American Idol 2012 Finalist Joshua Ledet Feels Good Despite Elimination

Joshua Ledet eliminated on American Idol 2012

He may have been sent home last night on American Idol 2012 but Joshua Ledet is keeping his chin up and staying positive about his prospects in a post-Idol world. Well, maybe not as chipper as Hollie Cavanagh or Skylar Laine, but pretty darn okay for having just missed the American Idol finale show. Joshua stopped to talk with Fox’s “All Access” and their “most boring man in the world” interviewer.

“I am great. I feel relieved from this whole competition. I feel pretty good,” Joshua explained when asked how he was doing shortly after receiving the elimination news. He went on to add, “making it to the Top 3 was the most amazing feeling ever. I’ve accomplished a lot.”

Knowing that he wouldn’t be on stage to compete next week Joshua left the American Idol Top 2 with some quick advice. “I told them to leave everything on the stage next week cause there’s only one winner and you guys gotta fight for it.”

Looking forward to one more chance to perform as part of the American Idol 2012 finale show Joshua knows exactly who he wants to sing next to. “It would be Fantasia Barrino because I love her so much.” Idol should be able to make that happen considering she’s a former AI crown winner herself.

Going even further forward Joshua said that he doesn’t know for sure what he’ll be doing next since he hasn’t sat down and talked it through, but you’ll definitely be able to see him this summer on the American Idol tour.

Source: Fox All Access