Angie Miller Reflects On American Idol 2013 Elimination

Angela Miller - American Idol 2013

When Angie Miller was eliminated from the Top 3 on American Idol 2013 this past Wednesday, it’s a safe bet that many viewers were if not shocked, then certainly taken by surprise., in part based on its polling, has been predicting since the Top 10 was announced that Angie would eventually be crowned the winner of American Idol Season 13.

Not even Angie Miller herself anticipated being eliminated and talked about it an interview shortly after learning her fate. She told reporters “I did feel confident that I was going to make it” and “I definitely thought that with the whole hometown visit and how huge social media has been, I did feel kind of confident that I was going to make it”.

When Ryan announced her elimination, her smile momentarily faltered, but Angie, ever aware of the camera’s presence, immediately recovered and enthusiastically congratulated Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. The judges, who have taken criticism all season for “pimping” certain contestants, including Kree, looked equally surprised by the final outcome of the voting.

Given the fact that Angie had never once been voted into the bottom 3 during Season 12 and the legions of followers she had accumulated on Twitter and Facebook, it seemed to be a given that she would be competing in the finale. Angie told reporters “I did feel confident in performances and everything honestly that I did. I was hoping and dreaming to be a part of that finale and I really wanted it”. Theories put forth since Thursday’s shocking elimination have blamed a faulty American Idol app that would not allow votes to go through as well as a Boston Bruins playoff game that distracted her viewers from voting. Angie’s decision not to play the piano during her final performances and the personal struggles of Kree Harrison revealed in her hometown visit video have also been cited as possible factors in Angie’s elimination.

In post-show interviews, in reference to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, Angie stated “They’re both incredible; it’ll be an amazing night” (referring to next week’s finale). Angie gives the judge’s credit for bringing her to this point and said “They all said, this is not over. You’re going to do incredible things”.

Twitter was flooded with comments from Angie’s fellow Top 10 Contestants from Season 12 as well as from previous seasons of American Idol. Colton Dixon who was eliminated during the finals on Season 11 and is now well on his way to a successful career tweeted “Wow. I’m shocked. Keep your head up! Just the start of your career!” American Idol Judge Mariah Carey tweeted “Angie, this is only the beginning. Keep singing, keep writing!”

As far as the future is concerned, Angie said she is looking forward to her original song, “Set Me Free” being recorded and released as a single. She is also looking forward to performing full versions of songs during the finale and during the American Idol 2013 Summer Tour without the added pressure of being critiqued by a panel of judges.

Will Angie go on to a successful music career despite the voter’s choice to send her home? Does Angie’s elimination support the popular belief that the contestant with the most social media followers will ultimately be eliminated?




  1. Angie will do great things! I have my calendar ready for her album. I’m so proud of her that she isn’t a sore loser and that she is supportive of Kree and Candice! Congrats to you Angie.

  2. Angie was ok but I have voted for Kree from the beginning…AI have been gunning for Angie and Candice to be the final two for quite some time….nice to see that the votes really do count sometimes.

    • have u forgotteb her song “you set me free” has reached over 3 million views on youtube? Funny how all you bitter angie haters are still at it after her elimination, still bitter, because despite your unwavering support for the final 2, you know darn well they arent going to be as successful as angie after either takes the crown – just like past winners who have eventually been dropped by the AI labels and are unheard of in the end!! You watch and see and you’ll get a dose on how moded you will be!

  3. Angie should have won. She got robbed. But lucky for her she won’t have to be under the AI’s wing anymore. She got what she needed and now she will do wonders! Angie all the way. I’ve been listening to your songs all night!

  4. I have gave 50 votes for you each time from day one… and I’ll be one of the first in line to buy your album! You my dear are a class act, and among the top artists to have graced the AI stage! This is really only the beginning (maybe the title for your next song) for you!

  5. Not disappointed at all. She was way to confident which I felt did not help. My one reason for not voting for her. I do wish her the best. Candice has been my choice from the beginning.

  6. wish Angie Well but from day one i cast My vote for Kree, and will Again but I Think Candice Will Win and she sings great but from the top 10 I picked Candice and Kree to be the 2 top finalist ..Go kree

  7. I think Angie and her career will be fine. I really thought last week was one of her strongest weeks. She delivered strong performances for all three songs. I thought she would be in the finals and the second spot would be between Candice and Kree. What shocks me more than anything is how Idol is making a big deal out of getting rid of judges and what will happen in the future before this season is over. It takes away from the finale and the last two contestants and is just plain inconsiderate. How will the judges be toward each other, the contestants, and the show now that they’re lame duck judges? Will we still be able to comment here next year using “pick a name” or will we be forced into one of the social plugins? I read somewhere that this is being considered. My opinion: please don’t change our options. I learn so much reading your, Matt’s, and Branden’s comments. Thank you for a job well done this year.

  8. Angie will make it big! She got my 50 votes each time. Keep writing playing piano and singing. Another Alicia Keys on her way!

    • I would love to watch Angie singing Elton John’s “sorry seems to be…” while playing the piano. But I guess she just didn’t have the time to practice it while practicing two other songs and hometown visit all within one week. Unlike the other two who have to just concentrate on singing practice. And I believe she must have great respect for the song and the original singer that she is not going to “piano play-sing” it until she could do it respectfully. Yes…another Alicia Keys on her way or I prefer.. a female version of Elton John..

  9. Here is my theory as to why Angie was voted off ahead of Candice and Kree: Candice and Kree are better. Even though Angie never finished in the bottom 3, she did finish below Candice and kree on at least one other occasion.

  10. Angie has more talent in her little fingers than the ridiculous people who were the “expert judges.” She will be much better off when not controlled by AI. That being said, if there was truly a faulty AI app that prevented votes for Angie, it seems that the legal and ethical step for AI to take is to have all three girls sing at the finale. Now THAT could possibly bring some redemption for the pain of having to listen to the four stooges this season.

  11. Everyone has their view on who should win so there’s no point arguing about it. In my opinion Candice has the best voice and musicality. Angie was the whole package and I have no doubt she should have won but will have a great career. As much as I like Kree as a person I suspect she beat out Angie because she has the country music vote and also because of her back story. We all saw how strong the bleeding heart vote is in America. Those same people who kept voting for the talentless Lazaro. For me the finale will be a lot less enjoyable now without her.

  12. This does not make sense becaue Cnadace was in the bottom two, Angie is far more talented than Candace. Angie will still be a bigger star than Candace!! THese judges suck this year!!

  13. Both Kree and Candice are better singers and performers than Angie. They have been my choice for top two from the start. Kree for the win!!!

    • Performers? Singers yes, you have to have a personality to perform, they are both lacking one.

  14. You say that during this season Angie never once had been voted into the bottom 3. We don’t know how she fared in the last couple of weeks though, do we? Ryan has gone to great lengths to say “the results, in no particular order”. Before then, of course, it is true.

    I liked Angie and thought she was probably the marketable one, and I liked it that she could write as well, but Kree and Candice also have amazing voices.

  15. How sad if Kree won over Angie because of her personal struggles. This is a reality show about talent, not Dear Abby. Angie will be very successful, she is the whole package. We have all had struggles in life but success is in spite of, not handed to us because of.

  16. Angie is a Barbie doll. She was irritating. She lacked sincerity and genuineness with the way she batted her eyes at the camera every week. That’s why she got voted off

    • Wow, I thought that was called personality, something neither Kree or Candice have.

  17. I think the last thing we need is another Miley Cyrus singing lets party in the USA! We need a big female soul or country star with plenty of heart which we have with our finalists. Go both!

  18. I always knew Candice would be in the finals and I think she is the true winner of AI, but I think what happened in the voting was when the world heard about Kree loosing her parents so young and being on her own they gave her the sympathy vote. In the beginning I was a Kree supporter but she was really waning the last few weeks so I figured she was out and it was going to be Candice and Angie. Obviously not.

  19. AI wants the teenyboppers back after “NOT” having a cute guy in the top three this year. Oh, Lazaro was in the top two once with Candice and Burnell in the bottom, but fortunately the Voice stole mostof the teenyboppers (perhaps because AI had old songs while the Voice had new songs). Then the Voice stole Wednesday (last week) so all the teenyboppers left to vote for Angela went too.

  20. you are so… i dont even know what to say…. laughting because a 18 years old girl that was working SO hard didnt make it? mmm so mature…

    • So, SO hard. If she’s affected by my laughing she isn’t go to go far in the music industry or in life in general.

  21. I voted for angie every week except the week she got eliminated. I tried to vote for half an hour but could not. I believe the site was broken on purpose because they knew we would vote for and they did not want her to win. Angie I think you should get a lawyer and have this look into I really think this was done on purpose they should have made an announcement and gave another night tovote. Sue them Angie.

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