THR Details American Idol 2011 Rumors


The Hollywood Reporter is breaking out a list of maybe-they’re-true-maybe-they’re-not changes for the upcoming American Idol 2011 season. Well, kinda new because we’ve seen all of these ideas before over the past few months. Let’s run down the list and see what floats and what sinks.

  1. Updated Set: Relocating the band – Yep, reported that on Sunday.
  2. Faster Elimination: Goodbye Top 24. Hello Top 12. Or maybe Top 15. – Everyone keeps on saying this. Sounds fair.
  3. Online Voting: Vote with a quick click. -November’s rumor news. Readers here want this more than any other change.
  4. New Living Arrangement: An Idol mansion. Month old news, but yes please!
  5. Original Songs: Hopefuls won’t be limited to cover songs. Last week’s rumor, but we’ll see.
  6. Theme Week Makeovers: Songs will be customized to the Hopefuls. – No more fish out of water situations.
  7. Possible Music Videos: Testing Hopefuls marketability. – Reported this 2 months ago, but how will they incorporate it smoothly?
  8. Faster Music Releases: Finalists will be releasing singles and albums earlier in the summer. – Faster is better, but how about just “better”? Idol sales have been horrible, let’s focus on improving quality first.

Keep in mind that these are really just rumors, even if they’re attributed to producers within the show. Until the new season of American Idol premieres on January 19, 2011 everything will remain up in the air as producers try to dial in on what will bring the highest ratings.

Which of these potential changes have you the most excited? I’m expecting #3 to pick up the most support in the comments, but maybe you all will surprise me!

PS – THR calls this list their “Exclusive: 8 Big Changes” which is funny because these rumors were all previously reported here as early as November. Maybe THR should have subscribed to our free email updates or joined us on Facebook! Have you?