Watch The American Idol 2013 Finalists Revealed – VIDEO

Lazaro Arbos & Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

The American Idol 2013 finalists have been revealed as Ryan Seacrest brought out the Top 10 Hopefuls and shared them with the audience during last night’s results show. Now we have our final ten with no wild cards, phew!, and we’re ready to get this show on the road!

If you missed last night’s American Idol then we can catch you up in just six minutes with the video below.

This is going to be a very strong group of Top 10 and the weekly eliminations are going to be tough. Will Season 12 follow the past several years and name another male as the winner or will a girl finally have the opportunity to break that streak?

Branden dissected the Top 10 rankings and projected who will be the American Idol 2013 winner so be sure to give that a thorough read.

Are you ready for the countdown to the finale? We are!




  1. I thought it was kind of weird the way they kept the contestants in the green room and didnt make the announcements in front of audience like they used to. Why the change?

  2. I Like Lazaro too! It’s going to be tuff though. They are all good. I don’t think I can pick one this year.

  3. So far, I have liked so many of the differences this season from last. I like the judges MUCH better. I think each of them actually gives some critique–both positive and negative and though they mention they have their favorites, I haven’t gotten the feeling that they are pushing one over another. The judges are entertaining, which is part of their job–I didn’t expect to like Nicki, but think she is both hilarious and hard-working in her role. I didn’t know Keith Urban (heard of him, of course, but had never really seen) and think he is adorable, charming and spot on with his critiques. Randy is Randy, but toned down this year, and what he says seems more helpful than last year’s one-liners. Mariah has a tough job, because by the time it gets to her, everything has already been said. Even so, I think she is a good addition to the panel–need to balance out Nicki. 🙂 All the judges really seem to know what they are talking about, as they should. I liked the announcement of top 10 finalists…much more humane than having them all sit on the stage. I also enjoyed the victory songs. I like that there aren’t any wild cards, but am intrigued that the 6th-place girl and boy will have a sing-off next week to see who will join the tour?? Weird that it was mentioned at the end of the show and I haven’t heard anything else since. I think it will be interesting to find out who just missed making the top-10 cut. I also think all 10 finalists are better than the group last year. I was (and am) a Phillip fan from day 1, but am having a hard time narrowing it down this year. I really like Kree and Janelle, but am wowed by Candice Glover’s ability to really deliver the meaning of the song. However, I don’t know whether too much of the same repertoire will become boring. Of these 3 girls, I guess Kree has the best combination of voice+song interpretation IMO. Of the boys, I like Lazaro and Devin best. Don’t care at all for Paul or Curtis and think Burnell is meh. I’ll be voting for Kree and Janelle.

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