American Idol 2013: Angela Miller Performs ‘Set Me Free’


We officially found out the American Idol 2013 Top 40 last night, but before we got the news, the girls took to the Hollywood Week stage for their solo rounds and their were some pretty strong standouts.

But none were as strong as Angela Miller. I’m going to go ahead and call her performance the best pre-live show performance ever. And this isn’t just an in-the-moment kind of thing. Not only was the vocals stellar, but she performed an original song. So she’s possibly a great song-writer AND a great singer. She’s the real deal. Expect big things from Angela Miller.

We’ve got her phenomenal audition below. Let’s take another look at and listen to her performing her own song, “Set Me Free.”

What do you think of Angela Miller? Does she have what it takes to become the first female American Idol winner since season 7’s Jordin Sparks?





  1. I’m gonna throw out there that I want to see her win it all this year. After that performance I must say she’s the best in the entire competition.

  2. Does Randy really need to continually talk and make comments in the middle of songs? I don’t want to hear him……I want to hear singers……it’s distracting & disrespectful..

    • That’s down to the editors of the show. They could have cut out Randy’s voice if they wanted to. In fact they probably amplified it for the viewers.

  3. Even though Angela may be the best, the teenyboppers will have the last say as AI will still have unlimited voting again this year. Thus look for a cute boy, even though he can’t sing, like Duweese a couple of years ago.;

  4. Interesting that comments are made about who hold sthe votings power … if you wanr her vote !!!

  5. Angela Miller’s performance was the BEST in Idol history. That song was one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Her voice is pure perfection. She needs to sign a recording contract NOW and release her song as a single so that I can buy it. Her performance was absolutely amazing!!!! I’m SOOOO glad that I recorded that episode on my DVR so that I can watch and hear her sing that song over and over again. Crazy talented!!!!! She has my vote from here on out. She better not get voted off or I will stop watching Idol as well. I jus wonder how anyone else can top that performance. The bar is set pretty darn high now. Its too bad that we aren’t at the point in the competition where we can begin voting. Angela, you have my vote from here on out!! Go girl!!!

  6. That was a Grammy Award Winning performance & original song. How fitting since the Grammy’s were just last week and this was as good and I think better than any song or artist that won a Grammy last week! Hope she has staying power & more great originals!

  7. oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the sweetest voice i have for along time she got it,this is very nice i keep on replaying it real touches

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