Who Will Win American Idol 2014? Our Top 2 Prediction!

Now that we know the American Idol Top 2 for season 13, the time has come to speculate on which one of them will walk away with the crown! Who will win American Idol 13 next week and be one step closer to their dreams of fame and fortune? We take a look at the Top 2 and their chances to be the next American Idol winner!

American Idol 2014 Top 2 Caleb and Jena

After a long night of waiting very impatiently for the votes to be announced tonight and the Top 2 to be revealed, we finally know who will be going to the American Idol finale next week. We had our prediction about who would go home tonight in the elimination results, but we were well prepared for just about anything to happen. This is a week where the unexpected often happens on American Idol!

In the end, however, we weren’t totally shocked by the outcome on American Idol tonight. There had been plenty of signs that this might end up how it would all go down. For the past few weeks, the writing has kind of been on the wall about who would end up in the final two, even if fans of the singer eliminated tonight were wishing very hard for it to be otherwise.

It’s all over now, however, and it’s time to get on with the business of choosing an American Idol season 13 winner. Who should be the one who won American Idol 2014 when it is all said and done next week? Let’s take a look at the American Idol Top 2 and who should be the one to win!

Caleb Johnson: Let’s face it, Caleb has been a huge force to be reckoned with all season long. He’s been a favorite to make the Top 3 practically since the finals began and he started owing the stage like a rock star. No one has been as comfortable on stage as he is. No one owns it like Caleb. When he gets up there with a band on stage, he is the front-man at his own private Caleb Johnson concert.

Plus, no one has been as consistent as Caleb either. Through it all, Caleb has rarely ever had less than a stellar night and his critiques from the judges and the press have been almost overwhelmingly positive on every song. Caleb did have some serious vocal issues this week, but he had a good reason for it. He’s been hitting it so hard, he’s literally injured his vocal chords. Even so, his final performance this week absolutely blew away the audience and the American Idol judges alike.

We haven’t had a rocker win in a while and we’d love to see one take the crown and prove that American Idol isn’t just about pop or country. Rockers still has a place in the music industry too!

Jena Irene Ascuitto: Over the past few weeks, Jena has continued to top herself over and over with even more stellar performances. She’s had her rough moments this season, barely even making it to the Top 13 thanks to the American Idol judges giving her a Wild Card spot. However, she has proven time and time again that she has more to give, and she can stand up there and rock it as hard as Caleb, or deliver a sweet, sultry pop ballad with equal success.

While Caleb is an undisputed rock guru, Jena Irene has a bit more versatility and flexibility both in her style and her range. She can go from pop to rock from week to week, and sing a haunting tune behind the piano or take over the stage like a roaring banshee (in a good way). Jena may not be as consistent as Caleb, and she’s certainly had some tough critiques and questionable song choices, but she is always full of surprises. Sometimes, that’s the secret ingredient you need to be a winner.

Jena isn’t really like any other female American Idol winner we’ve had yet, and that uniqueness gives her a leg up when it comes to the American Idol finale. We’ve had rockers, pop divas, and soulful sirens take the top prize — but Jena is kind of all three at the same time.

When it comes down to a choice between the two, however, we have to go with what the American Idol betting odds, the fan polls, and the social media results have been telling us for weeks. If you put Caleb Johnson up against Jena Irene in the finale, the rocker is going to come out on top. So we’re going to place our final bet on Caleb Johnson as the American Idol winner. But we are prepared to be surprised, because it has certainly happened before!

Who do you think will be the one who won American Idol 2014? Tell us you pick for who should be the American Idol season 13 winner in our comments area below!




  1. Jena will win! There are some (ex. Bob) that will make excuses when things don’t go their way. I think an article on the “WILDCARDS” is in order. How many times during the 13 seasons of AI did they use the “WIDCARDS”? Clay Aiken and Jena are currently “tied” for the top showing of a “WILDCARD”. Thus when Jena wins, she’ll have the “RECORD” for the “ONLY WILDCARD” to ever “WIN” AI!

  2. I’m a Caleb fan all the way.. but (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I won’t be disappointed if Jena does win.. Both these people are talented. Both have grown in the recent weeks. Both are going to have great careers. I wish them the best! I’m looking forward to a great season finale! On as side note, it was nice to see Danny Gokey on American Idol last night. It was nice to see him so happy and to hear of all the good works he is doing for others!

  3. In reference to above: would you have also picked the “Rocker’ Bo Bice in American idol IV?

    • I don’t think James Durbin connected with the audience as well as Caleb has this season.

      Post Idol, it seems the correct choice was made sending James packing before the finale, as he really hasn’t done a whole lot post-show (i.m.o.).

      • James has two CDs and they are both awesome!!!!!
        Adam Lambert is a bigger star than Kris Allen will ever be!!!!

  4. well betting odds suggest Jena to win and has been for almost 6 weeks now!!! JENA TO WINNNN

    • hey not to mention jena has been on top in all the polls also for the last 2 or 3 weeks!! so ur obi just saying u want caleb to win ..but ppl prefer jena lol

  5. Caleb is an entertaining performer, but he’s a throwback to another era and would be a hard sell as a recording artist. Jena writes and performs contemporary music that fits nicely into the current market. So, I think that she would be the better choice to win.

    • Really???? You think we people from “another era” don’t buy music and go to concerts?! I would go to his rock concert ANY time! ♥ We may be old, but we ain’t dead! ☺

      • You missed my point entirely! What you’re saying is that the older generation, who loves REAL rock music isn’t relevant, yet we do spend plenty of money on music too and also can afford to go to concerts more often.

      • Nope. You are the one missing my point. Train is the sound right now for bands on Top 40 and that’s the box they will squeeze him into.

      • i agree with what ur saying however the audience and money that is made in classic rock is currently much less profitable than a market Jena can enter as she can somewhat appeal to a more versatile audience and remain in the top 40 Creep rose to number 9 in the charts!

      • Exactly! Because she’s pop, she has a better chance of reaching out to a broader audience beyond the Idol bubble.

        But then again, with Idol being less popular than it used to be, both of them might wind up flopping.

      • Yep, that’s true. Recently heard that ABC is going to be having a new singing competition premiering this summer. Overkill of too many singing shows is why they are fading.

      • Unfortunately they have what may be the worst lineup of host and panel ever assembled. In the Ryan Seacrest spot we’ll have smooth talker [not] Josh Groban. And the panel of experts will include Kesha [formerly Ke$ha] and Ludacris! Must miss TV IMO.

      • Caleb is a star but I think his attitude makes him a superstar But as a singer I think jena is the real singer. Caleb’s character needs to be on the silver screen as a pure actor that has singing talent. Jena all the way!!!!!!!!!no bs. Jena is pure singer. Calab is an actor that can sing.

      • I think people from my mom’s generation and all generations before then, liked or were programed to like boring music that had little in the way of soul. In fact, music that made you feel passion was often demonized by churches and politicians back then. I kid you not. Then Blues music, followed by Rock and Roll music changed all that and brought power and passion to the playing field. Sadly, I fear todays music is reverting back to bland, soulless, pop music that was once the style of my mom’s music. Maybe not quite as hokie as music back then, but still nothing more than soulless pop. So yes, it is possible that Caleb might not be relevant to that.

      • You absolutely right. Music is an acquired taste. and everyone has their own taste. My taste in music is much, MUCH wider than anyone I know. That is what makes me feel a little sad for a generation who see’s music that is performed with power and passion, as “just screaming”. I like SOME pop music. But, I can not begin to think how boring music would be to me, if all I liked was bland, pop music. But, than again, that is just me.

      • LOL! I like a wide variety of music, from The Beatles to Backstreet Boys to Adele to Pavarotti to Christian singer Amy Grant to Johnny Cash. Only thing I can’t stand is rap.

      • “Backstreet Boys” … really? That is what lights your fire? But, I hear you about rap music. But, funny thing is … I even like some of that in small doses.

      • Backstreet Boys are one of my guilty pleasures. They are music of my youth. I listen to my mix tapes of them when I’m in the mood for some nostalgia.

      • OK, I understand “guilty pleasures”. If you promise not to tell anyone … I will let you in on a secret. I used to very much like that song “thriller” by Michal Jackson. But, never outside my room, with all the doors and windows shut. 🙂

      • Some rap is good, Mya & Ol’ Dirty Bast… ‘Ghetto Superstar” that is one good Jam.

      • So, the gems that wind up on the pop charts every now and then, such as Adele or Norah Jones or Michael Buble or Josh Groban, who are the small handful of very few talented performers out there in the mainstream today, are “soulless”?

      • I just recently got hooked on John Legend and Alicia Keys. Two more gems out there in the mainstream.

      • Those performers will all be long gone and forgotten in 5 years most likely. Most all that passion filled music a lot of you call “screaming” is still hanging around. Why? because it music that continues to touch ones soul, 30 years after the fact. Do you think the very best of who you mentioned will be touching anyone’s soul, 30 year from now? Personally, I don’t.

      • Yes, the performers I listed will still be touching people’s souls 30 years from now.

        Also, I have not said anything about anyone “screaming”.

      • I second that. Josh Groban, for instance, is still going strong, after 10 years in the music business already.

      • Amen to that! Great content sells, and Groban is at the top of the content mountain!

      • Lets let the test of time, see how well top 40 music of today touches one soul years down the road. If I confused you with most of those that caleb’s style of performing as “being nothing more than screaming” … My apologies. That was the worn out, battle cry with most fans of Alex’s music.

      • Apology accepted.

        Not a fan of Alex. Judging from the clips I’ve seen of him, I’ve found him to be him rather boring. Actually, more into The Voice now than Idol.

        Also, the artists I listed are more Soft AC or what used to be called easy listening than Top 40. They appeal more to grown-ups than tweens/teens.

      • That’s correct Idol Fan. The only reason easy listening performers get
        mixed in with edgier performers is because Billboard doesn’t have a
        separate chart for easy listening performers anymore, most likely due to
        influence of these Mix stations, that play a mix of stuff, that keep growing in
        popularity. Stations like this: w w w . k l i t e o n l i n e . c o m

      • Those artists get played on stations such as this: w w w . s o f t n e a s y . c o m

      • The point we’re making to you and Foxstar is that not all mainstream music is atrocious like Miley Cyrus.

      • If I thought “All” mainstream music is atrocious, I would be just as bad as those who think music performed with passion and power, is nothing more than screaming. But in general, I do see a certain mediocrity in that vast majority of todays music, that reminds me of music from my mom’s generation.

      • Here’s where the wheels come off for me: The strong voice belting out lyrics with passion is great. Young people who attempt it [like Malaya and Jena] but end up screeching are not great. Malaya is not Alicia Keyes or Whitney Houston and likely never will be. Chris Grimmee on the Voice is another one who screeches to compensate for lack of power in her voice.

      • As someone who’s musical tastes run from Wagner and Mozart to the 20’s
        Jazz Era through some of today’s great tracks I would have to say that
        NO era is “better” than any other as there are essential songs released
        constantly, with the usual dross thrown in of course. Taste of course,
        is a VERY subjective thing. I own several Donny Osmond of his CD’s alphabetically categorized
        right after Ozzy Osbourne. ‘NSYNC CD’s are on display on my shelves
        alongside Sinatra, The Ramones, Muddy Waters, Metallica, The Pet Shop Boys, Doris Day, Hank Williams, Dion and The Belmonts,
        Judy Garland, Yoko Ono, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Marilyn Manson, Chopin, ABBA, Blue Oyster Cult, Elvis, Il Divo and on and on and on…

        All these artists and countless others I enjoy enough to invest money in so
        it’s impossible for me to rate an era as better than any other. Just
        sit back and enjoy the music you like and don’t worry about what’s
        “better” or “cooler”.

      • Well said! In my music collection, I have music of my youth (a wide variety of 80s
        and 90s MTV pop stars) alongside 50s/60s/70s oldies, various American Idol alumni, and music I discovered via PBS concerts.

      • Despite the music industries swift changes over the last few decades, I
        do not believe the quality has dropped. We have more artists today,
        working in a large variety of genres, which are all easily accessible. I
        think people’s perception of music is very subjective, so what one
        person may love, another may hate.

      • You are absolutely correct. Every rock music fan I know hates it when we are drinking and I put on a country song I like. And every country music fans I know runs for the hills when I put on a song that is performed in by a passion filled rock or blues performer That tell call “screaming”.

      • I did not foresee this tuning into such a music collection issue. My point is that music today has a definite “top 40” sound to it. And I personally do not think that is a good thing. If you do, fine. But, since you claiming to have this wide taste in music, it must be hard for you to think anyone that sings with the passion and power that Caleb performs as “Just screaming”. Am I right?

      • Yep. You missed DaughtryFan’s point entirely. He or she is saying to enjoy the music you like and quit being snobby and saying yours is better.

      • Thank you CarrieUFan. Yes, it is music snobbery. Translation of what
        Foxstar has been saying: “only my music is good”. Can’t stand people who
        think that way.

      • Hold on. How am I being snobby? People were saying Celeb’s style of music is irrelevant today. And I just stated why that I think that is. If you think I am being snobby because I said music today has reverted to a pop sound that is boring “to me” personally … Then yes, I am being “snobby” I guess. But, I also said if you like that pop sound, that is so popular today, there is nothing wrong with that.

      • I don’t know about anyone else but I hear a lot of indie pushing into the mainstream.

      • What I hear is someone complaining about something he or she has
        probably never even listened to. And, if he or she has listened to it,
        he or she hasn’t given it much of a chance.

      • You do realize that people, in their 70s now, were the ones that created and empowered Rock & Roll, right? The generation that gave the world The Beatles, The Stones, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, Simon & Garfunkel etc. You have a LOT to learn.

      • Debbie, you must be in grade school? Or Jr. High? Maybe you feel that way about your mom’s music because it actually say’s words one can understand and you are listening to screaming, which seems popular in today’s music. Maybe from all the loud noise this music makes you are defffffff

      • Music Lover, you might be confused on something here. It was me that said music from my mom’s generation was so bland and passionless … Not Debbie If you are old enough to have heard songs like “Jimmie crack corn and I don’t care”, you would know what I’m talking about. 🙂

      • I never thought Stevie Wonder, Barry White, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire, or the O’Jays were boring I like all kinds of music, but I agree there were a lot of songs in the 70’s and 80’s that were boring. 🙂

      • You have to go much further back in time to find the generation that were raised on bland music. But, I do agree there was many boring songs when I was growing up as well. That was always the hokey,, top 40 sound I have always disliked so much. and still do to this date.

      • I listen to songs that were recorded back in the 20’s too, but I find I liked the songs of the 40’s the best, Way before my time. but I like them just the same They play them on one radio station where I live.

      • I’m glad Daughtry ditched the 3 Doors Down/Nickelback rock sound this time around and went for more of the acoustic/pop route. That’s what people are buying and what’s selling. Smart move for them!

      • Um. Do you people from “another era” thing that screaming rock songs supersedes being humble? … If so, sure, vote for Caleb. He’s so arrogant that I can’t stand to look at him.

      • I disagree. There is a lot of Jagger swagger out there, but Bon Jovi has never been arrogant and 30 years into their career they continue to end up in the top grossing tours worldwide whenever they hit the road.

      • “being humble” … I never saw that as a reason to vote for someone on a vocal contest. But, for some reason many do. But, if that is the case you are voting based on personality, so you already know who you are voting for before the show even airs. How boring is that for you?

      • As a parent of a mentally disabled child, I didn’t appreciate Caleb’s choice of words either, regardless of whether or not they were “taken out of context”.

      • That’s the PROBLEM with people….is their self righteous indignation…..he apologized 3 times, but yet you keep bashing him…no forgiveness in you people at all. And BTW; I had a special needs child, so bother responding about I wouldn’t know. I have forgiveness in my heart; accept it and let it go already!!!

      • Maybe you only saw what you wanted to see. IMHO. To me, he seemed to explain it very well.

      • When you say or do something wrong. Of couse it’s right to say you’re sorry but most often you also get to suffer consequences for your actions. People forgive you, but they know what was in your heart.

      • A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. Luke 6:45

      • That’s true in itself; BUT, do you or any of us really know his heart, by just one comment??? I don’t think so!!! Those without sin, cast the first stone.

      • Amen to this! Likeability has always been a major factor on this show. Many of
        the winners (such as Kris Allen, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Phil
        Phillips) have been really likable, genuine and humble in what they’ve
        projected. Think of their reactions when they won, their sincere
        amazement and how it brought tears to your eyes (well, at least it did
        for me). Go back and watch those coronations if you don’t remember.
        It’s the payoff for the whole season viewers have invested in. No one
        wants to see the confetti raining down on someone who is full of

      • I couldn’t stand the heavy rock. Caleb can sing, but I wouldn’t buy his music or Jena’s. They bring nothing new, that I haven’t heard before. I think Alex was unique he has his own sound.

    • Exactly! For him to be successful post-Idol he’s got to be a Top 40 hit-maker and rock is currently dead on Top 40!

      • Depends on your definition of success. Plenty of artists make a great living and have a large fan base, without being part of that whole commercial, top 40 sell out stuff. Why do you think FM radio has been so successful over these many decades?

      • Success = Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry – award-winning, multi-platinum selling, getting tons of airplay on radio artists.

    • I just checked out their coronation singles on iTunes. Not too thrilled about either one. His would do good on radio if it were still 1984. Hers has a better chance at getting airplay.

      • If ever there was a decent coronation single, on any season … I missed it.

      • My rankings of the songs from best to worst:

        Phillip Phillips, “Home” (Season 11)
        Kelly Clarkson, “A Moment Like This” (Season 1)
        David Cook, “Time of My Life”(Season 7)
        Fantasia, “I Believe” (Season 3)
        Carrie Underwood, “Inside Your Heaven” (Season 4)
        Jordin Sparks, “This is My Now” (Season 6)
        Ruben Studdard, “Flying Without Wings” (Season 2)
        Taylor Hicks, “Do I Make You Proud?” (Season 5)
        Candice Glover, “I Am Beautiful” (Season 12)
        Scotty McCreery, “I Love You This Big” (Season 10)
        Kris Allen, “No Boundaries” (Season 8)

      • I would like them to release what Alex was going to sing, so we could have a chance to hear the top three. I think Alex would hit number one before Caleb and Jena if given the chance.

    • I think Caleb’s gonna win, not because he was the best but because they have him picked out. I doubt they really let us pick out the winner, I like Southern Rock but Caleb doesn’t have that type of voice. Ben Briley can sing Southern Rock as good as the bands of the 70’s. I never did understand why they didn’t save him.
      I liked Alex the best, out of the top three,he ruled on that show, he did not have a power voice but in he was best in talent over all. Jena can sing high notes but her lower range isn’t all that. but, I will say I would like to she her win.

    • The original poster is correct. Rock has evolved beyond the hair band
      sound that Caleb is interested in. He’s come along two or three decades
      too late. It’s going to be hard for him to get played anywhere on radio, thus
      making it hard for him to sell beyond his hardcore Idol fans.

  6. I’ve been rooting for Caleb since his audition! He has been consistently good from the start. This week with the vocal cord injury, he did extremely well, considering. That’s the sign of a real pro. Yes, Jena is versatile, but, when it comes to the overall package – vocal ability PLUS stage presence – it’s CALEB ALL THE WAY, for me! ♥ Anyway, it’s about time a rocker took the top prize. David Cook was the only other one to do it, in all these years.

    • He has apologized at least 3 times; too bad you self righteous people keep beating a dead horse. His TRUE FANS accepted it and let it go..to bad you can’t do the same.

    • Oh good grief! It was taken out of context and he has apologized numerous times. I guess you’ve never ever said anything that came out wrong? It happens to everyone.

      • Debbie, Not only was it taken out of context … If you watch closely you will see that Caleb is almost always the very first to congratulate every other performer after a good performance. When they show the performers together as a group, it is “always” Caleb who is the most friendly and outgoing. Yet some fans can not see that.

      • Foxstar I agree. I was initially hurt and disappointed in Caleb’s rude remarks. However, I will continue to support him as I have from the start. This is a talent competition. Caleb apoligized publicly, and we need to move on to the talent aspect of the vote. He is by far the best performer/singer the show has produced this season. Maybe not the best of all who auditioned, but the best of the top contestants who performed on the show. I think that he deserves to win, head and shoulders over Jeeeeena (rolls eyes)

      • I think Dexter was… Caleb may seem nice, he may be to his friends, but I heard what he called his fans.

      • If you think it was taken out of contest you obviously have not seen the interview.

      • no we saw the interview but you haters make it out the way you want to, we know what he said was wrong and so doesn’t Caleb and he has apologized several times, just we can forgive and the haters cannot!

  7. Caleb all the way!!!! Caleb has not had a bad performance yet. Jena just can’t compare to him. She is not a great singer.

      • The closest to a Disney character, will win. We saw this when Adam Lambert was top two and the other guy “what’s his name?’ won.

      • without a doubt that’s why adam lost. but he sure is doing well now!! and where is kris allen, nowadays???

    • Did you WATCH “Demons”? That was awful. Worse than Malaya and MK performances. Worst of the season. Legitimately painful to the ears.

      • Yeah it dId sound off. The guy was singing with a vocal chord hemmorage.! He couldn’t even hit notes that he normally sings effortlessly. Everyone has there own opinions but the one thing people can’t deny is that the guy has a great voice !!

  8. Sure would be nice for the finals week to let the contestants perform without comments or other antics from the judges. Give America a chance to vote based on what we think, not what the judges are trying to get us to think. At this point in the competition comments like, “It wasn’t your best” or “It’s a good thing you still have another song” or “That may be enough for you to win it” are not needed. Give the fans a chance to prove that we are not the retards Caleb thinks we are.

  9. Judging by consistency, pulling the crowd up, confidence, creativity, owning and rocking the stage and a lot of other areas, the whole world knows that Caleb is the man. the only area you can say Jena is better than Caleb is when it comes to switching from a rocky song to blues or R&B comfortably. But Caleb has always been and is still the best on the show. He’s a perfect Entertainer! Undisputed! A lot of people have fallen in love with Jena and might just throw in their vote for her, but any unbiased person that has been following the show knows Caleb deserves everyone’s vote. Damn, his last performance was killing! Slamming the mic stand the way he did, damn! Caleb is the man no doubt. Even non-rock lovers loves when he takes the stage. I really hope he wins. Caleb all the way yo!

  10. I have been seeing Caleb and Jena “both” being head and shoulder above any of the other performers for as long as I have been watching this season. Both have been fairly consistent in being the top two each and every week, as I saw it. Who I would pick between these two would easily be Caleb. I think the only chance Jena has is if Caleb still has vocal cord issues next week. But, lets not forget Jena is only 17 years old. So, hats off to her as well.

    • I believe he also auditioned in season 11. Season 10, though, he would have been toe-to-toe with J. Durbin.

      Hard to say how that would have played out.. but, I think seasoning for 3 years has only helped Caleb.

      • Go to youtube and type in Caleb Johnson James Durbin, you’ll see the two in a group sing from Season 10, performing a Queen song. It’s brutal, and they’re the only two to make the cut.

  11. I would love to get a message to J-LO..I really think it was BS, to say that JENA is going to be hard to beat…I think she needs to keep her opinion on who she wants to win to her self.. it is now down to these 2 people.. DO not put your favortism into the show…

    • while I’m pro-Caleb, to be fair, at least one other judge this season said the same thing about him (can’t remember who, could even have been JLO!)

    • Thank you Kim. I have been saying this from the start. The worst was her running up to Jena and slobbering all over her. I also took offense at her comment regarding Jena being hard to beat. Why doesn’t she just plaster a sign reading “vote for Jena” all over that huge posterior of hers. That would work for her–no??!!

  12. CALEB HANDS DOWN!!! THE BEST SINGER/PERFORMER! in along time! ADAM LAMEBERT THE BEST! vote every way you can CALEB FANS!!!!

  13. I am cheering for Caleb to win, but I am sure the vote will be close. Jena is a good singer but it is the same old American Idol stuff we have heard a hundred times while Caleb is something different. Real different. He brings down the house every week. He is a performer and an entertainer. Go Caleb.

  14. I can see why the odds favor Caleb. He is the best standing performer, while Jena excels sitting at the piano. Alex’s votes favor another man like Caleb is to get more % of than a female. One less day to prepare means Jena won’t have as much time to devote to the “EXTRA” work involved in playing the piano (her Caleb Buster) Tuesday night. If she doesn’t play the piano at all the arrow of advantage points to Caleb. Note: coronation song “WILL NOT”” include her playing the piano and in all likelihood will be both hers and Caleb’s most important last song performed Tuesday night! Some say Clay Aiken was better than Ruben Studdard but because he was “Labeled” a “WILDCARD” that many thought Clay shouldn’t win. Much like when my Redskins (1972 wildcard in the Superbowl) lost to Miami Dolphins (undefeated season). Some may also say that Jena is a baby girl at only 17 years of age and Caleb (being a 23 year old man) would be a more “CREDITABLE” AI winner. But if Jena can find another “HAUNTING” type song to play “on the piano” for her 2nd song Tuesday, I believe the arrow will point in her direction.

  15. Thing is, Jena’s likeable. Caleb’s ridiculously arrogant and pompous. Jena’s also more unique and has more of a career ahead of her – look at the sales on their potential winner’s singles if you don’t believe me. (Not to mention the fact that Jena’s “Creep” is still lingering at the top of the iTunes singles chart). Jena has all the momentum on her side, and she’s done more to deserve the win. She’s a perfect mix of musician and vocal talent – the original theme for Top 4 week was “Originals” before they realized that Caleb was the only one who couldn’t write an original song to save his life… see “Fairytales,” “Unbreakable Me,” and “Blue-Eyed Lie” for proof of the others’ talent. Plus, Jena can provide lots of variety in her performances, while Caleb does the same scream-y rock cover every time. Jena’s likeable, unique, a star to be, and has momentum on her side. She’s going to win.

    • Caleb writes original music – he and his band, Elijah Hooker, have already put our one CD and have recorded music for another (visit his youtube channel for more). Also, Caleb is NOT arrogant. He’s a hometown boy. When he went back to NC, the cops kept trying to move him along (maybe why he got sick), but Caleb stayed to talked to everyone who continued to ask him questions. When he left the concert venue, he didn’t hide out from his fans, he went to a neighborhood video/comic book store to hang out some more. I don’t disagree that Jena is a star on the rise – when we’re watching her, we’re watching a great competitor. But when we’re watching Caleb, we’re watching a concert. He’s my American Idol.

    • If you notice, there are a lot of people like to call Caleb “arrogant. Not surprising, as a few seasons back it was those religious minded, country loving folk that were calling Haley Rhienhart arrogant and MUCH worse (Using words I can not even mention here) because she was not “humble“ enough. But if Caleb is supposed to be so arrogant, why is he always and I mean ALWAYS the very first to congratulate, others when they have a great performance. And why is it when they are showing videos of them as a group when they are not on stage, he is ALWAYS the most outgoing and friendly among any of them. But, those that call Caleb arrogant, are hopeful you do not see that.

    • caleb is NOT arrogant!! caleb is a ROCK STAR!!! he’s got the rock star ATTITUDE ON STAGE!!! but he’s got the sweetest smile. this is not to take anything away from jena…she’s a great singer. but I think caleb is a better PERFORMER.

      • Caleb and Jena are equally meh. They will go exactly nowhere post Idol. There is zero market for Caleb’s schtick and Missy Mumbles is annoying and a poseur.

      • I agree, and love your descriptions, but I think Caleb will win this. I don’t think either one of them will have a career in this industry as you stated. At least I think Caleb deserves the win. Missy Mumbles and her phony accent makes my ears bleed.

      • I haven’t been watching Idol as devotedly as I used to. What clips I have seen from this season have been rather meh.

      • American Idol should do a first in it’s history and bring Alex back. He’s the one who will be around the longest, with his own unique sound.
        I’m sick of screamers and a lot of people think you have to hit the high notes or you’re no good.

  16. It’s about talent not character. However, the week the option was given to not vote anyone off and give all 5 another week, Jena and Alex voted to vote someone off. Sam would have taken their votes and they wanted him off. Caleb wanted to give another week. I truly enjoy watching Caleb, and he is a great entertainer. Jena screams too much and not all that great, but she plays the piano well. My votes are for Caleb as many of my friends are the same…WIN CALEB

    • What are you smoking? Sam HIMSELF said that he pulled the others aside and they decided to vote no. Jena and Alex were the only two that hadn’t voted yet so they had the no votes. Alex was Sam’s best friend through the whole competition so your logic simply doesn’t make sense. Nice try to get support for your fave though.

  17. THINK.. how big the artist are that did not win American Idol, Adam Lambert, daughtry, I want Caleb to win. BUT, if he doesn’t he will become bigger then Jena ever will…AMEN

  18. Think how big artist such as Adam Lambert , daughtry have become without winning American Idol.. CALEB, If he looses will become bigger then Jena Irene could EVER, become.. GO CALEB

  19. Caleb is a singer. Jena is an artist. That is the difference for me. Caleb never changes songs up and instead sings straight up karaoke every week. Does he have a good voice? Yes. But so does Jena. The upper hand goes to Jena because she has shown incredible versatility (she can do an upbeat rock song one week and a slow ballad at the piano the next) and she always manages to surprise the viewers week in and week out by changing songs to suit her needs. Caleb is a one-trick pony, he isn’t current, he tried gaining sympathy votes by saying he was sick even though Alex was sick as well, and frankly I don’t care for his attitude. Using the r word is gross to me whether you apologize or not. I would have loved to have seen a final 2 between the true artists of the competition, Alex and Jena. Now THAT would have been exciting.

    • Caleb screams, his voice will give on him sooner or later doing that, Jena is another screamer but her lower range isn’t good.

  20. I think caleb will win and am hoping he does both Jena and caleb are very talented but over all caleb comes out on top he has such a good range in music he can probably have any song out there and kill it as of Jena I don’t think she could hit a variety of music as caleb can I truly think he should get the winners spot!!! Let’s go Caleb

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