American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 3 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 3

It was the last week of American Idol 2012 eliminations before the big finale show arrived. The three remaining finalists, Joshua Ledet, Phillp Philips, and Jessica Sanchez, took to the stage and performed for your votes. In the end it was Joshua who came up short of the votes he needed to carry on to the next round both here on our site and in the official voting. Let’s take a look at how you, the readers, voted and ranked the American Idol 2012 Top 3 performers.

Jessica Sanchez has lead our site’s poll every week of the season 11 competition and Top 3 week was no different with 58% of our poll. Now’s the time to see if she can keep the momentum going and relay it over to where it officially counts. As other singers have been eliminated she’s managed to assimilate at least some of her competitors’ voters here which contributes to her continued climb. It’s still yet to be seen how she managed to lead the top of our poll and the bottom of the official poll the week she was eliminated. This trip to the American Idol 2012 finale marks the first time an eliminated singer has returned to make it that far. Let’s see if her song selections for this week treat her well.

Phillip Phillip, who earned 26% of our poll’s votes, remains the only singer to have not ended up in the confirmed bottom 3 ranks all season, but that hasn’t kept him safe here in our polls. After starting strong Phillip took a dive to the middle of the pack and then even down to the lower tiers as far as our polls went this year. Now he’s made it on to the end of the Idol road and history stands on his side with his absence from the Bottom 3 and the past four seasons’ winners’ profile. Has America decided to change things up and vote in a female winner or will they stick with the streak?

Joshua Ledet had the misfortune of coming up short in our poll last week with just 14% of the vote here. Just as we’ve seen for the past month, the singer who earned the fewest votes here also earned the fewest official votes. His fans may have been disappointed, but we weren’t surprised based on those numbers. Joshua still did a great job this season and will have all the opportunities he needs to make a go of it. Anyone disappointed that Joshua fell just short of the finale should be happy to know he’ll get another chance on the stage when he duets with, allegedly, Fantasia Barrino on Wednesday’s big American Idol 2012 season finale event.

We’ve got just one more poll left this season, so get ready to vote for your favorite after Tuesday’s performance show. It’ll be a close competition with exciting results, so don’t miss our coverage as American Idol season 11 comes to a close.

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American Idol 2012 Top 3 rankings