Girls Lead The Top 10 Pack On American Idol 2013

Candice Glover on American Idol 2013

We’ve been hearing it since before the premiere of American Idol 2013: it’s a girl’s year to win. Well, based on this week’s performance poll for “Who was the best?” those discussions look to be spot on.

The girls make up five of the Top 10 spots this week but manage to exclusively hold four of the top five positions. Only Janelle Arthur slips out of race as she’s currently tied in a four-way split for fifth with Paul Jolley, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez. Earlier this morning Janelle was tied for sixth place so she may be rising to help the ladies shutout all of the guys from the top half of the ranks.

Branden earlier predicted that either Devin Velez or Curtis Finch Jr would be voted off American Idol 2013 tonight and while he’s leaning toward Devin I’ll go with Curtis due to his opening spot in last night’s show. If either of those situations happen then the girls will be up on the guys by just one contestant.

Based on what you saw during the Top 10 performance show, do you think the ladies are destined to win this year? It’s still early and the tides can change quickly. Stick with us to find out what happens next on American Idol!




  1. The girls are so much better than the guys this year, in my viewpoint. I have them holding the top 4 spots … By a mile. If a guy manages to win this year … that will show us that 12 year girls, who vote on who is the cutest, should be banned from voting.

  2. I think it is going to be Candace, or Amber for the win. Lazaro was just not good last night. Devin did not sing upto his usual good songs. He was not good either.And Paul Jolly still sounded a bit opera to me. It was a better performance from him though. Jimmy Iovine gave him some good advice. Janelle I think will be gone. Just because there is some stiff competitors among the girls.I split my 50 votes. 25 for Candace and 25 for Amber.

    • Hi, Sweet Sherry K. Here we are …back again…just can’t keep die hard fans away…it does look like a girl’s year. Candace is definitely a strong contestant. Love you. Hi to you too Phyllis G. if you see this 🙂

  3. I voted for Devin. He deserves to go far. I loved him last night and understood what he was trying to do. Please let Curtis be the one to go home!! I also have my fingers crossed for Candice to go further than 3rd -4th place which is where all of the talented female black r&b singers always seem to make it. I would pick her to win over anyone besides Devin.

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