts degrading comments at the contestants. Its an attempt to grab some much needed publicity to shore up her floundering career. Do the smart thing Nigel and replace her next season with someone from the great possibilities fans have been suggesting.

    • My jaw hit the floor when she said that! And to someone that has been in the business since BEFORE SHE WAS BORN! The hubris on her is incredible.

      • And the irony is that Nicki would do anything to get a recording contract with Jimmy’s company. He’s smart enough to know she would be a bad investment.

  39. We have not missed one year of watching AI, but this year, we’re losing interest because of Nikki, she is annoying and rude and has no respect for the contestants, I couldn’t believe the nicknaming, that was very upsetting! Mariah, in my opinion is a great person and I love her music, but I do not think she’s a fair judge. I love Keith Urban, I’m getting sick of Randy.

  40. Get rid of the fake fool she is condensing has no talent and is a caricature of everything negative in the so called manipulated music industry.Not family viewing at all save it for the penal system trash

  41. Mariah and Nikki both need to go! Tired of the bickering dahling. I l love Keith Urban as a judge, and I liked it better when there was only 3 judges, not 4. We need to find one new female judge to replace those 2, you know what I mean boo?

  42. I know many people who will not watch because of Nikki….not to mention the inappropriate clothing and shoes she can’t walk in etc…….and lets talk about times she has been bleeped. No judge on AI should ever need to be bleeped. This is a family show – and the foul language, sexual innuendos, revealing clothes all have no place on this show!!! What’s wrong with the producers that they permit this???

  43. I really like Nicki Minaj a lot. She tells it like it is….sometimes in a very roundabout way, but I just like her bluntness. They need someone on that panel to tell it the way it is, and she does. I also like her little pet names, like Ladybug and Marshmellow. I do NOT want her to be off the show next season either.

    • There is a huge difference between blunt (which I personally appreciate) and rude (which is what she is). Being purposefully cruel and disrespectful of others is not commendable, as it should not be.

      • Simon was rude, cruel, disrespectful also rolled his eyes…. i disliked Simon but AI fans liked his behaviour… I m not a fan of Nikki however she is very similar to Simon…explain why its okay for Simon but not for Nikki

      • Well I didn’t mention Simon at all but since you asked, I don’t think there is a difference between their behavior. I never liked Simon for the exact same reasons that I don’t like Nikki.

        If I were to try and explain why some people like Simon but not Nikki, I would argue that sociologically speaking we as a society are conditioned to believe that when a man acts in such a manner he is projecting a sense of power. Conversely, we are conditioned to believe that women are matronly and kind and sensitive and when a woman acts counter to that image she is seen as bad or wrong and we condemn her behavior in an attempt to change it.

  44. I think Nikki is TERRIBLE!!! She is loud, obnoxious and rude to contestants and the other judges. Her style of dress and mannerisms are inappropriate. I have been an Idol fan since Season 1, but if I have to endure another season of Nikki, you may lose me. PLEASE NIGEL–GET RID OF HER!!!

  45. Would like to see anybody, I mean anybody, but minaj. Please do not put that exagerated ghetto version of a judge to be a mentor for these young talent. They will gain nothing good with her there.

  46. Nigel Lythgoe was recently asked if Nicki would be invited back next season as a judge on Idol, he responded, “By me, she certainly will be!” Nigel, then you’ll need to find another show because we are all about finished with this one if she remains. Nikki is the most abhorrent judge ever!!! Simon was NEVER like her, for those of you that think he was, you need to back up.. Randy Jackson although repetitious at times, seems to be respectful to the other judges. Mariah..Sorry, you seem like a dumb blond in your remarks. Keith is great. And if Nicki says “impor-ent” one more time.. I’ll quit altogether.

  47. Nicki is a turn-off. Mariah adds nothing. At least Randy hasn’t spent all season talking about how he is friends with (add name here). Keith, a breath of fresh air.

    Also, do like first show and announce who is first, second, etc.

  48. I don’t have a problem with her as a judge. She calls it as she see’s it and that is what judging is all about. She does not add all the fluff that some judges do. I think it’s kind of funny when she calls someone marshmallow or lady bug, what is so horrible about that?

  49. Nikki, is very rude, her language is not appropriate for children. I’ve been a fan for 12 years and have voted for my choice but will not watch next year if she stays on as a judge.

  50. Nick I will be responsible for this AI fan refusing to watch the show next year if she returns. The only reason I am still watching is the quality of the contestants, and support of them.

  51. Niki makes the show more colorful and entertaining. Whether you agree of disagree with her, she is judging and criticizing as she sees it and not just sitting there complimenting everyone like last years judges did.

  52. Bring back Steven Tyler and get rid of NiKki. The only reason i watch it because i record it and bypass everything NiKki says and does. She has not been in the business long enough to be able to give and worth while advice and she can’t even sing.

    • I heard one of the reasons Steven Tyler left is because Aerosmith was going on tour so maybe if that is wrapped up he would consider coming back if he’s asked to. Lets hope!

  53. This sounds good…Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson can be a guest judge.

    • Hahaha, can you imagine Nicki trying to out diva and out bitch Elton John!! Bwahahaha. Now THAT would be good television. Though I suspect it would only take once or twice and Nicki would know her place.

      • Now that would make for great tv! Elton John could put Nicki out of business pretty quick I would imagine. OMG, imagine them trying to outdo each others wardrobe and Elton and Randy with the weekly eyeglass competition!

  54. I thought that I would not like her, but she seems to know music well. Sometimes her comments are unexpected; I think they are just funny.

  55. I love Nicki as an artist BUT I HATE HER AS A JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I agree with what she says but more often than not the way she drones on in her stupid accents being ruder than rude makes me grab the remote!!!!!!

  56. I never watch live anymore due to the inappropriate and out of left field comments from Niki! I fast forwards through every thing she says. She needs to keep it clean for the family and just critique the contestants! After all, isn’t that what she’s there for? She is annoying and the way she reacts when Mariah is talking is so unprofessional! I’m very disappointed in her part on the show and hope that AI wakes up and sends her on to something that better fits her personality and talents!

  57. I was initially concerned when I heard that Nikki would be one of the judges. All I had ever heard about her was that she makes a lot of crude and racist remakes.
    I have been surprised by her presence on AI. I enjoy her comments most of the time and feel that she is the “comic relief” of the show.
    I agree with those who say that they are tired of Randy Jackson who doesn’t contribute much of anything and Mariah Carey. who often seems at a loss for any thoughts of her own.
    Keith is doing a great job and IMO, he is a great addition to the show.

  58. Everyone commenting to this has a right to say whatever they feel cause it is their right to have a opinion. I think people are forgetting Simon Cowell and all the negative feedback he got over being rude and being down right mean. This is not only a singing competition but also a platform for these contestants to enter the entertainment business in many different forms. Some of these contestants will perform on Broadway where their performance every night is a reflection on the success of that show. It not like being in your own concert and forgetting a lyric or two and just make up for it with a giggle and move on to the next song…forgetting lyrics in a Broadway production can have a negative affect on the rest of the show. Nicki job is to judge them as contestants in this competition but also give them a some what reality of how the real business is and how hard it can be. Will they get a part if they go to a audition and forget their lyrics…probably not! Simon and Nicki get this part of the show…they are more then singing judges! Common why does anyone want someone sitting on the panel looking at the ceiling or up the corner of their eye telling contestants “Oh How Marvelous Darling” when the contestant wasn’t marvelous or even good. Look at the contestant and tell them what you think of them…don’t look at the ceiling “the ceiling didn’t sing”! Telling someone they did great is one thing but telling them they did great five or more different ways is over kill. Stop being a prima donna! I wasn’t a fan of Nicki before the show and I probably won’t be after the show cause to be honest even if I do like many forms of music I’ve never really paid to her per say as an artist. Also, no matter if she came out with a song people hate her for…I can care less. I’m not going to judge her based on religious beliefs or personal beliefs. I can judge her as a judge only and she has done an honest job praising contestants she likes and also giving them negative feedback when they suck. Keith has done an all right job and Randy is just Randy getting boring saying the same things each week. Almost every comment on here people keep saying they watched from day one…if so then why didn’t you stop watching when Simon was mean all those years and got his way all those years and was disrespectful to other judges at times? Your opinions and like I say I’m not a fan of nicki but I think she is getting the wrong deal here! Don’t make it personal just cause you didn’t like her before the show ever started! Every year there has been comments made to wardrobes and looks. Judges have said “let me start out by saying how wonderful you look” or “you look like a star tonight”. Nothing different from Nicki commenting on how someone looks…it is a part of entertainment. Katharine McPhee and Kelly Clarkson among others have had negative comments on weight and appearance. Entertainers have to be able to handle all the publicity they will receive negative and positive and either by Jimmy or Nicki or any other judge these contestants need to get some form of that to make sure this is really what they want to do. This is a singing competition but, one that has a huge contract attached to it…not just some local talent show you walk off with a hundred dollars. The winner and most of the top talent on this show is going to be throne into the limelight of showbiz and they need to be prepared in every way. Sorry to say but just like in real life not everyone is nice…just cause Jimmy might seem like a nice and helpful guy doesn’t mean everyone these talented contestants will deal with will be nice to them!!!

    • I didn’t spell check or grammatically! check this so I do realize there is many errors…just in case someone wants to make a comment about it!

      • Yeah. I wish the spelling/grammar police would use their space to actually contribute something to the discussion. I guess they think it makes them seem smarter than us to nitpick typos, but everbody knows its the opinion offered that matters, not the occasional mispelling.

  59. Nick is my least favorite Judge. That she is condescending to Mariah in public is so declasse. She and Randy whom I like much better both tend to say things like they are speaking for the entire panel which indicates to me that they have an overinflated sense of themselves ( meaning they don’t really feel good about themSELVES) at bedrock. I adore Keith because he always gives such an honest intelligent yet possitive critique as does Mariah… If we were voting to get rid of one judge I’d vote for Niki. I think and hope she is learning. Being talented and famous doesn’t make you an authority.

  60. I have been so pleasantly surprised by Nikki; I find her refreshing, smart and articulate. Keith is great too. I love Mariah’s voice, but she cannot put a sentence together (I feel embarrassed for her) and Randy doesn’t even try to say anything original. Keep Nikki because she has real, constructive advise and she makes me smile.

    • Nicki ONLY SEEMS intelligent and articulate because she can string a sentence together, whereas Mariah babbles on and on without saying a damn thing and fills her time with “God please help me, How can I say this” “ok, ok , Um”. Looking for help from above or somewhere off to her left.

      Nicki’s personal opinions are just that and have no real world value to those contestants because she doesnt have the experience or success to back up her critiques.

      Anyone can sit up there and give their opinion in a coherent way and come off like they know what theyre talking about. You see it on cable news 24/7. Mariah has the success and talent to back up her comments, its a shame that she’s such an awkward public speaker.

  61. I was among the AI faithful until this year. I think that Keith Urban is one of the best judges that the show has ever had but I cannot stomach Nikki and I am not a huge fan of Randy and Mariah either. The show has become much more annoying than entertaining. And this is unfortunate because this year has had a great amount of talent among the contestants.

  62. I have to mute the tv every time she opens her mouth. It really annoys me when she critisises someone with more talent than her and she insults almost everyone with inappropriate comments about fashion and other things irrelevant to the show.

  63. Dont like Nikki at all , at least Simon had much more to bring to the competition and I would never ever consider Nikki a replacement to Simon way at all..Nikki took a lot of good away from the show, I hope she never returns, she is vulgar , has a bad mouth, and is very insulting..all the other Judges I adore..But Nikkii spoiled the whole show!!

  64. Please replace Nikki. By the way, I was not a Simon fan either. This program is in a family time slot and should respect that. Keith, I love, Mariah is kind-spirited and a keeper. How about Gwen Stefani, Bon Jovi or Martina McBride as a replacement?

    • I agree on Bon Jovi for sure. They need someone like him for contestants who dont want to do mainstream pop or country. Good one!

  65. I won’t watch anymore this year. Niki is mean-spirited, pompous and self-consumed. No class! It is so sad to see AI go downhill like this. Nigel should take a hint from The Voice. The judges on that show are smart, helpful, and they have a chemistry that people enjoy viewing. You finish watching The Voice and you’re happy. You turn off AI mid-way because you’re angry.

  66. Nikki Minaj needs an attitude adjustment. She doesn’t have any humility and therefore has an attitude of being superior than even the other judges. Her rolling of her eyes is a sure sign that she thinks everyone else has a problem and doesn’t see that she has issues. She has been so outwardly rude and doesn’t have any tactfulness in her comments at times. I think she was a poor choice for a judge….

  67. I would like to see Nikki replaced. While I like Mariah, I think that she gives little feedback that is direct and helpful and she spends too much time patting herself on the back. While I like Randy as a constant, he does seem to have a limited vocabulary when giving feedback. Judges should not proclaim any performance as the best performance of the night until all performances have been completed. Please, AI, don’t post the Judges top 3 again. Let the American viewing public decide who their top people are each night with their voting.
    Whoever the judges are, they must get along and be civil to each other. I will not endure Nikki again next year.


      • The spelling/grammar patrol are the only ones who care about that. Good comment. I agree with you. I wonder what kind of poll AI did before they decided to hire Nicki. Maybe they didnt even do one. they should have known that her fan base isnt the same as the target demographic for Idol.

      • ignore the grammar/typo patrol who have nothing more to contribute than to make commenters feel the need to apologize for typos/mispellings in their posts. Dont let them curb your enthusiasm or your right to state your opinion in any way. Dont waste your time apologizing. If someone needs clarification, they’ll ask for it.

  69. You guys make me laugh! All Nicki haters are saying that they won’t watch AI no more coz of Nicki and yet you guys still have the time to comment on how much you hate her here.

    Come on guys! Grow up! This is a free world. What I suggest is stay true to what you say and not continue to watch AI and zip your mouth about Nicki coz whether you like it or not she is a judge. So better to shut your pie holes and let her do her job rather than blame her.

  70. I have always watched AI until this year. Watched the first show—can’t stand Nikki and haven’t watched it since. Until they get her off the show and get someone with some class and taste, I won’t watch again. Loved 3 judges and not 4 and thought Steven, Jennifer & Randy were an awesome threesome for the judges. Get rid of Nikki or you will continue to lose your viewers!!!

  71. I honestly think most of you bought into all the scripted drama between Mariah and Nikki at the beginning of the season. And that is what you base your negitive comments in regard to Nikki on.I did not buy into it and I happen to think Nikki is a awesome judge. In my viewpoint, she is the best American Idol has had since Simon Cowell lleft. Her bold look make put some of the older viewers off. But, she is a much better Judge than Steve Tyler was last year, with his insanely repetitive, “simply beautiful” comments, he stated every time he spoke. Especially toward the end of the show when it was plain to see, he was bored with it. Nikki always speaks her viewpoint. Whether that view point is positive or negative … She says what is on her mind. And I respect that. We have not had that from judges since the days of Simon Cowell. While both are great people, I can’t really say the same thing about Mariah or Keith Urban. Plus, Nikki has a wicked sense of humor, that I few of the other judges have. And the producers already stated they want her signed up next season. They have not said the same thing about Keith or Mariah. I wonder why that is.

  72. Yes Nikki can be obnoxious and harsh, but so was Simon. He was even worse! At least she tells the truth, and cuts to the chase. I really thought Mariah was going to be a better judge; however, she just rambles to get out what she could say in one sentence. She seems so nervous to hurt the contestants feelings even when they didn’t do good.

  73. Miss American Idol. Hope she does not return. Very annoying and offensive character. What were they thinking? Yuck!!! Mariah is great!

  74. Personally, I think Nikki is one of the best judges in “American Idol history“. With the possible exception of Simian Cowell, no judge has ever been more honest then Nikki. You can tell Nikki is very enthusiastic and she is extremely complimentary when any performer does a good job. Just as she tells the truth when a performers gives a performance that is not worthy. This week when she said that Kree’s first performance was not a top-4 worthy performance …she was 100% correct. And this is coming from someone who likes Kree. And Nikki has a wicked sense of humor that I flat out, like. Compare her as a judge to Steven Tyler. Steven was so bored towards the end of the season, once he ran out of the one line jokes he had at first. That he was getting to the point where all he would do, is repeatedly say “simply beautiful … every freaking performance. And all over aged, country bunkins want to complain about Nikki, as a judge. Unbelievable.

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