American Idol 2012: Top 24 Spoilers and Where They Auditioned

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions

The Idol Pad, MJs and basically everyone else has reported the same American Idol 2012 Top 24 spoilers, so while nothing is confirmed, it should be pretty safe to say that the list below is solid.

Along with the list is a breakdown of the Top 24’s audition cities.

It comes as no surprise that NO Top 24 contestant came out of last night’s dud Aspen episode. It looks like Pittsburgh produced the most Top 24 contestants with nine of the 24. Followed by Charleston/Savannah with seven, Houston with five, San Diego two, and Portland only one.

If you want to see the list, keep reading. If you don’t want to be spoiled, run away! Now!

The American Idol Top 24 — Audition City

The (alleged) Top 12 Girls

Hollie Cavanagh — Houston

Baylie Brown — Houston

Jen Hirsh — Houston

Chelsea Sorell — Charleston/Savannah

Hallie Day — Pittsburgh

Elise Testone — Charleston/Savannah

Erika Van Pelt — Pittsburgh

Jessica Sanchez — San Diego

Haley Johnson — Portland

Shannon Magrane — Charleston/Savannah

Brielle Von Hugel — Charleston/Savannah

Skylar Laine — Houston

The (alleged) Top 12 Boys

Adam Brock — Pittsburgh

Reed Grimm — Pittsburgh

Deandre Brackensick — San Diego

Creighton Fraker — Pittsburgh

Aaron Sanders — Pittsburgh

Joshua Ledet — Houston

Eben Franckewitz — Pittsburgh

Heejun Han — Pittsburgh

Phillip Phillips — Charleston/Savannah

Jeremy Rosado — Charleston/Savannah

Chase Likens — Pittsburgh

Colton Dixon — Charleston/Savannah