Keith Urban Wants Spot As American Idol Judge In 2014

Keith Urban - American Idol judge

When Season 12 ended it was clear that a major shakeup was coming for the American Idol judges panel in 2014. Randy Jackson quit after twelve long years, Mariah Carey was said to definitely not be returning, and after all the drama surrounding Nicki Minaj it was hard to imagine her returning. That left Keith Urban waiting and wondering if he’d be invited back.

Instead of waiting for an invitation Keith decided to put out the request first telling reporters last week that yes, he wants back in on FOX’s next season of the series. As for the chances of that happening? It’s still up in the air, he said.

“I have no idea. All I know is that there is talk about it,” he says. “For me, I’m in the studio literally this week finishing up my album and putting a tour together, hitting the road in July. So onwards.”

Urban was definitely a well-liked personality on the panel this year and his price tag was relatively low (about a third of what Mariah earned), but FOX has to decide what direction it wants to take. If they bring Keith back then they won’t be able to start with a clean slate of judges, but keeping at least one familiar face would give the 2014 American Idol season at least a touch of continuity. It all depends on what direction FOX wants to take.

Do you think FOX should bring Keith Urban back as an American Idol 2014 judge or start over with a completely new panel next year?

Source: EW