Meet Your American Idol 2013 Top 3 Finalists

American Idol 2013 Top 3

We’re just ten days away from the American Idol 2013 finale where either Angie Miller, Candice Glover, or Kree Harrison will become the Season 12 winner of American Idol. While Angie has never strayed in to the danger zone of being in the Bottom 2 or 3, there’s no room for error this late in the competition. This could be the time for Candice or Kree to make their big move and knock out the projected winner.

This week the final three ladies will have three tries with this week’s Idol theme to sway the judges and voting audience. With so few singers left in the competition it’s not surprising to find the American Idol production team cranking up the stage time.

Starting this Wednesday you’ll hear Angie, Candice, and Kree fill three song options: Jimmy Iovine’s choice, Judges’ choice, and Producers’ choice. Too bad there wasn’t a viewer’s choice where we had the chance to vote all Friday and then let the ladies prepare from there on out. Ah well.

Which American Idol 2013 do you most want to see move on to the May 15th & 16th season finale? If you keep voting then you just might get your wish!




    • God, please don’t let Angie win. She loves herself way too much. If she had an ounce of humility, I would be in her corner. Sorry Deb, it’s how I feel.

      • i do agree with that randy..,,, so KREE for the winner..,, she will be the next american idol…!!!

      • Keiyondre I take it you’re a sophisticated discreet black woman with clear prejudices toward your own race.

  1. I’ve never got bored with Candice. everything in her performances is amazing : quality of voice, stage presence, emotion, and so on. the three girls are really good in their style but from the start, my fav is Candice

    • Candice is the VERY BEST singer, without question. But, I think the most successful singer after the season is over I think will be Amber. As she is more of the “whole package” that a female singer needs today.

  2. So Amber was voted off ,a shame as she and candice or maybe Kree would have made the finale a must watch , but definitely not Angie she’s much too full of herself ( that’s what reflects off her. )

  3. Angie is my pick! In my eyes she is not full of her self. In my eyes she’s the only person who hasn’t been affected by all this “fame” I hope she wins, she has so much talent!!

  4. Candice or Kree for sure. Angie is not that great compared to those two. Candice & Kree are in it to win it.

    • Candice or Kree. There is something about Angie that is not genuine. And I am not alone. I am part of a fb group is really turned off by her!

  5. I want a Kree and Candice finale. I know Angie has the star quality but something makes me don’t like her. I think her personality maybe… ?

  6. If Angie doesn’t believe in herself, who will? I don’t think she acts like she’s already won. All she has is confidence, and that probably doesn’t bother either Kree or Candice, since they’re good friends as shown thru the whole season. I’ll be very happy to see her winning, but I gotta confess I’d feel as good if Candice takes the crown. Both are amazing. Well, Kree is amazing as well, but she’ll be successful regardless. Country market seems a little easier. Look at Lauren Alaina, who never hit a full high note during season 10 and is doing pretty well on the country music industry 🙂

  7. Matthew, I think this week’s format is more “Idol Engineering” that many of us veteran Idol watchers have become familiar with. What I mean is that Jimmy, the judges and the producer can give favorable songs to the person they would like to see win and lousy, non-flattering songs to the other one or two contestants to sway votes to the desired contestant. I just do not trust the Idol producers any more. Hopefully I will be wrong.

    • Doug, I agree with you I thought the same thing, this is a critical week.. the contestants are at the mercy of everyone else… only one way to fix that VOTE FOR YOUR FAV. NO MATTER WHAT THE JUDGES SAY…..

    • So, I’m curious, just who is it that “the judges want to win”? Last week (and for many weeks before) people were coming out of the woodwork, saying “the show is fixed and Amber has already been pre-selected to win. Those people are rather quiet this week.

  8. How can anyone not love Kree, she has everything you could possibly want in an american idol, and more…… inside and out and a voice like an Angel……..

  9. I am in Australia and just happened to turn American idol on the other day, I listened to the last four girls and my heart and stomach just said angie angie, she is so good

  10. Candice and Kree should be in the finale because they have the best two voices. Angie is good and marketable but she is definitely overrated. The other two have power behind their voices. Good luck to all.

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