American Idol 2015 Hopeful Anton Bushner

American Idol 2015 Hopeful Anton Bushner – Source: FOX

Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol 2015 delivered us a lot of great performances and colorful contestants. Check out our photo gallery of the latest Kansas City auditions and get ready for even more in tonight’s 2-hour show heading our way!

In the gallery below you’ll find photos from the auditions by Anton Bushner, Ellen Petersen, Ron Wilson, Alexis Gomez, Kohlton Pascal, and Joey Cook. Soon we’ll find out who else will be joining these lucky singers as they prepare for their journey to Hollywood Week as part of American Idol Season 14.

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Any favorites leading the early pack for you? We’ve heard some great voices, but like the Judges said, there’s still a lot more talent out there for us to meet this early in the season.

Image credit: Michael Becker / FOX
Source: FOX

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