American Idol 2013 Schedule: Top 9 Week Events

Candice Glover on American Idol 2013

This week on American Idol 2013 the remaining finalists who make up the Top 9 contestants will return to the stage for another back-to-back episodes starting this Wednesday on FOX, according to the American Idol schedule for Season 12.

On Wednesday night they’ll perform in a two-hour show featuring the songs from the Paul McCartney and John Lennon catalogs. Of course we’ve heard these songs a lot, but the material is good should the Top 9 know how to handle them or even try to make them their own.

Then on Thursday night at 8PM ET/PT we’ll get the American Idol results one-hour show when another singer is cut from the competition. Unless, of course, the Judges Save comes in to play and puts that Hopeful back in the mix. But as Branden pointed out earlier, I doubt they’ll use it on any of the guys and the guys seem to be filling to the lower ranks of the votes so far. I’d also be surprised if they’d waste it this early.

Performing as part of Thursday night’s American Idol 2013 episode will be returning Hopeful, Jessica Sanchez. Jessica will perform her new single “Tonight” during the live results show. Ne-Yo will also appear as part of a duet with Sanchez during her return to the Idol stage.

Also at some point this week we’ll learn if either Charlie Askew or Aubrey Cleland will win the Wild Card competition to become the 11th member of the summer live tour. Perhaps the votes will be close and producers will decide to include both!

It’ll be interesting to see if the girls can maintain their impressive lead so far on American Idol 2013 when the votes are revealed. I’m really enjoying the new vote rank reveals for this season and hope they keep giving us details like that to clear the results fog.

Are you ready for the Top 9 week on American Idol? Let’s see where it takes us!