American Idol Judges React To Season 11 Top 6 Elimination

American Idol 2012 judges

We’ve heard from Elise Testone following her Top 6 elimination on American Idol 2012 and now it’s the judges turn. FOX spoke with all three judges for their reaction, but I’m wishing they had also pulled in Jimmy Iovine for his thoughts.

Randy Jackson had previously predicted Elise to be one of the next two singers to be eliminated (Hollie was the other), but this time around he’s shocked, just shocked that something like this could happen. “I mean Elise? God, ya know, what are you going to do?,” Randy said in regards to her departure from the show. Come on, Randy. Eliminations are inevitable and expected. Randy does give Elise credit for her rendition of “I Want It All” on Wednesday’s American Idol 2012, but apparently it just wasn’t enough to keep her.

The reality check Randy needs comes from JLo who points out “it’s that time in the competition where somebody has got to go.” Jennifer Lopez, the unexpected voice of reason. There’s no shame in exiting at the Top 6 stage of American Idol. Not everyone can make it to the finale. “Elise was one of the best singers, but you’ve still got 5 pretty special people up there that can really, really sing,” Lopez added.

Steven Tyler pointed to Elise’s deviation from the Blues genre as part of the reason behind her elimination. “She’s a great singer. She’s a great blues singer and she needs a little coaching with the rock stuff, but she sings it great,” Tyler explained. Tyler also notes that a lot has changed since America fell in love with Janis Joplin which seems to hint that Elise may need to adapt a little more rather than chasing a shrinking niche.

If you want more catchphrases and “Yo!’s” from Jackson then tune in to the end of the interview video below. Thankfully the other two American Idol judges brought valuable input to the discussion this week. Sheesh, Randy.