American Idol 2011 Premiere Countdown

Hey all you American Idol fans!  Tomorrow is the premiere of the number one show on television and I’m actually looking forward to seeing all the changes we have in store for us.  After last season’s train wreck things can only get better especially with executive producer Nigel Lythgoe back on the scene.

Nigel produced the first seven seasons of Idol and made the show into the power house we all came to love.  Season 8 was probably the best but only because we had the talented Adam Lambert to cheer for.  Season 9 was the lowest rated ever and with concerts being canceled and album sales plummeting it was obvious someone was going to have to step in and completely do a makeover and that’s what Nigel has attempted with American Idol Season 10.

The first major change was to get rid of Ellen and Kara.  I had high hopes for Ellen last year but in all honesty she had NO business being a judge.  I wasn’t sure about the hiring of Jennifer Lopez at first because we’ve all heard about her diva attitude but the things I’ve been reading give me some hope.  She’s supposedly running things from the judges chair and giving some excellent feedback and criticism.  Steven Tyler is taking on the role of Paula from the reports I’ve seen and that has to be some great comedy for all us viewers at home.  I think with these two additions and everyone’s favorite “dawg” Randy Jackson, we have something to look forward to as far as the judges go.

The big question is who is going to be mean like Simon Cowell?  I hear it’s Universal Records chairman Jimmy Iovine who will mentor the kids each week and turn them into someone worthy of signing a label.  Nigel describes him as “the type of guy that can stand there, look you in the eyes when he’s heard your CD, and throw it in the bin and say, ‘Not good enough!'”  Sounds good to me, lol.  The kids need someone tough so bring it on Jimmy! 

The most important American Idol 2011 change in my opinion is the music.  They’re doing away with the karaoke nights of singing the oldies and letting the singers stick with their particular genre and work with mega star producers who will work with them to make their music radio worthy for today.  How’s that for “relevant”?  I can’t wait!

What are you most looking forward to this season?