Zoanette Johnson Performs ‘Buh Buh Du Buh’ On American Idol 2013


What the what? I mean who goes on American Idol 2013 and makes up a song and drums along to it? Zoanette Johnson, that’s who.

I realize that she was by no means the best singer during last night’s Hollywood Week solo round for the girls. But I do understand why she made it into the American Idol 2013 Top 40. She’s entertaining! Sure she won’t get too far. She probably won’t even make it past Las Vegas, but I’m going to enjoy her while I can.

And you have to give her credit for making up that song on the spot and drumming along and it not being a train wreck. I mean it’s not a song she could ever sing twice, but it proves that she’s talented. She just needs to take things seriously.  If she’s get serious, I’m convinced she could be a great artist. But in the meantime, I’ll take her for the hilarious entertainer she is.

Let’s take another look at her original number below.

What do you think of Zoanette Johnson? Does she have what it takes to be the next American Idol?




  1. I cannot believe they liked CHUBAKA (Zoanette) Yuk!!!!. I find Angela Miller had the best performance in the girls that it made me replay it 20X.

  2. What in the world were the judges thinking? Zoanette can’t play the drums, can’t sing, obnoxious, etc. She took a spot away from a girl with talent. I’m very disappointed. Wake up judges…you are going to lose viewers.

  3. I so agree. it is a shame that they sent home very good singers and kept Zoanette. She will never be anybody’s idol

  4. Disappointed…I agreed with the entertainment value of sending her to hollywood but I surely thought she would be cut as soon as she hopped off the bus…But it is what it is…idol likes to hold on and stash talent for future seasons. And stop making fun of the child’s appearance can we move past that. On voice alone she shouldn’t be here. I do get a nice laugh from her efforts but sadly it’s me laughing at her and not with her.

  5. Crazy putting that Zoanette thru. Thought the show was about signing. Wont be watching this year. Just plain Crazy.

  6. Shirley justvtook the words out of my mouth. Thete is no way that girl belongs in the top 40. I can go to a local Karaoke bar & find better talent! That was totally rediculous for passing her through to the next round. Ive seen 20 girls on there better than her !

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