American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj Tells Guys To Get Off The Stage!

Nicki tells the guys to get off the stage

American Idol 2013 judge Nicki Minaj has been known to speak her mind and she really spoke it during a performance on Wednesday night’s Top 8 performance show.

Fan favorite Lazaro Arbos joined the other two guys reminding in the contest, Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor, for a trio performance of I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops. And to say the least, it was not good. And Nicki  let them know it.

“I don’t know what that was but I’m gonna act like I didn’t see it or hear it,” Nicki said, noticeably irritated with the guys. “Lazaro, you fell as flat as a pancake. All three of you all go, get off the stage. Go, go.”

Nicki was right that it was bad. Lazaro forgot the words and sounded awful, which set the other two guys up for failure. Devin tried to save Lazaro and Burnell seemed to do OK. But in the end, the three of them just didn’t deliver. But was Nicki too harsh? That’s debatable. I don’t think it was too harsh. Simon Cowell, who most fans miss, wouldn’t have been even that nice. So why isn’t it OK for Nicki to speak her mind?

If you missed the show, we’ve got the the clip for you below. Was Nicki Minaj too mean to the guys? Please let us know what you think in our comments section below and take our poll to see how your opinions stack up.

Burnell, Devin & Lazaro – Can’t Help Myself… by IdolxMuzic




    • Good question Chrissy. My guess is that he would have told Lazaro something similiar to that he fell as a flat as a pancake. I don’t know if he would have attempted to praise Devin and Burnell for attempting to salvage things. I don’t think that he would have told them to get off the stage though. I wonder if Nicki told them to get off the stage to circumvent Ryan questioning Burnell and Devin about how Lazaro let them both down. I think people will agree that it probably did both Burnell and Devin less good when they attempted to defend themselves.

      • Go home Nicki want late year Judge ‘s please love keith ,Randy love,love them but not Nicki,Nicki go,go,go,home please

    • simon reamed you out if you were terrible and praised you to the hilt if you were brilliant. but he never, ever ordered someone off the stage. all he did was tell the truth without coddling the contestants. this is a brutal biz and these kids better get used to it

  1. never liked Niicki and I think she was way to harsh and rude. I dont like the way she is nice to them and then she comes off with some really rude remarks. I dont think she should be on Idol. That is my opinion.

  2. This whole season has been pretty uninspiring judges and where’s the ” wow!!”

  3. It was a mess. You can see Devin looking @ Lazaro like wth and Burnell looked like he was trying to ignore Lazaro messing up but it just did not work. So both Devin and Burnell are probably going to land in the bottom two with maybe Janelle? I think that’s her name.

  4. Nicki was right. A lot of people do not like her but she gives it to them straight and Mariah let’s them know what would’ve worked for their song choices. Nicki does sing although she’s a rapper

  5. Remember the producers made Simon apologize to Katherine McPhee, so who knows they may make Nicki do the same. But unfortunately it will fall on Devin or Burnell at the end of the show

  6. They are getting up in front of millions of people. If they do not know the song they had better learn it.before they get on stage.It is a big deal to be in the top 8. I bet that will not happen next time.

  7. Nikki is the one who needs to leave. she definitely has issues. some of the things that come out of her mouth is atrocious!!!! AND I personally think she is jealous of Janelle!!

  8. They made bad choices, but at the bottum, we mist J-Lo and Steven …. I quit watching Idol … X Factor was million times better…Hope that Idol will make big changes for 2014!
    P.S. Go Away Nikki…you are the number one reason for this WORST year of Idol

  9. I think Niki Minaj crossed the line with her comment and who is she to order them off the stage.Who died and left her executive producer. I agree the guys performance was not up to par but the judges are there to help them not shoot them down like a rocket. If Niki Minaj is a judge on next years panel I will no longer be a American Idol fan.

  10. I don’t think most of us care what Nikki has to say, she is always a good bit over the top. The truth is, it was bad. I really felt for Devin and Burnell having to perform with Lazzaro, who shouldn’t be there to begin with, he is not even good on his own.

    • I think some people need to Google some of Simon’s famous quotes because the rose tinted glasses are certainly being worn by a lot of viewers.

  11. nincki did not hold true to herself….she directed her negitivity to two great singers who were trying desperately to cover the complete breakdown of someone who cant even be classified as a mediocre performer or singer…..enough with the sympathy and on with true talenttalent. lazaro needs a lot more coaching before he can stand wjth the rest of these truly talented people

  12. People say Burnell threw Lazaro under the bus….disagree!!! The group sucked as a trio….sucked!! People can say what they want to say about Niki, she is talented and her harsh comments are reality. If you suck, then you suck!! If you want somebody to hold your hand, that’s what Mariah’s there for. This show, this season would be nothing without Niki.

    • I agree with you… Nikki speaks what she feels to be true.. Reality is, if you are wanting to be a star, sing in front of millions, have people come to your concerts, or buy your cd’s…. you must learn the songs…….

  13. I feel Nikki was terrible please get rid of her. her comments was way to harsh these kids are trying let America decide who should leave the stage. I hope next year the voice runs at the same time so it might run idol off the air this year is the worst of all seasons because of Nikki

  14. Burnell is the only one who has talent, it was quite amusing to see the flop, however Burnell pulled his weight!

  15. I am never surprised at anything that comes out of her mouth…she doesn’t have the good sense God gave her to say ANYTHING in a humble way. I don’t know who decided she would be a good person for a judge, but I have to say I will not watch this next season if she’s on there. I have been an avid watcher of this show from the beginning, but I’m sorry…she has gone too far…in fact, she went too far for me the first time she voiced her “marsh mellow” opinion!…Maybe she’s an ok person in real life…and I have to say that she does ok singing…BUT PLEASE GET HER OFF THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! Thanks, Aaron

  16. She should have placed the blame where it belongs…on Lazaro…he did set the others up for failure…I could not believe he made it through last week. This is a Singing competition…not a pity party for poor Lazaro. He should be commended for his bravery at first….however…there have been many successful singers with similar disabilities. That excuse can only go so far. Lazaro is clearly the weakest performer.

  17. If Minaj is on the show next year, I’ll not watch it. It’s really a struggle to watch it this season when it’s her turn to comment. Maybe she’s a huge reason why viewership is down 20% from last year.

  18. Nikki keeps the show young and current and I so appreciate someone with opinions who is not afraid to boldly state them! When you think of all the talented guys who didn’t make the final cut on this show, it is totally right for her to come down on them. At this level, a better performance is

  19. She is sick…….noone likes her, and she has made a lot of people not even watch the show this year after being fans for years….I sure hope she doesn’t stay for the next season!

  20. Nikki is a disgrace! She is rude and just nasty. I have watched American Idol since season 1, however I will not watch it with her comments. Not only is she rude, but her comments to the contestants are inappropriate ex.” I want to have your baby”, “I want to marry you”, and many more. I always looked forward to watching Idol, but not with her. I feel sorry for Keith Urban to be associated with her. Sorry Idol, I am really disappointed with you choice this season.

  21. She is destroying these kids. What a Biotch! She is not the only judge and had NO right to take command of the room, the boy , the stage, EVERYTHING! I would not pay 5 cents to see her perform anything!

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