American Idol 2013 Top 3: Who Has What It Takes To Win Now?

Idol 2013 Top 3

After two weeks of American Idol 2013 Top 4, we’ve got our Top 3. Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison will he heading home for the Top 3 homecomings next week and will be singing for those two spots in the season finale.

So like every other week this season, it’s time to take a look at who has what it takes to win American Idol 2013 now. And it’s no longer as easy as it once was. I’m starting to think the votes are so close this season, anything can happen. And as always, these are not my personal opinions, but my predictions on how I think the rest of the season could play out based on the current state of the competition.

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Assessment 

1. Angie Miller. I think I’m back to thinking America is going to pick Angie. As I said above, anything can happen and I think song choice is more important than ever. And I mean ever. I think Angie’s fanbase is the biggest. She has around 60,000 more Twitter followers than the other two. And while Twitter doesn’t decide who gets votes, that difference is huge. It means she has more fans, simple as that. But do those fans vote? Not sure. Final Placement Prediction: American Idol 2013 winner

2. Kree Harrison. Kree has the least amount of Twitter fans than Angie and Candice, but her fan base is likely the older, country, and rural groups that don’t exactly dominate Twitter. And they vote. Country music fans love Idol and they love to vote for country singers. So even though I think Candice should definitely be ahead of Kree, I don’t see it happening. Maybe I’m wrong. Final Placement Prediction: Runner-up

3. Candice Glover. I think Candice is the best singer of the three, but since Idol is and always has been a popularity contest, she will likely finish in third place. I don’t want that to happen, but that’s where I see it. UNLESS she has a flawless show next week and picks familiar songs that audiences respond to. Oh, and it might help if her homecoming is more emotional than the other two. Ha. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd place

And since readers can be very cruel and accusatory (not to mention confused), I decided to reveal how I’d rank the girls. I’m also going on the record as saying that I write my blogs the way the majority of bloggers do: I mix news, features and recaps with my opinion. This isn’t CNN, it’s a blog. So that’s why it’s OK for me to say who I think should win even though I usually don’t try to point it out. There doesn’t have to be an unbias here. I’m not a news reporter. I’ve been trained in news reporting, but that’s not what this is. OK, enough explaining. On to my opinion.

How I’d rank the final three:

  • American Idol Winner: Candice Glover
  • Runner-up: Kree Harrison
  • 3rd place: Angie Miller

What do you think will happen and what do you want to happen?  They can be two different things, you know. Just like mine.