This Week On American Idol 2015: Kelly Clarkson Returns For Top 9

Get ready for a trip down memory lane on American Idol 2015 this week as the Top 9 hit the stage under the wings of Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

American Idol 2015 finalists prepare for Top 8
American Idol 2015 finalists prepare for Top 8 – Source: FOX

The final eight contestants will pick a song from Clarkson’s catalog of hits from more than a decade of performances since she took the first American Idol crown. While that’s definitely be a lot of time with many great songs from Kelly, the obvious concern is the limitations as well.

Mentor Scott Borchetta spoke with FOX All Access about that potential issue and what they were doing to offset it:

“While there are a lot of great songs, there is not a lot of great songs. You’ve got a really finite amount of songs to work with. So, we are going to be working overtime on the arrangements to make sure they are as great as they can be.”

So we could be getting familiar songs with unfamiliar arrangements to help mix things up and keep Wednesday night’s Top 8 performances fresh for American Idol 2015.

Which Kelly Clarkson song would you pick for your favorite remaining contestant on American Idol?




  1. Kelly Clarkson sort of threw American idol under the bus last night at the iheart awards! They went to her for moments in carreer and Kelly said that she didn’t get a $million for winning Idol, only a few songs in the studio. And lastly she said she also didn’t get any car! (perhaps referring to Caleb’s and Jena’s Mustangs last season) The most worst time to show her discontent-much like Phillip Phillips. Note: she left 19 as soon as she could and expect Phillip to do the same; whereas Carrie has been content to stay.

    • Contracts are written first, and TWO parties sign! She didn’t have to sign or could have redacted parts she didn’t like or hire an attorney (artist rep) to weigh in, explain, and help negotiate! She was happy and satisfied, signed her name, and left for ONE reason:
      “Entitlement Syndrome”! Also known as greed in some circles, many athletes and performers get this “heady” problem, because other agents and studio/labels want a piece of the cash and get in the MIX!

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