American Idol 2014 Judges: Mariah Carey Fired Says FOX Source

American Idol Mariah Carey and Keith Urban

As if losing your Dawg Randy Jackson wasn’t enough we’re now learning that Mariah Carey may have been fired and as for the American Idol 2014 judges, according to the source, there will be “definitely no Mariah” for Season 13.

E! News is reporting that along with Jackson’s departure there will be a complete shake up at the judges panel in the hopes of bringing in four all-new faces. But even if FOX falls short of a total change we will not be seeing Mariah after next week.

For starters, there will be “definitely no Mariah” next season, that’s “absolutely certain,” our insider says. “The others, it depends who we get [to take their place].”

This isn’t terribly surprising considering Mariah’s subdued approach to the role. She’s an amazing singer, but this turned out to just not be her thing and that’s okay. It’s also okay for FOX, who is reportedly paying judges’ salaries these days, to say they don’t want to pay that kind of cash for a wallflower on the American Idol 2014 judges panel.

Are you sad to see Mariah Carey leave Idol? Who would you like to see replace her?