American Idol 2015 Top 9 Power Rankings

After last week’s American Idol 2015 double elimination of Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker, we’re now down to single digits and the Power Rankings should become a little more obvious.

Let’s take a look at where we’re thinking the contestants might stand now as we head into Top 8 Week.


1. Jax. She had another good performance last week and continues to do well in polls and her social media presence is leagues above others.

2. Clark Beckham. Clark’s version of “Every Breath You Take” was fantastic. He gave JLo what might be the first goosies of the season and he got my vote. I think America is digging him as well, but I can’t be sure if they like him or Jax more.

3. Joey Cook. After a couple weeks of liking Joey, I’m back to not liking her. I think it was the way she sang the word “girls” in her performance of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” But everyone else loves her, so she’s looking pretty strong right now.

4. Daniel Seavey. I think younger female voters are probably still frantically super-voting for the little cutie of the season, but his vocals weren’t getting any better and his performance last week was just not good. But I think he’s safe still. He’s not doing well in the polls, but those voters aren’t as young as the people actually voting for Daniel. So I’m sticking with my gut on his ranking.

5. Nick Fradiani. I think Nick’s always pretty solid and his version of “Man in the Mirror” was good, but he needs to really have a moment if he wants to pull himself from middle of the pack. He could even be lower than this, but right now I think 5 is a good spot for him.

6. Tyanna Jones. I love Tyanna and I think she handled Whitney well (BTW, I picked that song for her so I finally got one right!). Her performances in our polls have been up and down, though, so I think people are voting for her based on her performances (imagine that). So I think she’s safe this week, but not quite as highly ranked as she deserves.

7. Quentin Alexander. This guy confuses me. I mean I know his musical stylings and his fashion stylings quite well. But I don’t understand how he’s outlasting some of these other people. I think he’ll be OK again this week.

8. Qaasim Middleton. I think Qaasim will ride that save wave one more week and he’ll be gone soon after. But for now, America might be a little more bored with Rayvon than him.

9. Rayvon Owen. Poor Rayvon. He was revealed to be in the bottom¬†so that could actually boost his votes next week, but it would have to be a great performance. And if that happens then maybe Qaasim’s luck will run out. Again.

How would you rank the American Idol 2015 Top 9?




  1. Clearly every person makes their choice as a favorite based on more than vocal talent.
    Clark has a side kick called a piano, his talent to play it, is average. His singing, or should I say talking (last song spoken not sung), is among the worst in this bunch.
    Same with Joey, vocals are lacking, she almost sings. Daniel is sweet, plays guitar but his voice is not yet mature or controlled. Jax, a pleasing voice, side kick piano, yet no range or stage ability.
    I believe Tyanna, based on record ability, from vocal abilities demonstrated, would win easily, IF choral teachers were voting. Her side kicks are dancing and performer traits beyond those mentioned above!

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