American Idol 2013 Top 10 Results: Who Got Voted Off?

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

It’s time to finally meet the American Idol 2013 Top 10 when we find out who got voted off and sent home from the semifinalists following two tough days of performances by the girls and the guys. Tonight’s show has returned to Hollywood where it will play out the rest of this season.

One by one the Top 20 Hopefuls will be brought out from the green room where they can’t hear what’s going on and their fate announced before the American Idol judges. Hopefully the contestants are ready for some tough news because half of them won’t make the cut.

We’ve made our predictions, but now it’s time to find out the official results and whether or not we’ll be entertaining Wild Card picks in the mix.

Ryan Seacrest reveals the guys will be announced first and heads back to meet them. It turns out that after each Top 10 American Idol 2013 singer is revealed he or she will also perform for the audience. I guess that’s how we’re going to fill 90 minutes!

Safe singers joining the American Idol 2013 Top 10 finalists:

  1. Paul Jolley
  2. Burnell Taylor
  3. Curtis Finch Jr
  4. Devin Velez
  5. Lazaro Arbos
  6. Janelle Arthur
  7. Candice Glover
  8. Angela Miller
  9. Amber Holcomb
  10. Kree Harrison

Wow! Were my predictions good, or what? How did your guesses turn out?

Now here are the singers cut from the competition tonight. Okay, so it doesn’t look like there will be any Wild Card additions to the finalist, but there is a twist. There will be one add-on for the tour. Next week the 6th place guy and girl will compete for your votes for that extra spot.

Eliminated Guys – voted off tonight:

Eliminated Girls – voted off tonight:

What do you think of tonight’s Idol results? Did America get it right?




  1. Top 10
    amber holbrook
    charlie askew
    paul jolley
    curtis finch jr
    & elijah liu

  2. my predictions: Angela, Kree,Candice,Janelle,Amber ( wildcard Aubrey- she’s too pretty to pass for the producers)…..Burnell,Curtis Finch,Lazaros,Nick,Paul Jolley ( wildcard between Cortez and Charlie….judges might feel guilty about last nite and put in Charlie)

  3. Burnell is a threat to the “girls season”. He hav such Radio Friendly voice. Very bankable.

  4. was it me or burnell looked stuck up?
    i mean he looked like he knew he was already in.

  5. No nicki! one more spanish from devin, he’s out!. He can’t do the same trick time after time.

  6. Charlie should have made it through. Especially after the judges had the nerve to LAUGH at him last night.

      • Nick has the most strikingly beautiful voice. Idol took a real hard turn down the wrong road this season. What a shame. I hope Nick feels he is well out of it and it won’t affect the brilliant career he surely has in front of him.

  7. Except Elijah, all of my predicts are making through
    I’m not Burnell fan 🙁
    But his performance is good,congrats..

    I hope there will be the wild cards

      • I am glad to see no wild cards…I think they were a waste of time…if you cant make the top 10…you are not gonna win…glad we dont have to sit through the nonsense contestants again

    • they will choose one boy and one girl to sing off next week ,one and only one will go on the tour they said. no no do not let it be Zoanette!!! we have enought craziness with Nikki

  8. I don’t know if it’s me or something but I hated everything about American Idol this year… The format is a rip off from what the Voice & X Factor is doing. Cutting a bunch of people without showcasing their talent is absurd. Some people they put in the top 10 just had a good night and they are not even the best vocally. Some that were sent home just had a bad night.

    Oh well, so much for American Idol being the Gold Standard as Randy claims. I prefer The Voice over AI now!

    • I’ve preferred the voice from it’s initial season but not sure what you mean about AI ripping off the formats of the other shows.

    • The format isnt ripped off from anywhere.

      I think this season will be remembered as one of the worst disappointments as far as the caliber of talent in top 10. Its a motley crew with only a precious few to drum up any enthusiasm for the show.

  9. Well all season everyone has been saying the girls are better than the guys and judging by tonight’s show, I would have to say they were right.

  10. I was glad that the one singing whats love got to do with it didnt make it she really sounded bad and not knowing the words really didnt help

  11. The only thing impressive about tonight was Candice’s singing and Mariah’s cleavage…….

  12. No.. no no no no
    Nick was good ;_;
    I hope he comes back as a wild card
    He deserves it more than anyone else.. <3

    • Completely agree! Nick’s voice is beautiful. So dissappointed and shocked that he was cut. I think it came down to the song choice. If he had done something w/ a little more pizzazz to show what he was capable of he would have got more votes. He kind of blended into the scenery behind that piano in the gray/blue shirt and the song just wasn’t memorable enough. Really too bad. But I had been rooting for him from the get go. Does anyone else agree w/ this?

  13. I said the same thing to my husband. Is it Cortez? If he sings a song again that is even half spanish he will NOT win. I mean no one is going to be a hit maker on the top 100 charts that sings in Spanish. Maybe on the hispanic top 100. An example was the gorgeous Selena Qintinia Perez. Spelling? Bless her heart. she was a sweetie. And just getting readdy to cross over to the English charts.Another young life wasted. And she was such a nice girl. No dope, or anything like that. Her dad made sure of that.

  14. I find the comments made by the judges are way out from the actual
    quality of the deserving contestants. Due to their unfair and
    unflattering comments several contestant were eliminated prematurely.
    Nicky is the worst among the four she is rude, fooling around with her
    silly antics robs away the quality of the show into a different
    direction. Mariah, I have never once seen her making her own stand in
    her comments, she is a “fence sitter” and she follows whatever Randy
    says in his comments. The judges are real joke.

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