Lazaro Arbos On American Idol 2013: Top 8 ‘For Once In My Life’ Performance Video

Lazaro Arbos - American Idol 2013

Lazaro Arbos was back with a passion on this week’s American Idol season 12 performance show. The endangered finalist enlisted the power of Stevie Wonder with his pick of “For Once In My Life” and it finally got the judges behind his time on the stage.

His song selection could reflect on the recent media coverage of Lazaro feeling bullied by harsh reviews and becoming VFTW’s top pick. “For once in my life I won’t let someone hurt me,” sang Lazaro across the stage filled with any army of musicians backing up one of the last male contenders on the 2013 season.

Of course nothing could prepare Lazaro for what would happen later when he failed to remember his lyrics during the group performance with Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor. Judge Nicki Minaj was quick to tell Lazaro to get off the stage after that dismal performance later in the show.

While the judges may have supported Lazaro during his individual song performance, the readers here aren’t getting behind him. Arbos is currently tied for the last seat in the poll with just 3% of the overall vote. Do you think he deserves better than that? Then get over there and vote for him now!